Sterling Spencer Interview

Sterling on winning the Battle of the Blogs and reaching a crossroads in life

| posted on October 13, 2011

Sterling going off the deep end, as usual. Photo: Maassen

The young Pensacola, FL native Sterling Spencer has carved a niche for himself in the surf world, and it has little to do with his surfing. Although he rips, people love (and hate) him more for his Photoshop and voice-over antics than what he does on the face of a wave. has been the home for Sterling’s awkward creations. But it wasn’t until PMS won Battle of the Blogs this week that they truly knew they had touched the people. I met up with Sterling and his collaborator David Malcolm at their Solana Beach abode to discuss the monumental victory and the crossroads that Sterling “Centaur” Spencer currently finds himself in. [Editor’s note: please do not assume anything in this interview to be fact.]

You just won Battle of the Blogs, how do you feel?

I’m high on life. I can’t get down from this high right now.

Is it true that you’re walking away from surfing at the peak of your fame to be an entertainer?

I figured this is the perfect time to step away from surfing after winning Battle of the Blogs. It just felt like there was more important stuff for me to do. Like entertaining, I’m more into entertaining now.

What kind of entertaining are you going to do?

I was thinking more like TLC and Discovery channel kind of stuff. Like Kate and Nate Plus Eight—stuff like that. They could do a show like that on me and maybe I’ll adopt a couple kids and, you know, grow them in my footsteps and document it.

If you were to become an actor, would you be more comfortable in centaur roles in the next Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia movies? Or would you prefer regular human roles?

Probably a normal human being, because I’ve done the centaur thing for a while now. Just to do something different.

You’re pretty good at entertaining strangers through your blog, which is like a performance art unto itself. If you never surfed, do you think you would be using that talent in some way?

I don’t know. I don’t really like entertaining. It’s more just like the camera catches moments of my life.

We all saw the trailer for you’re new film Surf Madness. How close is that to being finished?

Our first premiere is Thanksgiving and it’s supposed to be free to download in December. We’re giving it away for free now since we won Battle of the Blogs for everyone that voted for us. It’s for the fans—all the niños.

You were shooting on location in Nicaragua for that movie, how was that?

It was awesome [laughs.] It was amazing, we couldn’t have had better people around us than the people we had. We just got really weird. Warren won’t even talk to me now, Craig cut his hair, and Nate is now circumcised, so it was a crazy trip.

Are you responsible for all of those things?

No, well, yeah. I mean, it was my fault mostly, but I wasn’t trying to hurt them.

I saw you guys rocking Morgan [Maassen]’s horse heads. How did it feel to be roughly 72 percent horse instead of just 50?

It felt wrong. It felt like I was betraying my humanity, but, you know, I’ll do anything for money.

What can you tell me about the ups and downs of PMS?

The ups would be that you’re always emotionally in tune with surfing and artistic value, but the downs are really low because of the mood swings from all the hate mail we get constantly. We get sacks full of hate mail—like potato sacks—that come to our door. They say things like, “I hate you, you smell like cheese, get a life.” We get a lot of stuff like that.

You get physical mail?

Yeah, we’re one of the only blogs that still gets normal mail.

You’re not afraid to make fun of people that might be perceived as taking themselves too seriously. Do you think that PMS has made you any enemies? Or have any of the people you’ve made fun of told you they thought it was funny?

I don’t know. The only person that still hates me is Jeremy Flores, and I love him to death. I just want to hug him, and kiss him, and tell him I love him, and hold him like a child. But it seems like everyone else hasn’t really cared that much. In the movie we did a voiceover of Adriano [de Souza], and I don’t think it makes him look like a hero. But I saw him in New York, and he was really nice and it was all high fives. I think he was stoked.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans that have supported your blog?

I would just say thanks to all those little niños and little niñas for voting for us. It makes us feel really good inside to know that people actually don’t hate us. So, it’s kind of weird being on top again. Because, you know, I won NSSA Easterns four times in a row, and I was the Gulf Coast Champion. So I’ve been on top before, I would say.

Sterling Spencer, now made with 22 percent more horse. Photo: Maassen


    congrats and keep it up dude..

  • Jason S.

    Surf media….heck, all media for that matter, please, please, for the love of humanity stop giving this kid attention. There is nothing even remotely interesting about him.

  • L.F.J

    Keep it up Sterling, your weird life on PMS makes the world a bit more gnarly

  • Chongo

    I agree, please focus elsewhere. Surfing has more to give than this.

  • Drew Pangborn

    I’ve gotta admit, the kid does rip, but please do just that and nothing more. No one gives a shit about your antics outside of the water.

  • Surf Stoke!!

