SURFER Remembers Andy Irons

| posted on November 03, 2010
Andy Irons 1978-2010. Photo: Ellis

Andy Irons 1978-2010. Photo: Ellis

Andy’s connection with SURFER magazine extended well beyond simply being its subject matter. The day then-publisher Rick Irons sat me down in his office to welcome me to the team I knew the family and the magazine were inextricably linked. With the addition of Andy’s cousin, Janna, to the team soon after that, those bonds were only solidified.
But as SURFER staffers we all had our own connections to Andy, we all knew him in some capacity. Some of us went on surf trips with him, others played golf with him (a fantastic spectacle), and others merely fist-bumped him back stage at Surfer Poll.
Regardless of how well we knew Andy, news of his passing devastated the entire staff. Our hearts and sympathies go out to Andy’s pregnant wife Lyndie and the rest of the Irons clan during this sad and terrible time.
Thankfully, Andy’s spirit will live on, whether it be through his soon-to-be-born son, in the memories of those that loved and knew him, or in the pages and posts of SURFER. But for now, we will take a day to remember Andy and mourn his passing. He was one of us.

Brendon Thomas

Photo: Ellis

Photo: Ellis

The surf world stood still yesterday. It still doesn’t seem real. It’s hard to imagine the Irons family with out Andy, Kauai’s North Shore without Andy, the surf world without Andy. He was a part of my own family, and a part of so many other families a well. A hero, a friend, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a nephew, and soon to be a father, Andy was so much more than just an amazing surfer. He brought something to the surf world—and to all of our worlds—that no one else will ever bring. Andy was at the top of his game, the top of the world. He will be forever missed, forever loved, and forever a legend.

Janna Irons
Associate Editor

I spent all day yesterday on the phone with people calling from all around the world to make sure the story of Andy’s death was just a rumor. Tragically, it wasn’t. So I got to hear a lot of the surf community’s memories of him, and that connected me, of course, to my own. I was lucky enough to get to observe him as a public personality and to know him a bit personally. I was five feet away at Pipeline in 2003, when Kelly embraced him before that historic final and whispered something in his ear. Then they paddled out and Andy handed Kelly one of the most solid defeats the King has probably ever had. I was also five feet away a couple years later at Snapper Rocks, when Andy stroked into a wave from behind the rocks, and the entire Snapper line up stopped battling each other for a moment and just watched him. They were all so preoccupied, craning their necks as he disappeared down the point, that I got the next wave without even having to call anyone off it. As fate would have it, I kicked out of my wave right next to him, and we did the same thing again. It was interesting to be in his world as we moved quietly past Little Marley, Rainbow Bay, and Greenmount. In the water, he was confidence and directness personified—no wasted effort, no aggression. A tiger amongst lambs. At SURFER, the phones still haven’t stopped ringing.

Joel Patterson

Andy at Sunset Beach. Photo: Ellis

Andy at Sunset Beach. Photo: Ellis

For many Andy was a hero, but for me he was more than that. He was a person I grew up idolizing. I watched videos of him, tried to mimic him in and out of the water—from the way he surfed to the way he dressed, and especially the way he expressed his emotion. There will always be a place in my heart for Andy.

Grant Ellis
Photo Editor

Andy during the Eddie. Photo: Ellis

Andy during the Eddie. Photo: Ellis

For many of us here at SURFER, Andy’s life extended beyond just his prowess in a jersey. For the handful of us that call Hawaii home, he was a local hero whose name bordered on the holy. Growing up on Kauai, when Andy pulled up next to you in the parking lot at Pinetrees or stood behind you in the checkout line at the grocery store, it was hard not to feel like you were standing in front of a living legend. For a whole generation of young surfers from Kauai, the annual Irons Bros. surfing contest was the next best thing to Christmas. When the event went down, you’ve never seen so many prizes given away and ear-to-ear smiles. And that’s not even mentioning the groms. We remember Andy as our neighbor who became a surfing hero to the world, but never forgot his home.
It’s hard to believe that just 60 days ago, Andy stood on the deck of a small boat in a Tahitian channel donning the type of smile that just can’t be faked. His eyes beamed with pride as he fidgeted—the thrill of winning an event physically overtaking him. At that moment, Andy was as happy as a man could be. He had shown that he was still at the top of his game. He was standing where he belonged. On top of the world. This is how I’ll remember Andy.

Jeff Mull
Contributing Writer

Andy’s surfing accomplishments obviously speak for themselves, which is what he always wanted….for his surfing to do the talking. He was and will remain my favorite surfer to watch. The rawest talent in the game. His world titles and event wins will always be in the history books and in every surf fans collection of magazines and videos. The thing that is important to me and I think everyone should know; is what his friends and family already do; that is that Andy had the biggest heart ever and was a true friend and one of the best ones Ive ever had. I have amazing memories of surfing trips and crazy times with him, but the thing that will make a far bigger void is having him there to just be what he was…. a great, funny amazing person to spend time with. I will miss him dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with his Family, especially Lyndie and their unborn son.

