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Slater wins his 19th, John Florence dominates the rest

| posted on December 07, 2013
The Number 1s, Alana Blanchard and Kelly Slater. Photo: Ellis

The Number 1s, Alana Blanchard and Kelly Slater. Photo: Ellis

Tonight the 44th Annual Surfer Poll Awards at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of O’ahu gathered the best surfers, filmmakers, and surf legends under one roof to honor the best films and performances of the year.

Each year the SURFER staff pores through all of the full-length films and web shorts produced that year, narrowing down hundreds of great rides and notable moments to just a handful of nominees. And while it’s always a challenge, this year there was one surfer/co-director who dominated the movie categories: John John Florence. Not only was he voted second in the reader poll, he also took home Best Performance for his surfing in Done, Best Short for his film Begin Again and Movie of the Year for Done, both of which he co-directed with Blake Kueny.

For the Men’s reader poll, it came as no surprise that once again Kelly Slater who took the No. 1 slot, making this his 19th Surfer Poll win since he first topped the list in 1993. On the women’s side of the poll, it was Alana Blanchard who was voted into the top slot over current World Champion Carissa Moore (Women’s No. 3) and five-time World Champion Steph Gilmore (Women’s No 5). This is her first time winning the Women’s No. 1 award, up from No. 2 in 2012.

Also notable this year, for the first time ever, the Worst Wipeout Award was decided by public vote at SURFER Magazine narrowed down the most horrific wipeouts from films produced in 2013 to six nominees, then you decided which one deserved the award. In the end it was Peter Craig’s wipeout at Mullaghmore, Ireland in Hallow Week that took home the trophy. See below for the rest of the 2013 Surfer Poll winners.

John John Florence, and his trophies. Photo: Ellis

John John Florence, and his trophies. Photo: Ellis

SURFER Poll Men’s Top 10
1. Kelly Slater
2. John John Florence
3. Mick Fanning
4. Julian Wilson
5. Dane Reynolds
6. Jordy Smith
7. Joel Parkinson
8. Taj Burrow
9. Gabriel Medina
10. Andy Irons

SURFER Poll Women’s Top 5
1. Alana Blanchard
2. Sally Fitzgibbons
3. Carissa Moore
4. Coco Ho
5. Stephanie Gilmore

A.I. Breakthrough Performer
Nat Young

Best Barrel
Didier Tinhin, from Tropically Yours

Worst Wipeout
Peter Craig, from Hallow Week

Heavy Water
Shawn Dollar

Best Documentary
Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, directed by Sam George

Best Short
Begin Again, directed by Blake Kueny and John John Florence

Best Performance
John John Florence in Done

Movie of the Year
Done, directed by Blake Kueny and John John Florence

Go to now to watch the full show, see galleries from the red carpet and behind the scenes, and watch clips from the best moments of the night.

  • Keanu808

    Alana best surfer??? Wtf.

  • Scooby

    Really. No ones gonna comment on that side boob…

    • Stu Azole

      I noticed the back fat that comes with it first.

      • lauren

        wow i bet you are picture perfect yourself. this constant criticism of womens bodies has got to stop….

  • James B

    WOW, Alana Blanchard just put the exclamation point: One fine ass can beat 9 fine surfers.

  • Mik

    I am so stoked that the surf community continues to honor Andy Iron. Surfer’s are rad.

  • Keanu808

    Alana. Best women surfer? Really.

  • Daniel Mawkes

    You have to log in just to see Danes acceptance speech , gets better every year…..

  • Geoff Right Coast

    model bikinis they said, youll win surfer poll they said. lol Carissa deserved it so much more than Alana

  • David

    Was the female side a beauty contest, or are those voters just a bunch of brainwashed sheep?

    • Don Stine III

      Yes and yes

  • Daniel Szabo

    steph gilmore at number 5 is bullshit shows how much surfer poll voters actually know about surfing they should of changed the womens category to best ass and it would have been more accurate

  • angus collins

    i am a gimp

  • daniel

    alana best woman surfer? americans really overreact to an average ass…

  • Sven

    Alana should have won all the awards. Best all round surfer, best part in a movie, best short clip and best bottom turn. The fact she didn’t just shows you the current state that surfing is in.

    • Don Stine III

      you stupid.LOL

  • bruddah

    (shaking head)
    “Bruce bruce bruce bruce bruce bruce bruce…”
    (big sigh)

  • party of common sense

    John John is the best surfer in the world today…..not the best competitive surfer yet…but by far…the most well rounded surfer in the world. Nobody since AI could demand and get respect at Pipe at such a young age, Charges huge Cloudbreak…on the best day it has ever seen…no flotation…and Slater doesnt even paddle out…..sorry Dane…you rip….and Kelly…well you are the best competitor…..but JJF has to be the best surfer in the world today… against Slater…is like voting for a Republican…the right thing to do…but not correct….oh…and Sean Dollar…not in the Eddie….what a joke…..guy has the 2 biggest paddle in waves ever…doesnt get paid to surf..only work….more deserving than several of ththose pictured….I guess it s a celebration of mostly hawaiian big waves surfers…versus the best

  • joe

    alanas super hot, what you all hating for?

    • Dandaman

      I can’t see anyone here hating on Alana. I think you’re missing the point. If this was a beauty pageant I wouldn’t have a problem.

  • Dandaman

    Steph and Carissa just lost a popularity contest to a bikini model. The dark side of democracy. Feeling embarrassed and slightly depressed.

  • Brice

    What the f@ck is Bruce on? He’s so scattered it’s uncomfortable to watch. Anyone is his 20 year old girlfriend?? Can’t believe he’s left his wife and kids for her… He needs to drop the chick go back to his wife and focus on family and surfing cos right now his drugs are taking over and he’ll soon end up like Andy which is so sad!

    • Kev

      Way to talk shit behind an internet screen name, kook. Try come Kauai and say that to his face or in my presence.

      • John

        Kev….you saying it’s not true or just pissed at the comment? I saw him a couple years ago at Pupukes Foodland out of his mind trying out toothbrushes…i hope he’s clean now

  • lauren

    Carissa Moore is the obvious number 1…..Surfer Mag readers blowing it here….

  • Jake

    The Surfer Poll asks fans to rank their “favorite” surfers. It has nothing to do with picking the best. Slater just happens to be both. Alana’s popularity goes without saying.

  • JohnA

    This was a favorite surfer poll, not necessarily best surfer.

  • Travelin

    what a bullshit poll, Medina at 9? Just call it the American/Hawaiian poll