Kelly Slater Takes Win at Bells Over Mick Fanning

| posted on April 09, 2010

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2010

Kelly Slater has taken the win over Mick Fanning at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells. This was Slater’s fourth win at the historical event. Marked by an array of less-than-stellar conditions at Bells, the last day of competition was held at a back up location at Johanna Beach. To boot, it’s been reported that the nine-time champ claimed the win over Fanning with a hairline fracture in his foot, the result of an injury sustained while freesurfing a few day’s prior.

Stay tuned to for the full story and exclusive photos from our crew on the ground.

  • The man

    One question. Will the west coast ever produce a champion of Slater’s caliber?

  • whitey

    Tom Curren?

  • Three to Da Beach

    That recovery has to be one of the most impossible since Tom Curren’s AND Kelly’s own one-foot-on-the-board slashbacks. Both of those old photos have them laying on their back with the board away from their bodies and one foot barely on. This was way gnarlier becuase he just free fell down into the soup half disconnected with his board, was on his back and then stood straight up out of the whitewash seconds later. The most flexible human being in the water.