Snapshots from the Women's World Tour Summer

| posted on September 30, 2010

With a break in the event schedule from June through October, it seems the women of the World Tour all but disappear from the radar in the summer months. Some are busy crisscrossing oceans to compete in the scattered ASP star events, while others maximize their un-jerseyed time with back-to-back boat trips, “extremely fast cars,” or bikini-clad rock climbing. Here are a few snapshots from a sunny season of random downtime adventures.

<b>LeeAnn Curren</b><br>"In this photo I’m playin' a gig with my friends at the Roxy Jam. I always really like that contest even if I am not competing because there’s a lot of fun stuff to do. This summer I had a knee injury and I worked on that and went back on the WQS. Unfortunately, it got worst and I got surgery yesterday. I hope I’ll be back for the end of the season..." <b>Coco Ho</b><br> “This is from Six Flags during US Open with Laura, Leilani, Nage, Granger, Dusty, and Chris! It’s just fun to get away from the beach and do something we don’t do often! And in Hawaii there are NO fun rides like here! Watching the boys’ reactions on the rollercoaster was hilarious too. I love rollercoasters!!!!” <b>Paige Hareb</b><br> “This is a photo of me on the snow, I went for a day trip with my friends from home. We played around with a GoPro the whole day—so fun and a good change from the ocean!” <b>Sally Fitzgibbons</b><br> "This is a photo from a Roxy boat trip to the Mentawais with Laura, the crew, and Lisa Anderson—something I dreamt of when I was a young grom. We had fun waves and I loved being in the warm weather." <b>Amee Donohoe</b><br> “My summer has been pretty lame: bad back injury, so no surfing. I found a new fun passion to pass the time: water photography. I’m loving being in the water and having a whole new perspective. This is Nikita Robb, having some alaia fun.” <b>Sofia Mulanovich</b><br> “This summer I hung out with my bros as much as I could because I never get to see them and love being around them.” <b>Jessi Miley-Dyer</b><br> “I’ve been up to not much, I’m still injured, so been finding all sorts of crazy stuff at home. This photo of me makes me laugh—I found this while going through my storage room.” <b>Steph Gilmore</b><br> “I always try to do a variety of cool things away from the beach when we’re on our Tour break. After spending some more time in Indo and the US, I’m back in Australia and working on my new career path: extremely fast cars haha. This is at Phillip Island V8 Super Cars with the Ford team...the waves were actually firing that day too...whoops!” <b>Chelsea Hedges</b><br>"Here is a pic of myself and our daughter Mieka on a family camping adventure down the New South Wales coast." <b>Silvana Lima</b><br>"I went to Tahiti, I got good waves, tried new boards, trained, took good pictures and videos, played tennis with friends, and rested a lot. Now I am ready to continue the World Tour."

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  • joyson

    Boring post, the ladies TOUR needs some more exciting personalities. Yawn.

  • MissLovell

    Awesome… looks like a ton of fun!!

  • Wayno

    Go Amee, down time makes you hungry for action, the back will get stronger and you’ll be carvin some great lines in no time. :)

  • john saunders

    Hey girls i think it cool to know that i can always watch you girls rip it up..keep the Faith..Much love from california.