Slater Disrobes for ESPN’s Body Issue

| posted on October 07, 2010

ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue has always caused a bit of a stir when it hits newsstands. Throw in a naked Kelly Slater running through a field (yes, we swear) and you can bet this one’s sure to get people talking. Along with Slater, the Body Issue unabashedly profiles a list of who’s who in sports at a very, err, fundamental level. Check the video below for the high-def details and try not to laugh.

  • Greg from Indy

    Slater, WTH buddy? Was it 2 hot outside or something? On a dare bud?

  • Greg from Indy

    lmfao. Damn Kelly, your stupid funny dude.

  • Lucan

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  • woodini

    The tenth title will be soon.

  • Jacob L in Jax Beach FL

    Laughed my ass off bro!

  • babyroxy81

    Slater you look good ๐Ÿ™‚ where do I can see your naked Pictures??? LOL I love Slater and I know he’s go to get the #10th

  • Andy

    Hot hot! Kim is gorgeous. I love how when they grow old, they can look back at these photos and say, “yeww i was smokin’ hot. good times.”

  • briguitte

    No bodyes are like the ones of sports!No way you train will be as beatiful as any kind of sports do.Nothing is better to see as a naked body of atletes.Thanks for the that.

  • Brian Lanich

    Kelly, first off, longtime fan bro.Im a longboarder, and pretty much a total barney, but I think its totally rad that you can just come out and be so free like that. Totally shows what a free spirit you are. I work on a 32′ boat and its my new goal to power through the bay stark naked someday-must be so liberating. Good luck on #10 Compadre!!

  • SouthBayOnly!!!

    Lucan, your a barney bro.Kitesurfing? Honestly?

  • eggey farticle

    why are those steroid abusing freaks naked? Kelly is all natural. But there are several HGH and anabolic injecting dickwads involved in this sick video. Stop prancing around naked and stop with your self loving, ego maniacal ways. Very self obsessed twisted junkies in my opinion. GET A LIFE you naked cow dung sniffers.

  • eggey farticle

    just kidding.

  • Chance’um

    A bit more embarrassing than the Baywatch”Tequilla Bay” episode we did together huh Kelly? Cactus, whoa…

  • Sand Sock Girl

    Hot video! You guys look so great in this vid. Slater, you’re the best!