Saxon Boucher
SURFER Account Executive

Bruce and Andy at the Surfer Poll. Photo: Ellis

Bruce and Andy at the Surfer Poll. Photo: Ellis

Messages From Friends and Surfers:

“For my brother and I, Andy was one of our closest friends.  He created stability for us in an ever changing life of traveling the world. Cory and him, in particular, through every turn life took, always stayed close. It seems like yesterday when we all traveled together and experienced our friend rise to the top-of-the-world three years in a row. Andy was an inspiration to me, he was an inspiration to all of us. I will forever remember all the great experiences my family and his family have shared together through the years. We love you Andy.”—Shea, Cory, and the entire Lopez family

“Andy was like an older brother to me he was one of reasons for me taking the route to professional surfing. Today November 2, 2010 will be a memory that will never be forgotten Andy’s death, he is no longer here it’s only memories of him. Andy is and will be known as a surfing legend, I know him as a Husband, Brother, Son, Father and Friend. I love you and Andy may your legacy live on, I’m here for your family and I will never forget what you have done for me.” —Roy Powers



“My heart is ripped right now to hear about my good buddy Andy Irons’ death. Thank you for teaching me things no one else could, like; how to whip a tennis racquet at Klev’s car, haha, and giving me some dope surf movies to watch as a grom. I look forward to the day when I get to see you on the rock again, hopefully then I’ll come packed with extra fuel, hahah. You will be missed my brother, love and respect.”
– Clay Marzo

“Yesterday I lost not only a competitor, friend but most importantly a brother. Andy Irons you will be in my heart for eternity! R.I.P AI”—Mick Fanning

“To my friend and a hero. I will miss you but you will never be forgotten. My love goes out to all the Irons family members. God bless you all”—Luke Steadman

“RIP ANDY, you where the king in the sport of Kings, Praying for your family. very sad day!”—Nate Yoemans

“Absolutely devastated R.I.P Andy you will be deeply missed by everyone. A true champion. My prayers go out to the Irons family.”—Bede Durbige

“Never lost someone this close. I never felt like this. Im empty, Im numb and nothing makes sense. I love you Andy. My whole heart to the fam.”—Coco Ho

“Andy was an amazing young man filled with love and life. He was so passionate about everything I think that’s what made him so exciting to watch. May God be with Lyndie and the Irons family as they navigate this time. My Heart, Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Irons.”—Garth Tarlow

“Wow I’m absolutely in pieces right now hearing about Andy irons death. You’ll be missed my friend. Sending prayers out for his family…”—Ian Walsh

“Absolutely devastated Andy Iron’s has passed…..A.I you were a champion mate! I was privileged to have known you. So so sad…”—Luke Munro

“Andy was an absolutely gifted individual. I’m lucky to have known him and had the times we had together. I feel blessed that we worked through the differences we had and I was able to learn what I’m made of because of Andy. We enjoyed many quiet times together with our girls in the last year and I got to know a happy, funny, innocent kid who was happy to live every second with the people he loved. I’m so sad. My thoughts are with Bruce and Lyndie and their parents and all of his many friends around the world. It’s a huge and far too premature loss for all of us. He was the most intense competitor I’ve ever known and one of the most sensitive people. He had so much life left in him and it hurts to think about. We look forward to his memory living on with our memories of him and his child on the way. There are a lot of uncles awaiting his arrival. I really miss Andy. He had a really good heart.”—Kelly Slater

“Words can never explain how I feel right now. R.I.P. Andy, I know I will see you again.”—Sunny Garcia

One of Andy's covers. Photo: Ellis

One of Andy's covers shot in the Mentawais. Photo: Ellis

Andy with his close friend, Occy. Photo: Ellis

Andy with his close friend, Occy. Photo: Ellis

Off the top at J-Bay. Photo: Ellis

Off the top at J-Bay. Photo: Ellis

AI was one of the greatest competitors to ever don a jersey. Photo: Ellis

AI was one of the greatest competitors to ever don a jersey. Photo: Ellis

The trademark AI silhouette. Photo: Ellis

The trademark AI silhouette. Photo: Ellis

  • Nate Kalili


  • DrewC

    Still in shock…Andy bro….i’ll miss watching you surf. Hope to surf with you in heaven. RIP.

  • Augustine

    And he was on his way back to the top. And a baby on the way. A year ago, did he ever dream that a year from then he’d be dead? In Dallas of all places?

    Friends, we’re poised on the edge of eternity at every moment. Let’s hope he was prepared. May his death not be in vain. May it spur us on to prepare ourselves, for any of us could pass into eternity at any moment. We hang onto this life by a thread. May this help you to prepare:

  • eduardo

    Where`s the doctors in tour, doctors from sponsors, this guy travel alone on 40º feber, its a joke, die alone in a hotel room…

  • Aaron J.

    Andy is one of the surfers that inspired me to chase my dream. He was inspirinig, and he always will be.

  • Mari Paz Fernandez

    Someone died so far, yet so close to my heart…We shared nothing, yet so much…Love for the ocean, so many sunsets…So many waves went by…But the sadness remains, how come he went away so fast? He was to young, he was to great, it was to soon to say goodbye…

    Bye Andy, go your way and surf the sky

  • http://ThePropperCllection Billy Satcher

    A.I. Will always be known for wearing his compeitive heart on his sleave!! God please him and his familiy! We will always smile when his name is spoken in our circles of friends because you can’t think about him and not!!

