Slater's 8.93 No-Foot Alley Oop

| posted on April 09, 2010

Just in case anyone ever forgot that Slater is as progressive of a surfer as anyone on tour, he stuck this near-full rotation alley oop in the final to set the pace for his win over Fanning yesterday at the Bells event…with a busted foot.

  • Dan

    Watch closely and slow the tape. I don’t think he stuck it.

  • Pete

    Kelly is is on a different planet than all his competitors and everyone else.

  • mandingo

    Dan: please explain that dumb ass comment? instead of writing some bullsh*t & not backing it up.

  • ant

    ridicu;ous score for falling off then getting back up agian…

  • Duhh

    If you fall off your board and don’t get up you fall. He got back up which equals a good score. Obviously you dont know competition scoring.

  • GH

    to pull a move like that in a final is phenomenal. Freak.

  • Double Duhh Says

    Ask Mick whether he pulled it? Ding-dong, there goes the bell….

  • marco

    dan, you´re an asshole. . . send to surfermag a video of you doing that move… please

  • PJ

    Incredible (and clearly “made it”). Slater is still the best all around surfer on the planet.

  • http://surfermag shawn

    Please explain how he didn’t pull off the move??? I have watched the clip 2 times and I am still wondering how he “didn’t” complete the manuever????

  • mark

    @dan if he didn’t make it then why is he standing at the end…
    @ant not really sure you understand surfing…

    slater is still schooling all the youngsters in progressive surfing

  • ant

    8.9 !
    look at the scores for aerials that are pulled off in heats in every pro comp … .

  • Hank

    Watch how he looses the board and the nose drops into the wave which pushes the board back to feet!

  • Sand Sock Girl

    I still enjoyed watching the video. Keep up the good work Slater! Hurray!