Conversations from the biggest night in surfing

| posted on December 11, 2012

Since moving the show to Oahu’s North Shore three years ago, the 2012 SURFER Poll saw its largest turn out ever. From surfing’s best to local legends, the packed house witnessed another historic night, as Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore won this year’s Men’s and Women’s Polls. Here are some of the highlights from Twitter and Instagram. Join the conversation by using #SURFERPoll.

Photo: @stephaniegilmore

Best Barrel winner Reef McIntosh and Greg Fernandez. Photo: @gregfernandez

Photo: @lakeypeterson

Photo: @lakeypeterson

Photo: @todprod

Photo: @lauraenever


No. 3 on the 2012 Women's SURFER Poll Coco Ho (Left) and Quincy Davis. Photo: @xococoho

Photo: @grantellis1

Photo: @surferevents

Photo: @surferevents

Behind-the-scenes in the control room. Photo: @Scott5mith

#SURFERPoll host @FreddyP808. Photo: @FreddyP808

The SURFER staff following a long and fun night. Photo: @scott5mith

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  • Mike

    No UBB?

  • craig

    who cares?

  • wyatt

    Thanks for letting us know Kim Bassinger is “well known.” Typically, the mark of superstardom is such a qualifier.

    We get it. A famous person was there. Mazel Tov to all of surfing for its mainstream acceptance and ascension into pop culture mainstay.

  • Gulliver Cromwell

    Wondering where the “conversations” are. Are tweets considered conversations now? Surfer Mag, I see no interactions or dialogue on this post. Enlighten me please.

  • Gilly

    Kai Neville looks like Paul Rudd with a beard.

  • Germaine

    Should have titled this “article” “Twitter Posts From the Surfer Poll.”

  • http://none Jock

    What about the surfing? oh well guess its another waisted generation of stars and no substance – Surfing is life not Hollywood get a clue.

  • mike

    at least medina didn’t cry this time when he didn’t win.