SURFER Poll Video Awards Nominees

| posted on November 11, 2010

The past year has been groundbreaking for both high performance surfing and cutting edge filmmaking, leading to an incredible list of nominees in the Video Awards categories. Below are clips for a few of the 2010 Video Awards nominees. The SURFER Poll Awards will be streaming live in their entirety at on December 6th. The event starts at 7p.m. Hawaiian time at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu.

The full list of Video Awards categories and nominees:

Best Barrel
• Andy Irons, Desert Point (High-5)
• Andy Irons, Skeleton Bay (High-5)
• Jamie O’Brien, Backdoor (Who is J.O.B.)
• Jamie O’Brien, Desert Point (Who is J.O.B.)
• Brian Conley (My Eyes Won’t Dry III)

Best Performance presented by Skullcandy (Watch Nominees Here)
• Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
• Jordy Smith (Modern Collective)
• Andy Irons (High-5)
• Dane Reynolds (Seen/Unseen)
• Jamie O’Brien (Who is J.O.B.)

Breakthrough Performer presented by New Era
• Owen Wright
• Craig Anderson
• Jadson Andre
• Chippa Wilson

Best Maneuver
• Jamie O’Brien (Who is J.O.B.)
• Flynn Novak (High-5)
• Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
• Mitch Coleborn (Modern Collective)
• Jordy Smith (Modern Collective)
• Dion Agius (Modern Collective)

Worst Wipeout
• Aamion Goodwin & Cody Graham (The Arena)
• Dane Reynolds (Scratching the Surface)
• Ian Walsh (Scratching the Surface)
• Julian Wilson (Scratching the Surface)
• Derek Dunfee (Down with the Ship)

Digital Short of the Year
• Dark Side of the Lens by Allan Wilson & Mickey Smith
• Lino by Karim Rejeb
• Innersection: Peter Devries by Jeremy Koreski
• Cypher Vision by Jamie Tierney
• Innersection: Ozzie Wright by Jimmy Kinnard

Heavy Water
• Jamie O’Brien (Who is J.O.B.)
• Derek Dunfee (Down with the Ship)
• Fergal Smith (High-5)
• Brian Conley (My Eyes Won’t Dry III)

Best Cinematography
• Scratching the Surface
• Idiosyncrasies
• Who Is J.O.B.
• 180 South
• Castles in the Sky

Best Documentary
• Going Vertical
• Stoked & Broke
• Idiosyncrasies
• Sea of Darkness
• God Went Surfing with the Devil
• The Westsiders

Movie of the Year
• Who Is J.O.B.
• Modern Collective
• Sea of Darkness
• Seen/Unseen
• Scratching the Surface

  • Fred

    Eeeeh… How can a movie(JOB) be nominated when it has barely hit the shelves?
    How can anyone vote for a movie that they haven’t seen yet?

  • Tedd

    The wipeout of Aamion Goodwin and Cody Graham is crazy! Those dudes are lucky no one died. Def worst wipeout in years

  • Dan

    I think we know who will win “best barrel”. And can we have an honorary lifetime award and a huge round of applause for AI please.

  • JB from Brasil

    Congratz to all nominees! Awesome material!

  • DR

    I’m glad that Surfer has taken the liberty to submit and vote for their own favorites without taking the public into account. why even have a poll?

  • Topher

    Very disappointing that you take a poll and then pick YOUR winners? Why the charade? Next time, don’t waste our time were surfing while your scamming.

    Lakesurfer on the NorthCoast

  • jono

    wheres scardy’s cloudbreak cave?????