    Yeah, only do interviews on Slater, in each edition, everytime. Also, focus heavily on Gabriel Medina. Please run more advertisements too. Maybe only show airshow type guys in smaller-ish on shore surf; no barrels in offshore winds, nothing heavy.
    Also do a north shore issue year round. Please tell us more about how heavy Hawaiian locals are. Show us Sunny’s balls, literally (I bet they are meaty, meatier than Kelly’s-which we also want to see, although his may be rounder).
    In short, Surf media, listen to Chongo and Jason S.

  • Lebron James

    GO STERLING!!!! I bet if all these haters met Sterling in a bar or ran into him somewhere they would love him.. But sitting in there underwear hungover on there couch its easy to be a hater.

  • Surf Stoke!!

    Drew Pangborn (…Pangborn?) is really smart too. I forgot earlier to add, please no color (not hues and such, but color as in personality) and no fun. Finners, Wolfpak, and Sunny’s balls. Please.

  • g

    he’s funny

  • http://doods JFK

    I think this guy is funny. Im uncertain to why you would care whether or not he gets media attention, if anything, it’s really nice to see someone indulging in their humor and laying it upon surfing. Most surf media is serious, trying to make something its not, or lost in the competition, even the “soul” travel surf doods who dont compete, now compete for video parts and photo coverage. Enjoy the centaur, let him thrive, kaiser permanente would . . .

  • dilt

    that was a horrible interview — granted he was being sarcastic, so it was pretty pointless info. winner? nah, losing.

  • Jason S.

    Hey surf stoke, we’re not saying the kid doesn’t surf well or that he isn’t a nice guy. We’re saying that we want surf articles. We don’t tune in to surf mags to get an uninteresting video (article) which is supposed to be a skit about a guy who is doing nothing. You want to see entertaining surf articles go to

  • Matt O’Brien

    WOW. somebody who doesn’t take themselves too seriously… Adriano de Souza sounds like a rad dude. As for Sterling – love your work.

  • g

    JFK, did you mean Kaiser Soze?

  • another forgotten soul

    This kid can do some good things on a surfboard, but other than that he doesn’t offer much in the area of intellect or humor. He isn’t funny unless you are maybe still in elementary school and enjoy weird voices and personal attacks on others…lots of idle time on his hands to do nothing, but pretend to “have a role as a comedian.” Or, the funny different guy. Toss him into that same dung heap of bottom feeders that include Paul Fisher, GT, and other troubled souls. Most of us can see right through his “creative with too much time on my hands” facade: He isn’t educated so there is an emphasis on dim-wit humor of going about things for “shock value.” Wow, Sterling, you are so creative…. blah, blah, blah. Its pretty sad that people even stick up for him; or find him interesting. Sure, he can do good airs and reverses and dress up like Krusty the Clown, but I would keepmyself and my children away at 20 yards. Clowns can’t be trusted. He isn’t really apart of anything, so lets be realistic: his human boardslide is truly the only thing that people will remember about him along with how much time he “tried to be funn.” More people are laughing at him.

  • centaur boy

    alll the authors and Sterling are writing in to support him,
    kinda sad the guy can’t stand on two hooves

  • Whamo

    Jason and Chongo are right. This guy is the guy who in class who thought he was funny.

  • Sooooo

    What I think is funny. Is how much people care enough to actually write something. We get it, you don’t get it…move on. I’m pretty sure Sterling could care less about what you think, wish I could say the same about all the “haters”.

  • GUUUAH!!!

    another forgotten soul—- I am soo sick of people that say stuff like “creative with too much time on my hands” when they write a HUGE paragraph that took tons of time to write…. CHILL the FREAK out!

  • kookface

    Jeez. Lay off the kid. Not every surfer is a competitive one. Looks like he’s just having a good time with it.

  • another forgotten soul

    Actually, the paragraph took about 2 minutes to write. I consider looking at articles on this website because I like surfing, not hob-goblins. The comment section is to write a comment. Are you trying to stop the truth from actually surfacing. How about I check with others to determine my opinion or maybe I represent a voice that needs to be heard when people like your self celebrate mediocrity like the person that is written about in the article. I would much rather hear what the new brazzos are up to or the old school guys like tom curren and tom carroll are doing. This modern day half-wit needs no further media attention.
    Just timed it: 4 minutes to write.

  • if u can’t take the heat

    morgan maassen horse mask?

    hmmmmmm. wonder where he got that idea?

    def not corey arnold.

  • Eli

    The world is serious enough, lighten up, seriously.
    Don’t even smile your a surfer, a serious surfer.
    Surfing is a serious. I’m seriously so serious.

    Sterling would surf circles around all these whiners. Now THAT is funny!

  • Rob Zabroky

    Keep em real Sterlz! We want more Machada with Machado!