Mavericks Surfer Recovering

Jacob Trette has been released from the Stanford Medical Center after the near fatal incident

| posted on January 24, 2011

Jacob Trette (pictured top-middle, on a green board) getting caught in the lip on a massive cleanup set. Photo: Montgomery

Update: Mavericks surfer  Jacob Trette emerged from his medically induced coma, and has been released from the Stanford Medical Center under the care of his family. Jacob is expected to make a full recovery.

During a morning session at Mavericks on Saturday, 30-year-old Jacob Trette experienced a nearly fatal encounter with a 25-foot cleanup set. He was held under water for two waves, reaching the surface for only a short breath before getting dragged under by two more waves. The quick action of photographer Russell Ord saved his life, as Ord spotted Trette on the inside while returning another rescued surfer to shore on his jet ski. Ord was taking pictures from the ski despite a recent controversial ban on PWCs in the area imposed by NOAA. For more information about the incident, click here.

  • Joey Talmage

    I see Kelly’s #10 equals the FEAT of the Giants it tells me that old timers can still get it on!

  • Chalkie

    Good on ya Ordie!

  • rifa skate mexico

    great session we are glad to hear

    he is recovering !!!! bless all riders!