  • Chris

    For atleast the last 10 years when I have imagined what I wish I could surf like, in barrels, while doing anytype of hack, and backside surfing in general; it is always Andy Irons.

    I’ll be inspired forever. Tragic loss for surfing and obviously the Irons family. So unfortunate.

  • Stu

    Andy ripped and was an incredible surfer. Never met him and my condolences to his family.
    I have had dengue and Malaria. Dengue, its like Malaria and very difficult to pick up, you feel like mild flu then all of a sudden your in a world of shit! Got Dengue in Mexico and Malaria in Mozambique. Dengue is so suttle its crazy ut your body is just going through hell!

  • Joyce

    Very sad. Very talented surfer. And a baby on the way, so heartbreaking.

  • Dee

    Andy was an inspiration to my son and his friends … What a tragic lost (for Hawaii as well) taken away so young, so unfortunate … Our hearts go out to the Irons family … R.I.P.

  • Mark griffiths

    I remember watching him put on his vest at pipeline in 2006 final against slater he won that final in the last minute. He was a tremendous surfer and always pushed the limits he will be sadly missed by all. He really was a true warrior for the sport all our deepest sympathies are with his family at this tragic time. May your legend live on forever Mahalo bro.

  • ReB

    I still remember the 2006 Pipe Masters – Andy’s incredible come-from-behind high 9’s, to beat Slater & Machado in the final.

    I was moving apartments. My new landlord called me because I was watching the Pipe Masters in my old apartment. I didn’t want to leave until it was over, and Andy was the one to watch. He went left and followed the tube with a floater on a wisp of sea-foam that no sea-gull would even think about landing on. Then he went right for another high 9.

    Andy was over-the-moon with the win. You could see his happiness in his surfing.

    That is how I will remember AI.

    There was a back-story – Andy was a bit aggressive and Machado didn’t care for it. Then Andy drew Rob at the WCT Trestles event in 2007. Rob won that one.

    But all that is history. We are all shocked & saddened to lose this 32 year old surfing genius.

  • Kiki

    My deepest sympathies to A.I’s family…a true sportsman and my surfing hero! You will be missed…

  • http://españa Entubao-españa

    Nos quedamos con tu buen surf, y tu maestria en el agua, descanse en paz Andi.

  • DB

    When I heard …… I said no, no, don’t tell me that. You are wrong !
    But, this changes everything …… I am sitting here shattered, devastated …. angry.
    My heart goes out to his family.

  • Jared

    Rest in peace Andy Irons. Thank you for all that you gave. Some are meant to lead as an example. Some are meant to lead as a never ending perpetuator of good lessons. You lived a balance of both. You were born to be a champion. You were not born to live as a champion. You were born to teach with your surfing and with your life, you chose to teach with words as well. Your words were sometimes vocal, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional. Most often than not they were the inbetween moments of your greatest surfing moments. The position of your hands mid turn, or the glare of your eyes in the barrel. It was all a lesson. Thank you.

    With love,

  • Maximo

    O Mundo perde uma parte da historia do surf de maneira tragica e impactante, todos que acompanharam a vida desde idolo estão com lágrimas nos olhos. Descance em paz Andy, força par toda a fam´lia.

  • Parry

    As the tears fall like rain at Hanalei Bay, let us offer the highest respect and love to the this great son of Kauai and all of the Irons clan. Aloha AI. The rainbows will come.

  • LJ

    I feel so sad to hear of andy’s passing here in the uk a total heart breaking time for his loved ones & the surfing world my thoughts & love go to his family, his spirit will live on through the heart of the ocean x

  • pablo

    A.I. has touched so many people. I don’t believe anyone surfing does not think of him, today. Way too soon. Prayers and love to the Irons family. Thanks for everything Andy!

  • May

    RIP Andy . great and amazing surfer. it will not be the same with out him in the surf world. my heart goes out the the Irons family.

  • pat judd

    Andy you have been a major inspiration for anyone who sits in the water. I really believe your passing will be noted as one of the greatest tragedies of surfing history. I feel so bad for your brother, wife and entire Iron’s clan. My whole day has just been turned upside down by this loss. Andy you really are one of my hero’ have always gone when other’s hesitated and have consistently pulled off what others could only dream of. Your death just reinforces what I now know for sure…you were a genuine gift to our world. May God give all us the strength to endure this loss.


    Q.E.P.D. andy un abrazo ala familia desde Peru..y España.

  • sam

    man, such a heavy loss. but with all this love now, why is it nobody actually helped Andy while he was with us? Another sad tale in the world of pro surfing.

  • gabriel


  • Reardon

    So pissed that this happened. Way too early, and you didn’t get to see your baby boy. I will miss watching you surf, miss counting on you for my fantasy team, and most of all miss the way you lived your life. Hope to meet you in the next life Andy, and I hope the waves are amazing.

  • Steigh

    I mourned for you yesterday, I celebrate your legacy today. Thanks for everything you taught us Andy!

  • Kanakafari

    Aloha a hui hou my friend…you will be missed by so many.

  • Dean Miller

    We loved you Andy, you were an inspiration to us all, you will be missed. Aloha to you.

