SURFER Poll Sweepstakes

Enter between now and November 24 to win in a trip to the North Shore

| posted on November 16, 2011

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  • Andrew Coleman LeBlanc

    Don’t surf. Never have i surfed. picked something new to browse on What an opportunity this would bring a new fan to the sport all the way from Omaha, Nebraska where the biggest wave is at the wave pool at fun plex. Best opportunity for a loud mouth promoter like me to preach up the sport that know one knows about around here. Pick me!

  • Jeff

    how do i enter if i live in canada it asks for what state you live in and your zip code…

  • D McLaughlin

    YOU HAVE TO BE A RESIDENT OF HAWAII to enter. If you live on Oahu, you don’t get airfare so give the outer islanders a chance to come to Oahu for free by not entering. Aloha

  • Dave

    If you live on the outer islands, then why would you want to come to the north shore? Honestly, it is crowded at the main spots, often windy or out of control huge or both, and the lesser known spots are generally fickle. People like me constantly save and go to outer islands whenever possible. The greens are way cheaper there too 🙂

  • Dave

    Plus, when cameras are out, people get RABID!

    The winner should win a boat and a free boat slip for life 🙂

  • Jason Hoffbauer

    I just learned how to surf, and I must say that I do love it!