Surfer Nominated for CNN Hero of the Year

| posted on August 18, 2010

CNN has nominated San Clemente’s Dana Cummings for their Hero of the Year awards. Cummings, who lost his leg in a car accident, founded AmpSurf in 2003, an organization that helps teach amputees how to surf.

“We want to inspire them [the amputees] to move on and just be active and live full lives,” said Cummings to CNN. “We want them to walk away with that empowerment, that self-confidence that they can do whatever they set their mind to.”

Many of the men and women that AmpSurf teaches are veterans. We’re stoked to see such a worthy cause gaining international recognition. Way to go, Dana.

  • joeldude

    Wow – why the negativity HAHAH? This is an inspring story. Would you surf if you were an amputee? Probably not, you’d be crying in the corner about your problem. The ocean has such an array of healing powers, and the best one is surfing! Way to go Dana, I hope you win!

  • Jerry East

    Everyone who is an amputee is a hero. The initial endurance of emotional anguish is enough to make or break a person..And the ones that do not break are heroes.

  • RJ

    This is the stuff I think about when I’m having a bad day or bad surf session. People like Dana and especially Bethany inspire me to no end and make me grateful for what I have. They have accomplished so much and don’t let obstacles stand in the way of what they want to achieve. Thanks for posting this piece on Dana, awesome story.

  • Heroes Online

    Heroes is Awsome