  • DJ Burzon

    I never understood why people were so upset and brought to tears by Michael Jackson, because i didnt grow up idolizing him and watching his vidoes, and hanging pictures on my wall. But unfortunately, i now know. flipping through surfer ripping out AI shots will be something i will never forget. Maybe one day, i’ll see him.

  • Gardner Wade

    The world has a huge hole in it right now having lost a true champion waterman. AI, we will watch out for your friends and family as you would have. See you in the next line up!

  • Kanakafari

    Aloha a hui hou my friend… will be missed by so many.

  • Jared

    To all the great surfers who’ve passed before Mr. Andy Irons… looks like the level of competition in the ECT (ETERNAL CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR) just shot through the roof!! 3-time WCT Champion Andy Irons may have finally topped Kelly Slater because there’s not gonna be anyone for decades that can compete at Andy’s level in the ECT. I bet if we knew how good the waves are that Andy’s now ridding we’d wanna get there at all cost!

  • Shane

    One foot wave, HB pier, 175 lbs of him flying, he signaled the new normal, power and finesse like no one before him. He may have had demons, but they never made it into the line-up.

  • RobP

    From the East Coast of North Carolina I extend condolences to the family of one of the greatest surfers of all time, and obviously a wonderful brother, husband, son and friend. Andy inspired surfers throughout the world and the world will miss him, but never forget him.

  • Burr M Cox

    I had the pleasure to surf beside Andy and his brother Bruce at pine trees in 2007 just me and my son and the Irons brothers, I now know how fortunate we were to have that day in the water, I did not know AI but admired him so much. He will be missed, my prayers go out to all of his Ohana, God Bless you all.

  • iko

    Descansa en paz Andy!
    Rest in paradise!
    We love you!

  • Surfer of the Ocean

    AI, now your spirit is on every wave, on every breakpoint or beach on this Earth. You´re now ridin´ the Big Forever WaveI. Get the angels amazed by your surf. Your pensive smile will be on us forever.
    Bruce, don´t let the tears for not see the Sun at dusk, prevent you from viewing the stars at night. Love for the entire family, a new Irons surfer is on the way.
    Keep surfin´

  • Mark

    hug a loved one today, tell them you love them . You never know when that day may come when they aren’t here anymore. RIP AI

  • C.J. Pelser

    A man, A legend…you will be missed.. prayers for your wife and family..In Heaven hopefully everyday is overhead.

  • Mick



    R.I.P. AI

  • Frederick Rawlins

    Andy was one of the bset groms ever and grew into a wonderful young man. He will be missed and we must honor his memory in the days to come! My prayers go out to his family,his friends and his wife.

  • C. Long

    I was shocked to hear of Andy’s death yesterday. 32 years old is far to young to be gone. I met Andy at the 2005 Triple Crown. I used to live in Hawaii during my years in the military there and was back visiting. I still remember him standing there with Lyndie as I walked up to say hello. Altough I was just some random spectator coming up to say hello he was very gracious. A cool cat for sure. Will never forget you A.I. Rest In Peace…

  • Ben

    Aloha RIP AI ~

  • Adam Fraser

    Tears. My thoughts are with the Irons family.

  • Victoria Hardy

    My son John and I met Andy when he was just back from OZ in our little backwater of Ocean City, Md. at K-Coast- a local surf shop.He couldn’d have been more gracious about signing endless posters for awestruck groms and moms. My thoughts are with his family especially his wife and soon baby. So very sad. RIP Andy, Vick H

  • BoardRecycler

    Depressing, sad, tragic. This is a major historical moment in surfing.

  • Jeff Christensen

    Andy was the only surfer who could consistently douse Kelly’s competitive fire. Andy, we know you could have and would have won many more world titles, but, we also know you wouldn’t have to prove it for us to believe it. Thanks for sharing your incredible surfing with us. To the Irons family, Andy will be missed by all. God bless you and your new baby, Lyndie.

  • Maurice Targa

    you will be missed!!!! RIP Andy Irons

  • http://N/A Shade

    The impact of this news on me was beyond belief…
    Seeing what I did when I researched this later -a magazine claiming a foolish drug overdose had killed him- horrified me. Andy Irons was a good man. He does not deserve to be remembered in t…his way. I thank you SURFER for your wonderful honesty and natural way of honoring him as he should be honored.
    My condolences to the mourning family and friends -the surfing world mourns with you at the loss of their son.

  • Jake H.

    Andy was certainly was one of, if not the, most inspiring surfers ever. A.I., you will always be in our hearts and minds in loving memory. Miss you, bro.

  • JAVI

    I´m so sad.. I´ve had lots of good moments watching him surfing…He was one of the best in History. I just can send big kisses for his family… I´m so sad…

  • Kevin Barrett

    Rip in peace andy, you’re too young to rest.

  • Rob

    A real shock. My thoughts are with Lyndie and her unborn child. Thanks for many memories. I will never forget watching/witnessing AI and Bruce at the Eddie in 2005. One of the best days in my life.

  • Terence Flynn

    There have only been two times I’ve heard of someones death, of which I didn’t know, that have really saddened me. Andy Irons and Jay Moriarty. Jay wasn’t quite as famous, but an O’neil team member who was also a phenomenal surfer and also far, far too young to die. He was going to teach me to surf at the O’neil surf academy just before he died. When I saw that Andy had passed it made me think about that. I was about thirteen at the time and it upset me. Seeing this has made me feel exactly the same as I did back then.

