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The five best iPhone apps for surfers

| posted on January 10, 2011

Surfers with iPhones have plenty of ways to stay connected to the surf.

Whether you’re a grom with just a few sessions under your belt or a seasoned pro, watching the best surfers in the world battle for points on Tour is always exciting. The ASP To Go app allows you to keep tabs on your favorite surfers and stay up to date on results from each World Tour event. The most impressive feature of this app is its ability to let you watch events live from your phone. The technology for live streaming content on mobile devices has come a long way since the days of constant buffering and pixilated images. This app features in-depth information about each event during the contest, including event status, results, photos, news, video highlights, and of course the live stream. This is an app that is certainly worth the meager $0.99 price tag.

NOAA Ocean Buoys
The NOAA Ocean Buoys App is essentially your portal into checking current ocean conditions around the world. With access to over 120 buoys spread across North America (including Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii), Europe, and the Caribbean, this app gives you access to buoy information about current swell, wind, temperature, and other weather conditions. Most buoys transmit swell heights, swell periods, swell direction, wind speeds, wind direction, wind gusts, water temperature, air temperature, dew points, and barometric pressure and are updated hourly. Mobile access to these buoys makes it easy for you see what the ocean has in store for you on any given day. Find out if the swell is hitting your local spot or if the winds have switched offshore yet with the touch of a button. The official NOAA buoys are essential tools that pro surfers use, and you should too. This app is definitely a steal at $0.99 to download.

To the joy of surfers everywhere, Surfline’s premium forecasting services are now available in an iPhone-specific app. Surfline is the premier surf forecasting site on the web and you can now have the amazing short- and long-term forecasting tools at your disposal, as well as access to current reports and high-quality live cams for surf locations worldwide. Download this app for your iPhone, and you will likely put it to use everyday. The Surfline app is free, but just like their website you’ll have to pay to be a premium member and access certain forecasting tools.

Strictly speaking, Kayak is not a surfing app. However, it is an app likely to appear on most pros’ iPhones, and should be on yours too if you’re into traveling. is a service for finding low airfares, hotels, rental cars, and other travel bookings, and now they have condensed their service into an easy-to-use mobile version. The main advantage of Kayak is that it simultaneously searches numerous other travel booking sites, including Expedia, Orbitz, CheapTickets, and Priceline, and compiles them into one comprehensive list. Forget about spending hours looking for a flight or a hotel. Simply launch your Kayak app and get where you want to go in only a few minutes. This app free and essential to anyone making travel plans on the go.

Shralp Tide
Tide books are a lot easier to lose than an iPhone, and knowing the tide is crucial when choosing where to paddle out. The Shralp Tide app can pinpoint your current location and supply you with tide info for the next five days. The strength of this app is it’s simplicity and it’s ability to get you the tide information you’re looking for in just a few seconds. This app displays the tides for each day and with the swipe of your finger you can move through the tides for the next five days to help you figure out the ideal time for your next session. This is another freebie and an essential tool for any surfer.

Honorable Mentions:
Hurley Pro, US Open of Surfing, The Weather Channel, Oakley Surf Report

  • Curt

    You left out my favorite: MagicSeaweed, which has more features and info than Surf Report by Surfline. I use them both.

    • Tookl

      I also like Magic Seaweed the best of all the Apps!

  • Tully

    They also left out another app which is a must have for all surfers, iSurfer – Surf Coach, number one selling sports app in Australia.

  • surfcrowd

    you should check our new (beta) surf related iphone app surfcrowd! soon you will find the latest surf news, events ,plus check in to spots, see where you friends are (in 3D), find great deals and shout to twitter, facebook and 4square at the same time.

  • davidjames

    magicseaweed’s is quality i agree. horses for courses but i’m surprised you missed it out especially as it’s free for 10 days ahead whereas surfline has only 3 days. surfline’s is good too though, less clunky than their site.

  • Tully

    You left out my favorite : iSurfer – Surf Coach

  • Karl

    Downloaded them all. Great lineup of apps. Surfline and Kayak are no brainers. The NOAA buoys app was one I hadn’t seen before but is an amazing find! Thanks!

  • Zach Azeez

    Nice review!
    These are five solid, affordable apps I wouldn’t have known about without this article.

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  • Stu

    Nice review! I been using ASP to GO – its good value at $0.99 and the live coverage is good.

  • Patrick

    You forgot Billabong Surf Trip!!!! It shoud’ve been at least of of these top 5 surf apps for the iPhone.

  • James

    Can these apps be applied to an I – pad? Anybody know…..

  • Kayne Southerland

    The best is Rip Curl “Live The Search” iPhone game

  • George

    So stoked the NOAA Buoy app is now on Android!

  • Spanish Raddish

    i was surprised to see it on android also

    downloaded it and its working great

  • PM

    Did you realize that the ASP To Go is´nt updatet yet?
    I bought it and it suckes that the latest new´s is from oct. 2010!

  • Mark

    Can u do fantasy surfer on iPhone ? Doesn’t seem to work ?

  • KoldoMac

    Basque firm launches Basque Country surf guide app | EITB Sport

  • Di

    Check out “OceanLife” if you have an Android phone! Buoys, weather, wind and swell with graphs and shizz. 🙂

    Here it is;

  • Fred

    Check out
    A site built for mobile users (works on big screens swell).

    You create groups based on location and then you post reports from spots and talk about where to go.

  • Chris

    I just made a live wallpaper for android that automatically syncs the cdip data to your phone as a wallpaper. This way, you don’t have to open a website or app to check the surf, just look at your phone and the report is there!

  • Andrea

    There’s a new one in town : )
    Surfstand shows instagram pictures around your favorite surf spots, it’s a fun way to share your surf pics and reach more people:

  • jake

    ‘SURF SEARCH’ is by far the best travel app for surfing out on the market!!

  • jake
  • Mike

    Found one for CT ratings for this year’s title and previous years. Android

  • Clodette

    SURFSTAND!!! It’s a new surf app in a lovely vintage style!!! It let you see in real time pictures of surf spot all over the world, and in the meantime the forecast weather!!! You can also connect with the surfer who did the pictures 😀
    On itunes store!!!

  • Fabio

    Android Surf App: WINDRIN

  • JD

    This one looks pretty awesome. Social, Live updates, Push notifications for swells, who’s checked into local spots.

  • Ray

    Another addition to the list. Australia only, iPhone app. Provides surf forecast data (NOAA driven), and live wind updates

  • Rhydian Thomas

    We’ve recently developed a surf forecasting iPhone app called Coasting –

    It’s a bit different to other surf forecasting apps out there – you add your own breaks, using your own local knowledge of what the conditions need to be like for those breaks to work. The app checks the forecast of these surf spots to work out which one has the best conditions, scoring each break on how closely the ideal wind/swell direction and size, match actual conditions, showing you the results in an easy to understand way.

    I use it myself when I want to quickly check where to go surf. I use the MSW app and other swell forecast websites when planning further ahead for long range forecasts.

    Be awesome if you guys could check out the app and let me know how it goes.

  • Nicholas Mohnacky

    We just launched a surf app called “Surfr” that is a Surf Journal allowing you to log your sessions and follow your friends’ sessions with more than 8,000 spots around the world. check it out –

    • Jonathan

      So you designed an app that is going to uncover everyones secret uncrowded spots…great job!

  • Beau de Kroon

    I recently started using a new app called Get Swell ( FYI. It’s also the most complete guide, ( in terms of spots and crowd), I’ve encountered.

  • Emilio

    Have a look a this new one: @SurfMateApp