Surfer Reported Missing

North Shore rescue teams searching for Kirk Passmore after going missing

| posted on November 13, 2013

Rescue teams are combing lineups across the North Shore in search of a missing surfer. According to Shayne Enright, a spokesperson of the Department of Emergency Services, the surfer went missing while surfing Alligators, an Outer Reef break, at approximately 11:20 this morning. While officials are unable to release the name of the missing surfer, multiple sources have told SURFER that he is 32-year-old Kirk Passmore. Today marked the first big swell of the season on the North Shore and sets were in the 20-foot-plus range.

PHOTOS: Kirk Passmore’s Final Wave

According to reports, Passmore took multiple set waves on the head before going missing. Jet Skis in the area, along with other surfers, conducted an immediate search but were unable to find him. His surfboard was later found near Chun’s Reef with the leash plug ripped out. Passmore, who has a local address in Hawaii, is said to originally hail from Southern California.

At noon, the Coast Guard launched a helicopter to search for Passmore while a Coast Guard cutter also joined the search later in the afternoon. The Fire Department and Ocean Safety are also actively involved in the search.

In 1997, famed North Shore surfer Todd Chesser tragically drowned while surfing Alligators.

  • of Monkeys

    OMG. We passed by there earlier today. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Passmore family, on behalf of everyone at God bless Kirk

  • mark Guedes

    Will Mr laird Hamiltons make some comments as he did about Maya Gabeira?

  • Bobby Fisher

    Why aren’t these surfers wearing inflatable life vest?

    • Arthur

      Because they often need to dive down (underwater) through the crashing waves to get out to the breaks and to avoid the crashing surf.

      • Aaron Harris

        another report states Kirk was one of few that didn’t have an inflatable vest on.

      • Pohlit_Sub this product would have possibly saved him and others. Start using the FRV in the Surfing community and these types of deaths could be greatly reduced. My heart goes out to his family. God

  • SuperstokedMagazine

    Damn… doesn’t look good for Kirk. Praying for a miracle on this one…

  • Ezra Daniels

    RIP Kirk love you.

  • Teig Grennan

    A sad reality that hides behind the best of times and pushing your limits. I feel for this guy’s family.