HUMAN TOUCH: Kelly Slater

| posted on July 22, 2010

Who knew? Kelly Slater used to be a lawn care provider? He keeps his brain somewhere? He secretly covets free vitamin C and Glucosamine? We caught up with 7-time world champion (working on 8) Kelly Slater recently to unearth some humanoid factoids in this installment of HUMAN TOUCH. – Scott Bass

Do you collect anything?

Kelly Slater: Shells from every place I go.

Do you speak another language?

Kelly Slater: I speak Spanish, though I’ve lost a lot of words, and understand quite a lot of French. I want to be fluent in Japanese and French before it’s all over.

Do you own a longboard? What size, dimensions, etc.

Kelly Slater:My brother, Stephen, gave me one of his 9’2″ Donald Takayama models.

Do you train or work out other than surfing.

Kelly Slater: I try to keep my brain in a good space aware of my surroundings. I don’t really have a physical routine other than stretching and working out from time to time but not on a scheduled thing.

What is your earliest surfing memory?

Kelly Slater: Riding Styrofoam boards from the thrift store.

What is your quirkiest pre or post surf habit?

Kelly Slater: I’m not sure. Maybe sticking to the same routine when I’m doing well in an event.

Do you have any pets?

Kelly Slater: Just my friends’ pets all over the world, none of my own right now.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it

Kelly Slater: Some of my choices.

What is the oddest job you’ve ever had?

Kelly Slater: Picking weeds.

If you could be sponsored by one non-surfing product, what would it be?

Kelly Slater: Maybe a supplement or health food company.

Have you done any significant environmental work recently?

Kelly Slater: Not enough. Just raising awareness of Reef Check and MiOcean, a group I work with in Southern CA. Jack’s kind of setting the pace for us with the Kokua Foundation.

What is the gnarliest injury you’ve sustained, surfing or otherwise?

Kelly Slater: Torn ligaments in the knee and ankle from a strapped in wipeout. Two months out of the water. Not too bad.

Do you believe in God?

Kelly Slater: I believe in a higher power and natural flow to all things. There is something bigger than us but I’m not sure it’s a physical being. We are in heaven as I see it and that choice is there all the time.

  • Greg

    He doesn’t do a workout routine? What? Damn. I’m not fat or anything, but if I don’t watch how many brews I take in I’m swolled in the belly for 2 weeks.

  • J

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless

  • Sean Gustafson

    If nothing is random and thought, creativity, and effort are put into everything we do…..then it would be downright silly to think that in surfing alone all of the integers it takes to create the wave would be an act of randomness. It is clearly by design and I hope that Kelly Slater can let go of his ego long enough to think about that.