    RIP Andy, and Jay, and all the other surfers that are true legends of the sport and role models to kids.

  • JP

    Big Tragedy and a sad sad day for the surfer community !!!

    A great surfer passes away. He was a great inspiration to many of us………Rest in Peace

  • Al Zaragoza

    Very sad news. I was watching TV with my wife late last night when we heard the news. He meant a lot of things to us all, and we will miss his fiery intensity in the water, and his genuine friendliness outside of it. Surfling has lost a legend.

    我们会非常想念你。 Chinese for: We will miss you very much.

  • paul

    Andy: My dad Tony passed away on october 7th, a minute past my sons birthday. He always respected my love for surfing and especially the ocean, though he never rode a wave himself.Even if you have to push him into a perfect waist high peeler (on a longboard!) please let him know I love him and I’m proud of him, even if he goes over the falls a dozen times before finally making it down the line. For this I will be eternally grateful. My deeply missed friend gerry will be waiting for both of you on the beach with a perfect pint of guinness! (After he gets a few waves of course!)
    Know that the entire surfing world mourns
    your passing and prays for your family. Peace be with you.

  • Peter”Pope”Kahapea

    The north shore community of Hanalei, Kauai, embrace Phil, Danielle, Bruce & Lyndie during these very difficult times.
    The Irons Ohana has been embedded in Hanalei for many years and with deep respect, we send our love & aloha to the entire Irons family.
    We are, Ohana
    We shall, endure

  • Lucho Soto

    What we live in the surfing level is thanks to him to pushing Kelly .

    Rest in peace.

    God is with you and your family.

  • Font

    He is and always will be hudge…endless respect. Rest in Peace

  • Jim Fisher

    Andy inspired so many of us. The way he charged those waves and lived the “Aloha Spirit”. He will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

    Forever Peace.

  • lil stever

    a big loss for kauai and the surf world.some of the most fun i ever had, watching andy an bruce surffing cannons when they were little kids.god bless his whole family.lil stever

  • brad

    Andy was a true inspiration in the water. Watching him surf made me want to paddle out on a board and “just have fun with it” as he would say. He will be deeply missed and will no doubt remain an icon for future surfing generations everywhere.

  • surfcheck

    As a kid growing up on the North Shore in the 1970s the Irons clan were pillars of the community. Later living on Kauai when Andy and Bruce were groms, following them to these days when they rip and compete. This is so sad I want to get on a plane and fly straight to to Kauai so I can sit on the beach at Hanalei and cry about the loss with the Makua and Makai for comfort.

    Why was Andy traveling by himself?- bras lets take care of each other, watch out for each other, life is too short. Lyndie, Bruce, your parents, I can’t imagine how you are handling this nightmare. My heart goes out to you with aloha and memories of the boys out at Pinetrees, sun on the Bay, the trades blowing, the smell of Hanalei Valley, so alive like I will remember Andy.

  • sad on the sand

    R.I.P Andy Irons what a shame to our community to loose you so early.
    you will be missed.

  • markfitzy

    My heart breaks for the Irons family. Andy was a fierce competitor, that pushed the limits of professional surfing. He was a surfing ambassador and I was lucky to call him friend. Blessings to his young wife and unborn child.

    Thank you Andy for all you did in life, for being yourself and for leading the pack in our sport. You are and will forever be a legend to all who surf and all who have yet to.

  • Henry

    Andy Irons had the most perfect style out of any surfer on earth. Bar none. What a tragic, tragic loss. My condolences to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

  • cody

    Aloha Andy

  • Kevin Kinnear

    Once in a great while a master surfer comes along who truly makes a difference–a great artist who changes the world with pure imagination. Andy was a consumate performer who transformed the act of surfing into being extraordinary.

    When there are two masters who are strong willed and move with perfect balance, ultimate fluidity, and lightning speed, their interaction is nothing short of magic. When Andy and Kelly pooled their natural creativity, they elevated surfing into the realm of fantasy.

    Andy may be gone but his soul will live on in the hearts of all who witnessed his majestic dance.

  • matt

    its hard to accept this. andy was real. andy was a legend

    his wife, son and familly is and will be on my mind…always…miss you and love you

  • Chris

    Andy i’m going to be watching your surf movies forever, you were my favourite surfer!

  • Joanna, FL

    The term “invincibility” will never regain its true sense because that’s who Andy was to me. He seemed utterly impervious to insult, to injury, to all the glitz, glamour, and temptation that comes from being in the spotlight; he was real. A true model for strength and center. With him now being gone from my list of living idols, and I’m assuming many other’s lists as well, I can only recollect and be thankful for his life. He was my model and inspiration growing up, and he will always be top dog in mind. My whole heart goes out to his family and friends, and to whom ever shared the mentality, “if I was ever lucky enough to be caught in the line up with him.” RIP Andy. You will be missed and never, ever forgotten.

    “Though the sea be deep and rough, the coral rock remins standing”


    you will be missed….

  • Peter, Shanghai China

    Aloha Andy.

