Slater Pulls Out of Mavericks Invitational

ASP rules state Slater cannot compete at event without facing penalties

| posted on January 19, 2013

Had he not pulled out of the event, Slater was scheduled to surf in the opening heat of the contest.

On the eve of the Maverick’s Invitational surf contest at Half Moon Bay, California it was announced that Kelly Slater would be pulling out of the event. According to official ASP rules, a Top 34 surfer is unable to surf in events that are not sanctioned by the ASP.

A statement from the ASP’s Dave Prodan stated that, “ASP Top 34 surfers are only permitted to surf in ASP-sanctioned events unless the surfer and/or event applies for a specialty sanction. The 2012/2013 Mavericks Invitational did not apply for such a sanction so Kelly will be unable to participate. We are great admirers of the event and look forward to the opportunity to work together in the future.”

According to a post on, Slater was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to compete in the contest, but was happy to have a Maverick’s local take his place.

The story on SFGate also said that the event’s judge, Gary Linden, (who is also at the helm of the Big Wave World Tour) has been attempting to have the contest sanctioned by the ASP for months, but has been unscuccesful due to “recent executive changes at the ASP’s top level.”

It should be noted that the Eddie event has received waivers from the ASP in the past, making it possible for Slater and other World Tour surfers to compete in the event without facing a penalty from the ASP. The ASP also noted that while they are working with event officials from the Red Bull Paddle at Peahi contest, the event has not yet received an ASP waiver.

Citing injuries, Shane Dorian and Carlos Burle have also opted to pull out of the contest as well. The three surfers replacing Slater, Dorian, and Burle will be Josh Loya, Tyler Fox and Colin Dwyer.

The event is set to begin at 7:30 tomorrow morning and will feature a live webcast at

  • Dante Rondo

    Sounds like party petty politics on behalf of The ASP higher ups ! I am sure a lot of people were looking forward to seeing Kelly Slater surf in this event in big clean Mavericks ! Another Boo for the ASP !!!

  • Minlandia

    Bull shit since when does surfing revolve around a committee, and its that committee who wants the most amazing surfers. Mav’s is amazing and being able to surf it is amazing. Kelly you know better shut them down, and focus on your future. surf Mav’s.

  • Froggy freudenstein

    What a disgraceful decision from the asp and a let down to the American public and the world wide surfing lovers we wanted to see Ben wilkinson beat slater in the final you should be ashamed you low life’s

  • Scott

    Asp holds a short leash. Kooks! Let em surf whatever they want!

  • Pat

    Yeah I’m sure slater REALLY wanted to surf this event. Not.

  • Woody

    ASP sucks. I like seeing the tour, and am grateful they organize it, but this policy is bullshit. And Slater should blow off the ASP executive wankers and surf the event.

  • Ryan

    Pretty cynical title for the article “Slater Pulls Out Of Mavericks Invitational”. Well really he was ruled out, it’s not like he had much of a say. It should read “ASP Bureaucracy (Bullshit) Forces Slater Out Of Mavericks Invitational”.

  • Andrew

    Really!!??!! thats the dumbest crock of shit EVER!! Why was he on the invite list for soo long??Why are they just speaking up the night before the event?? Kelly should surf it anyway…he’s a multi-millionaire…whats a couple thousand dollar fine?? who gives a shit?? FUCK YOU ASP for not sponsoring/sanctioning the event…Big-wave surfers are our brothers too!! Its ALL surfing,It’s ALL good!! Kelly should announce his retirement, surf the event, and then come out of retirement for Snapper…if he even fuckin wants too…gee way to hold back the progression of our sport as a whole you ASP kooks!! wake the fuck up!! and no Dorian either?? ….fuck I may as well not even watch the damm thing. Nah, no disrespect to the other competitors…I hope everyone is safe and fuckin charges!! But seriously, way to dissapoint some fans you fuckin idiots!!

  • Sandro

    30 feet plus…ahh…. I guess i stay home. …Pussy

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Another own goal by the ASP, they need a new person in charge of their PR, this is bollocks. I am trying to get onto the site to watch the event, but its telling me the site is too busy, anyone else having problems? Too bad Dorian and Burle won’t make it, hope they recover soon

  • Jimmy the Saint
  • Tory

    So disappointed about Kelly – politics and surfing shouldn’t be mixed. It’s so rare that a surfer can cross from ASP comps over to big wave comps – shows amazing versatility. Was really looking forward to watching Kelly and Shane Dorian after their amazing showdown at Pipe. No disrespect to the other surfers, and as a local I wish the best for the Californians, but with the Mavericks website down, as well as the score board not functioning on the Redbull site, and the waves being sub par, I’m logging off and waiting for the Eddie.

  • The North Shore

    Rules are rules. Kelly had to know it. So did the ASP. This is another way for Slater to say, I don’t really feel like it. The rule isn’t a new one and has been around for some time. It’s no different than a Professional Football/Basketball?race car driver taking part in an unofficial event. The event will still be pretty amazing, except I’m not sure why Dorian isn’t in the mix? Maybe they’ll give him Slater’s spot?

    • Karl Schmidt

      So why is it that they can surf the Eddie with no penalties??? ASP is full of shit these days…

  • Matt O’Brien

    at least the Niner V. Falcon game will be on TV as well as the Patriots V. Ravens game… Go Niners!!!

  • Ray Herrick

    It was so nice in the 50s and 60s. we used to surf for fun and burn tires to get a tan in SFO. LOT OF THE SURFERS WERE FIREMEN.

  • Bobby Hall

    ASP is starting to look like union thugs,,,,,,Bullshit

  • Elias Dominguez

    ASP events are becoming routine and boring. Big Wave events are more thrilling and challenging.

  • cory thoulion

    wow…SLATER bra cmon 4 real you own surfing a real surfer charges cuz he wants it .if someone like you doesnt realize surfing is about the stoke fuck your gay contest fuck surfline they crowd my local reefs with kooks on boards bought at costco and not my home boy the shaper !!!

  • Steve Wimer

    Slater would have surfed circles around these guys.

  • Jason

    @Cory – Just one question…WHAT?!?!?

  • adam

    bureaucratic P.C BS.. has the world gone mad?? What happened to common sense? How on earth could a big wave comp intrude on the WCT? It’s the individuals choice.. taking the most decorated surfer the world has ever seen out of an event… nuts.. all WCT guys should be allowed to enter whatever comp they want