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Shea Lopez on who to put on your Fantasy Surfer team for the Quik Pro at Snapper

| posted on February 27, 2014
Taj Burrow, proven to be a deadly draw at the first event of the year. Photo: Ellis

Taj Burrow, proven to be a deadly draw at the first event of the year. Photo: Ellis

The waiting period for the Quik Pro Gold Coast starts tomorrow, so pick your Fantasy Surfer team now.

Taj Burrow
Market Price: $10,000,000
I’ve watched Taj surf Snapper enough to know you don’t mess with him out there. History has a tendency of repeating itself.

Filipe Toledo
Market Price: $7,000,000
With Filipe, it’s easy to make comparisons to a young Taj. For his competitors, this young Brazilian firecracker can blow up in their hand if they look away for a second. Nobody who draws Filipe at Snapper is safe.

Jordy Smith
Market Price: $10,500,000
The surf at Snapper rarely gets over the head-high threshold, which hinders Jordy’s ability to exert the full force of his facilities. In the past, however, proper equipment and some smart wave selection has still seen him squash lightweights like Taj and Felipe.

Dane Reynolds
Market Price: $1,500,000
In previous attempts at Snapper, Dane has struggled with thin lips and soft shoulders. Like Jordy, his brash attacks benefit from more powerful waves. Despite needing a pulsing ocean to truly shine, I still put Dane on my team for Snapper. He’s far from a sure thing, but he’s a breath of fresh air for the sport whenever he touches the water.

Kolohe Andino
Market Price: $4,500,000
Growing up at San Clemente’s high-performance cobblestone peaks, Kolohe is ideally suited to shine at Snapper. If he can find the confidence and focus to click into his higher gears against the world’s best, he’ll be mopping the floors with his victims.

Jadson Andre
Market Price: $4,000,000
Some surfers have a knack for reinvention. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jadson finds himself a big result in the near future because of the way he’s been training, focusing, and steadily improving over the last few years.

Julian Wilson
Market Price: $9,500,000
Quarters are a given, semis are likely, and a spot in the final could very well happen. But, oddly enough, a win seems out of the question for Julian. That is what I’ve observed from Julian so far at the World Tour level, and until he finds a way to carry his momentum from the start to the finish of an event, the top spots in the rankings will continue to be filled by the usual suspects.

Owen Wright
Market Price: $3,000,000
If Owen truly has his back straightened out, the only place he’s visiting now is going to be the top. It is with much anticipation that I regard his return to the water.

  • Mik

    Kelly, Taj, or Jordy. can’t wait!!!!

  • brian chavez

    what was your final ranking last year?surfer mag, why dont you have last years winner do the pre-event picks? shea, 50:1 Kolohe doesnt make it past the first round. these are some horrible picks. taj for 10k? jordy for 10.5?

    • Kyle

      Shea was leading fantasy surfer going into the Pipe event, think he still finished top 5 or 10. Out of 30,000. So yeah, I think he’s qualified.

  • Johnny Bee

    Why Dane Reynolds? I thought you don’t get any points with a wildcard.

    • Tom

      Dane is not is the running for a world title, but he can earn you valuable fantasy surfer points at a very low cost (1.5 mil)

      • Johnny Bee

        Taken from the Fantasy Surfer rule book : “Zero points are given for surfers not ranking in the top 36 (if an event adds additional participants).”
        I picked up Kalani Chapman at Pipe, and I got zero points.

        • BTV

          Top 36 doesn’t mean One World ranking… it means one of the first 36 slots allocated on fantasy surfer at each event. Dane, and all other surfers in this contest will receive points. It only matters at Pipe where they added a bunch of other surfers, well passed the 36 allocated slots.

  • imakesurfbetsinvegas

    your hopes are to high for the younger generation, shea. My trifecta is kelly, mick, and joel. top 3 for sure, but in no particular order. battled tested and proven vets. I got $100 that says bede durbidge does better than everyone is on shea’s list… holla back fools…

    • Rambo Estrada

      If you picked those 3 in your team you’d need to make your other 5 the lowest guys on the price list to make it under budget. 3 of which would probably go head to head with Kelly, Mick and Joel straight away as they are the lowest seeds, so your team would be screwed in the early rounds.

      • imakesurfbetsinvegasessay

        they are not even facing each other in early rounds (they could-operative word)… the only thing that matters is podium time anyhow… relax homie, i got this on lock ‘d’. you got a rack to throw down on this event? I Do! so show me the money

        • Rambo Estrada

          I’m not sure which Fantasy Surfer you’re playing, but the one this article is about has Dane, Banting and Tiago in the same heats as your big 3 and if you were to have those 3 guys in your team, you’d only have enough budget to put these lowest guys in your team. You need the majority of your team to make it through the early rounds to get a decent score, not just 3 heavy hitters.

          • $$$inthebankshawtywatyadrank

            im looking real good now homie, kelly will smoke thiago, mick will surf circles around dane, and whos parko got? dion?or some shizzz… done!podium time,so put your up money$$$$

  • Bob Deweese

    really think your counting Julian out to soon, I think this is going to be his year,and I cant wait to see how owen does, that’s the ?????? of the year.

  • shodda

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  • Phocas Surf

    I love when Shea does these….

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    I apologize, all this talk about whose is best, money and prices, and how much these so called pros can be bought for, dollar signs under their names, the whole ugly thing wants to make me vomit.

  • tony (ty) carson big island

    “The surf industry, (pro surfing), is not surfing, my brief forays into the dark sickly heart of the matter have reminded me of that.” Lewis Samuels

  • Luiz Felix

    New year same old problems. Judges just don’t get it. They just give it to CJ in heat # 11. How come one judge gives 6.1 and other 7.1? How can you trust this people?