  • Gerrie Warner

    Watched Andy surf several places last winter on Ohau. A true pleasure. Even got him on film from The Eddy. Check my youtube channel Garo48. Sincere condolences to his family and many, many friends. Stoke on Bro!!

  • Mike

    I remember how all of you guys were hating on Andy after blue horizon on the surfer mag message boards and now that he has passed your all like “he ws the greatest guy ever” I fking loved AI from the MCD early days, he is the true rockstar. All you guys that think its cool to suddenly like andy should fk off!!!!

  • Natalia

    I can´t explain how I feel…….you are a part of our lifes…….so sad about your family, but I´m sure now you are here again, taking care of your wife and your surfer son……Life is too sort, we must enjoy it as much as we can.
    Enjoy the ride again and again dear Andy. You are a part of us.
    Love for your wife.
    Sea, sand and surf.

  • Steigh

    @ Mike November 3, 2010 at 11:56 pm
    Sure some of us may have fallen off and on the AI band wagon many times; for me personally it was because of the attitude that came with the great Kelly/Andy rivalry. I realized though after following his career (starting at the More Core Dvision days as well) that without this attitude and fire for winning, he would not have grown to his great prowess in the surf world. I always have been a Parko fan and have liked Slater for his great attitude, but in all honesty this year starting with the Goldy, Andy’s post heat interview after the loss showed that he had grown so much and it was beautiful site. After that, I became a fan again and was ultimately so stoked that he got that final win under his belt that he was out to get upon his return. His final interview at chopes gave me such a great feeling in reminding me how everyone deserves a second chance in life. The fact is that I grew up, like many others here, with Andy’s video sections playing right before grabbing my board and paddling out after school. I hope somehow he is able to see just how much he really meant to all of us fans. Someday we will all see him charge again – I know it! Until then, rest easy A.I.

  • Line Faber

    I’m still in shock! I can’t believe that he is gone. I’m from denmark, and surfing isn’t a big part of our country, but I’ve always loved surfing and loved watching surfing, listening to podcast and whenever I can, I’ll travel to places to surf. I remember growing up and my biggest hero was A.I . No one in denmark really knew who he was, but I used to have pictures of him and quotes in my bedroom. I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time, surf on the 1998 asp wt. It takes some one very special and very great to inspire people on the otherside of the world, just by being who they are. The world has lost the greatest. He’ll never be forgotten. R.I.P A.I My heart goes out to his family, and especially to his son, who’s gonna grow up hearing about what an amazing man his father really was.

  • Leonardo

    A great man, a great surfer!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m very sad!!!!!!!!!!
    He’was a young man, with young wife expectant mother, unjust!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello Iron!!!!!!!!!!!
    Leonardo Simi

  • Leonardo

    Sorry i’m from Italy i was a surfer and for me he was a hero!!!!!!!!
    Goodbye great man!
    Leonardo Simi

  • Philipp Brokelmann

    so sad, so shocking.. makes me realize again how dangerous surfing can be on remote islands, for everyone out there. it’s just not like playing tennis in your back yard – peace to you, andy.

  • http://surfersmagazine CARLUCHO

    andy, fuistes uno de los mejores surfistas del mundo, quedara el recuerdo de todos y mas los que te conocieron, tuve la oportunidad de conocerte en brasil, siempre te segui en tus campeonatos y en tus pasos, estaras siempre en mis recuerdos, descansa en paz, que tu hijo sera una nueva generacion……..te extranaremos

  • Clint Davis

    A soul surfer that won’t be forgotten.

  • fabien

    no words will ever be strong enough to express this terrible loss !
    My kids grew up with the dream to surf like you did !
    We will never forget you !
    RIP AI

  • Tystk

    I was shocked to read of Andy’s passing. So young,with sooo much in front of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Irons family in this most sad of times. Things like this never make sense.

    When God calls you home, you go. And things will be better for him as there are waves in heaven… all clean unbroken glass.

    Yet know and revel in the fact that his spirit will remain all around those he loved. You will find evidence of him in the most unexpected places and times…

    God bless the Irons family and know that many, many people have you in their prayers

  • ginz

    Andy the wings of your surfing never lost a feather ,thanks for all the memorable moments on tour the privilege of trying to give some score to your brilliant surfing seemed so ridiculous at the time , surfing and the tour will never be the same with your loss love ya mate and all the best to the Irons clan

  • Clint Chism

    We love you and all our prayers with your family and friends. the legend will live forever. RIP Andy

  • Mike Fairbanks

    I feel helpless and sad that Andy died alone in a strange place with nobody around to help. All he wanted to do was get back to his family and his home. This is truly a tragedy, especially with Andy. He came on the surfing scene at a young age, winning the WQS Pipe contest at 17 in huge, sketchy conditions. His star rose quickly, and then he struggled with fame, success, and the stress of being a world traveler and professional athlete. He had a meltdown, but picked himself up, got back in the game, and won three straight world championship titles. What an inspiration to others!

    I wish his death had not happened. I wish he had gone to the hospital. I wish I could roll back the clock a week and help out.

    But nothing can be done now but to pull together and help his wife and child.

    Andy didn’t deserve this, but may he rest in peace and paradise.

