Snapper Preview

Shea Lopez on who to pick for your Fantasy Surfer team

| posted on February 22, 2012

The 2012 ASP World Tour kicks off at Snapper Rocks in just a few days. Photo: Joli

Shea's lineup for the Quik Pro Gold Coast.

Jordy Smith: If I were Jordy, it would be difficult to watch the focus shift to the next generation. Jordy needs to start drawing from his past wins and experience on the World Tour to find a formula for his success. Snapper should be a wave he can win easily at.

Julian Wilson: Julian is healthy, home, and hungry. I don’t see many mistakes coming from him at Snapper.

Alejo Muniz: Alejo made the semis at Snapper last year. After an electric rookie year, Alejo will be an even tougher draw in 2012 at Snapper.

Dusty Payne: Dusty should have settled down enough after two rough years on the Tour to start manufacturing quality heat wins instead of just quality highlights. The talent is there for him to have a much better 2012. (Update: Dusty has officially withdrawn since this posting due to injury.)

Kolohe Andino: Kolohe has the ability to make some very good surfers look downright stupid at Snapper. Scalps will be taken at the perfect venue for Kolohe to make a point.

John John Florence: Don’t expect Pipe performance levels at Snapper from John, but do expect an explosive display of tail and fins. And if he connects consistently—not only landing maneuvers, but also landing quality waves—John can be as unstoppable at Snapper as he is at Pipe.

Mick Fanning: There’s something to be said for consistency. If you mess up against Mick, he will torch you. At his home break after half a year at home getting ready for this event, his competitors had better watch out.

Dane Reynolds: How can you not put Dane on your team? It’s only 1.5 million for the best/worst surfer on the planet, so go ahead and pick him and prepare to lose some sleep.

Click here to pick your team for the Snapper event.

  • Jon

    Isn’t Dusty in a walking boot right now?

  • threefinsout

    shea – nice roundup and looking forward to the 2012 season! our teams look very similar except two guys…i just have a real hard time spending that much on alejo, wonder if he is overvalued? good luck everyone!

  • http://surfer Kimbo

    John F on a point break? , after the initial tubesection i dont think he has the full repetoire to get the big points .

  • dirt

    @shea. have you checked the forecast? The event may end up at d-bah. I’d be trying to swap Alejo for Medina or Owen.

  • just saying

    i don’t think alejo’s overvalued… it was julian who was actually hyped up entering his rookie year so it was good he lived up to it at the latter half. no one really knew alejo & was flabbergasted when he won against major names.

  • Chris

    Alejo is still recovering from injury. Don´t know if he will be 100%

  • Gooey!

    Ha!, nice strategy there Shea!, but no way
    No Slater?, Slater vs Parko/Taj Final – Old school gets the opening event
    and how ya gonna post a team without a heat draw

    Good Luck tho

  • xmlhack

    Failure to mention the Dusty injure renders these suggestions invalid.

  • Follow Da Leedah

    Shea, how well did you do last year in Fantasy Surfer?

  • threefinsout

    i bet that every person has yadin in the alt slot….with dusty out thats not a bad pick. comparing julian and alejo is like pipe vs huntington beach, no contest. julian is world title threat right now, alejo isn’t even the best brazzo

  • shealopez

    bummer about Dusty- he can’t seem to catch a break on the WT. When i write these it is usually a week out, so forecasts and injuries aren’t concrete yet. Was just looking at a few charts for OZ, and I’d guess it is held at Snapper the first few days of the waiting period. Unless a cyclone pops out of nowhere and they hold off for Kirra

  • Stucco

    Why does Shea hate Kelly? That’s ok; the more Shea picks against him, the more he wins.

  • http://surfer kimbo

    of course if John F decides to get massive tubes like he is who cares about the rest .