Swamis Event Cancelled

| posted on March 17, 2010

A Message from Linda Benson:

Hi Everyone,

For the last six months many of you have supported me and the huge effort to bring the Women’s World Longboard Championship to Swami’s. Even though the city gave me a green light to proceed with the permit, there has been an unexpected turn of events that has altered my direction. Today, at the Self-Realization Fellowship, I made the following statement at a press conference:

“After several conversations with Brother Anilananda, I have decided to not go forward with my permit request for the Women’s World Longboard Championships at Swami’s Point this coming October.

I still believe that this would be a very special event for Encinitas and for the worlds women longboarders. My decision is not because of the opposition. It is not because the logistics are impossible. The logistics are very manageable for our small venue demands. It’s not because Swami’s Point is a crown jewel that is undiscovered. Believe me, it’s discovered, and often the atmosphere is not harmonious. It’s not because it would harm or damage the surf break, because it wouldn’t.

My sole reason for this decision is to keep this place where I am standing… the Self-Realization Fellowship… safe from any future jeopardy. I do not want to risk the future serenity of the Self-Realization Fellowship by others who might take advantage of the precedent set by my contest. I hope this closes and seals the door to any future events at Swami’s Park forever.

I do want to thank the many, many people who have supported me and stuck their neck out in support of this event over the last six months.

It is my intention to explore other options for this event.”

I’ll keep you posted on a future location for the event.


  • Dave Gilbertson

    Dear Linda,

    The competitive expression of dance forms on water is beautiful to watch. However, I am happy you have decided to turn your efforts away from Swamiis as the theater. I have been blessed to surf since 1965. I remember when Hansens was a little shack in Cardiff. Both Swamiis and Cardiff were my home breaks. The crowds and attitude have changed a lot. After 4 years in Santa Barbara, I’m headed back to Maui. Some of the best of my time have passed on from poor choices. Our true competition is not with each other but inside where dark and light live together and the choice is to love or hate. I’ll look for you at Ho’okipa or the the Bay. Aloha sista’

  • 1tubejunkie

    I remember as a kid, camping over night for as many days as we could in the dirt lot that is now the Swamis parking lot. Sometimes, early in the morning we’d be excited to surf and we’d dance around naked or in our underwear on 101 just to freak out the few cars that were passing by, as we changed into our trunks or wetsuits. Those were the days!
    Also camped under the bridge at Cardiff Reef a lot. The estuary wasn’t so stinky then.

  • Tim

    I have seen you surf since i was in my pre-teens when i first started surfing. I find most of the people who have opposed you do not have the “true Sprit” of surfing. No Aloha @ Swamii’s! Having surfed there from the early 70’s the place has lost it’s soul! No respect. If it floats they ride it at Swamii’s. the people who said they would disruped the event is why Swamii’s has lost it’s soul. Because of this and being run over cut off , drop in on it is a free for all out there I haven’t surfed there since 2000. It would have been nice to see some grace and sole riding the wave instead of a bunch Kooks hacking who think they own the place.
    It used to be a fun place to surf but now it’s a tribe of Kooks the call themself a Swamii’s local.
    Good Luck on a new location. I think it’s for the better. The Swamii’s that you & I once knew is long gone!
    Much Aloha,