  • Bellando


    Iam still in shock what a news may u surf on the waves forever now all my support too the whole family

  • Greg from Indy

    I still can’t bring myself to hear this. He is is so freakin phenomenal. Thats it, I got that lump in my throat again. Prayers 2 the family.

  • Bella

    RIP Andy…RIP…but boooo for the lack of responsibility of his main sponsor (who he made hundreds of millions of dollars for) and that other sham of an organization…. seriously HELL would have to freeze over before any star athletes like LeBron, Kobe, Derek Jeter, or even Patrick Kane could travel ill (with whatever) ALONE!! These guys are the most used people in the sports world and its sad someone had to suffer for it.

  • agustin

    es de no creer,,,,,me entristecio mucho la noticia. mucha fuerza a familiares y amigos

  • luca (italy)

    Great Andy surf in paradise

  • http://N/A Mick O’ Brien

    We will never forget when Andy first came over to Oahu to surf in the HASA ( amature ) surfing contests. He would just go out & kill every heat all the way to winning the finals with out a cord & then return to Kauai, Fantastic surfing, we all couldn’t wait for him to come back again to get yet another glimpse of his incredible talents. Then as an up & coming Pro his surfing at The Pipeline, Sunset & Haleiwa were something to behold, nothing short of sensational especially since he did not surf around here much at that time.
    You sure will be missed on The North Shore & everywhere else you blessed with you great smile, surfing & aloha.
    May you rest in peace Andy & our most sincere condolences to your family & friends. Now is time to bow our heads in respect but soon it will be time to celebrate his life just as AI would like.
    Mahalo’s, Aloha & A’Hui’ Ho’
    Mick & Jamie O’

  • James

    It’s still hard to believe this actually happened. Too unfair for words- RIP Andy.

  • Jean Carlos

    We are all upset for Andy, but I think that the ASP should take some responsability on this. How one of the pro surfers in the tour who is ill can be without any medical supervision? The organization should’ve asked Andy to stay in a local hospital or do a follow up on his condition, but noone do nothing, they are so worry on making money only. Let’s find out who is the responsible.

  • sam

    Bella is unfortunately correct. When will Surfer write the story about how the industry encourages kids to skip their education so they can start selling shorts and t-shirts and then sends them out into the world with nothing but cash and a demand they get as much exposure as possible? When will Surfer admit that in failing to run the numerous stories on AI’s alleged drug use, or Flea’s, or Mel’s, or or or…. they’re as responsible as anyone else for the mess that is pro surfing? When will Billabong step up and admit they failed AI, that he never should have been allowed to fly alone? When will they admit he should never have been back on tour unless and until his inner demons had been dealt with for good? If you need proof of the industry’s insincerity, just look at RipCurl and their “respectful” lay days in PR right now. Funny those days just happened to be 1 foot and onshore. The whole industry is responsible for this.

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  • Dorene Marumoto

    All the photos and videos will never suffice a replacement for the actual human being that Andy was. I believe his loss will leave a great void that will affect many people for all time to come.
    Psalm 103 “…as far as the east is from the west…” we are all forgiven.
    Believing in faith, by God’s grace.

  • Felipe

    Siempre estaras presente Andy

  • Mike

    RIP Andy Irons. You will always be an inspiration. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  • Jon Head


  • betinho

    We are going to have a paddle out today 05/11 here in Bali at Kuta beach check more, if you are in Bali come and join us

  • jesus alberto laynes

    descansa en paz bro…nos veremos en la eternidad de las olas y el tiempo!!!…

  • Erick elijah perez

    Hard to belive the guy that inspired me to first pick up a board isnt here anymore, your legacy is still here though and though you’ll be missed dearly I’ll keep surfing in your name man….R.I.P Andy…..

  • Moses_Ocean

    He was just here in Puerto Rico…they thought he may had Got bit by the mosquito that causes “dengue” the west nile virus,
    this cause like flu like symptoms, but is not the flu, many people thinking that is just a normal flu dont go to the hospital waiting for the flu to fade out…yet it gets worst without medical attention and causes internal bleeding . He was just here for the Local Competition…then he left and a day later he was gone , so he must of gotten bitten during the the days he was here or around one of the Islands ~…to you surfers, that travel to Caribean Islands , right after sun down we get alot of mosquitos , you need to go inside a house or use moskito repellent all the time, cause we are getting alot of people sick with this virus and even when you think you may have just the flu..if you been in small islands get a blood work for “the Dengue virus” a simple blood work will tell the doctor if you have the virus or not…..I knew Andy in our surfer comunity here in Puerto Rico…he was a gentleman …and one of our great ones..
    My Prayers to his family…in this hard times….we are all in silent mourning , May his spirit be always in our heart~Surfing the eternal dream ~We love you and will always miss you Andy…Rest in Peace Brother !

    Another thing…Dengue cant be self treated…you need to get to a hospital..even if you think you have the normal flu…and dont take aspirin…only tylenol…cause Dengue causes internal bleeding aspirin , would just speed up the process cause aspirin thins the blood.
    Only Tylenol…and by the second day of the flu…get to a hospital ASAP…cause by the 4th day without likely you wont survive..the flu takes about 5 days to kill you..untreated.

