Top 10 Reasons the Commerce Department Cancelled Public Save Trestles Meeting

| posted on July 22, 2010

The following represents the top ten REALreasons that the Commerce department cancelled the TCA appeal meeting at UCI Bren Center:

#10 – Commerce department members couldn’t afford the gas AND the toll on tollway route 73.

#9 – Union thugs couldn’t make the meeting due to annual commemoration of Jimmy Hoffa’s Birthday

#8 – Decided to take up Governator’s offer on “Twister” party at the mansion using Gas Tax revenues (you know, the revenue that is supposed to build us new FREEways)

#7 – Bureaucrats couldn’t figure out light rail system

#6 – Hacker found way into TCA Blackberries and posted up crude images of Joe Crimo busting airs at Lowers

#5 – All you can eat rib night at Sizzler

#4 – TCA busy that day designing a bridge through Half-Dome

#3 – Anticipating vicious hangover after Irvine Company “meet and greet.”

#2 – Interferes with weekly golf game w/ TCA directors, the Governator, and Exxon Mobil Execs

#1 – Fear of OBAMA-MANIA!!!

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