  • Moses_Ocean

    mAY YOUR LIGHT shine bright upon our liquid Sun ~your spirit is part of our Ocean, and we will surf with you always~

  • Youngy

    I’m just a surfer from an isolated spot in Victoria, Australia. I’m sitting here days after all this tragedy has gone down and I still have tears in my eyes. This is despite never meeting or surfing with the man. I don’t think you had to, you could feel his emotions with every smack of the lip. I feel gutted such a raw, unique, authentic soul is lost. Let this teach us all to never let anything remain unsaid, never let any emotion go un exhibited. Have the courage to love and the balls to let those you love know all about it. A fit 32 yo athlete should never pass away in these circumstances but that is for another time. God bless AI, much love to family, friends and all the people you touched. RIP AI xx

  • Me, my Son and little girl!

    I will misss watching you ripping it up! I only wish that my children would have been able to see more of you. RIP the world will miss you!

  • MC

    RIP ANDY! What a loss. Andy was a real person who didn’t fake it. Hang in there Bruce & the rest of the Irons family. Andy touched so many people & it’s such a sad thing that he died (alone in fucking Texas) at such a young age. Without a doubt the biggest loss to the surfing world ever! Not to take away from other surfing legends that passed before him, but Andy was still in his prime & still capable of winning & has the 3 world titles & 20 tour victories to his name. Andy, RIP & we love you!!!!

  • james

    Its sad to think a hero and living legend three time world champ with all the aloha can be left to travel alone while as sick is it sounds he was. I wonder how often he traveled solo during his title days. the wolfpack takes great care of thier own in the water. Its a shame to hear of such a gifted person in and out of water dying alone so far from home.

  • MOhamed

    you are in heaven with Allah Andy, we will see you soon.

  • James Macy

    Having known Andy and experienced his friendship it floors me to know a world without him. At first it was a rumour, which become headline news, and I knew we were in for tough times. All the strength to the family, our hearts go out to you always. J.Macy

  • SGT Matt Berg

    As a professional soldier who has lost friends in combat-hearing of Andys passing the other day hit me the same way as a surfer. My heart is broken. Much love and aloha to the Irons famiy. RIP brah.

  • Eddie Sotomayor

    I have always wondered why God takes the Good guys first. AI you are no Exception. Surfers from all over the world admired your surfing and your persona. A truly great reperesentative of the surfing community and sports athles of this planet.RIP see you up there. We will be talking waves. Mexican waves specially in my case.

  • Fiore DCastro

    Waiting to see Andy show up at the beach, see him surf ,,,when I heard must be a powerful reason why he wont show up..,, then suspiciously left me wandering even more… an amazing shame that Andy was left alone no matter what life can be that overwhelming sometimes that is when we need a good brother bu our side.. Bruce, you will always have him, he will give you strength always+ The day felt so heavy and still, cloudy, one foot waves and onshore winds….The waves that early morning kept whispering in his voice…I’ll be comming back again… no one at the beach, no one in water…just the whispers… an amazing momment was later felt when all his friends, brothers deep with all the love and respect join in for the paddle….my heart ake for Andy and his family……What an glorious response from the Heavens..that rainbow that appeared out of nowhere…like Kelly said, soon during the minute of silence….AI written in the sand with some bamboo trees and flowers at Middles Beach, Isabela. PR… We love you Andy and will miss you, will never be forgotten in these shores for sure… you inspired so many lives..Andy u live forever!!!

  • Surf Shop

    RIP AI … sooo sad

  • Al

    A.I. never Forget !be strong Bruce…Aloha

  • Hayley Rickers

    My heart goes out to his family and know that so many people around the world will keep his memory alive and his surfing will live on forever.Such a huge loss R.I.P Andy Irons.

  • Bobby DuCharme

    I was very sad to hear about Andy. He will be missed by the surfing community, but even more by his family and friends. I wasn’t close friends with Andy, but his cousin Ricky and I are friends. I’ve been trying to reach the family so that I can send them a copy of my latest surf movie I made with some really great footage of Bruce. Ricky is talking about Bruce and Andy in the film and I thought the family would enjoy having a copy. Please contact me and let me know where to send the movie “Gotta Go Surf” and I’ll mail out a couple copies to your family.
    May God give you all peace duirng this time of mourning.


  • Victor

    I met Andy once, a few years back at the quikky pro in Hossegor. I had the little bracelet thing and got to hang out under the tents and stuff during the event. got to talk for a second with andy before his heat and wished him good luck. He high fived me saying “merci (thank you in fench) my brotha”. Later that day he went on to win and we met again at a local bar. He recognized me and came up to me saying : it’s because of you brotha !! He was obviously wasted but wasted good. Happy. He said something to the bartender and told me : “open bar for you tonight”. Nex tthing I know, I got beers delivered in my hand all night long. We made plans to see each other the next day as u do when you’re drunk but never did… No worries, I had the time of my life I got to hang out with a legend. i’ll never forget that. fuck , rest in peace brother.

  • Los Angeles Maternity Photographer


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  • michael

    Happy Birthday you are missed!!! RIP

  • Merlin

    Andy, you are so missed by many – I watch the Coastal Watch tribute video often and other videos of you surfing, I grew up in surfing Rincon and wished I could have met you in person if you had ever surfed there. I am inspired to be a better surfer because of you.