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| posted on February 03, 2010

This past Friday night, at Midnight, I got a call from friend and filmer Andre Oziol (from Ridestar Films) who was trekking it from San Diego to the Central California in the middle of the night to film a mysterious central coast slab. Supposedly it was going to be pumping, so on a whim of spontaneity, I joined the ride and we arrived in SLO County near 5 AM.

Meeting us up there were Hawaiian charger Keali’i Mamala and East Coast Slab Hunter Will Skudin. Figuring that they would be on it at sunrise, we patiently waited for them and at no surprise, they were on “Hawaiian Time.” We didn’t get in the water until 9 AM.

Will and Keali'i, getting psyched for the day.

Will and Keali'i, getting psyched for the day.

Even though we were running a little late, the winds haven’t picked up yet and the tide was still good, so we still had some time. But we ran into more issues. Harbor Police graciously turned us around instead of giving us a ticket for of a lack of proper papers.

Will, looking bummed.

Will, looking bummed.

What now? Still in our wetties, we drove in search for another launch point. Some locals pointed us in the right direction and we ended up at a beach without a ski-trailer to get the jet-ski’s down the beach. Luckily for us, some other locals towing at the spot showed up at the parking lot at the same time. Out of sheer amazement, we all worked together and got all all skis down the beach and out in the water, in less than half an hour.

It was great to see everyone helping each other out.

It was great to see everyone helping each other out.

I stayed behind, though, and filmed from the land. I would’ve been stoked to test my luck out there and try and get a slab, but at the end of the day, I was happy to shoot from land to get that different angle for Andre. I probably would of been quite humbled out there too…

Keali'i, getting a sick one a long way from home.

Keali'i, getting a sick one a long way from home.

Will, doing his thing... backside.

Will, doing his thing... backside.

After a few hours of trading off waves, everyone headed in—and again, it was amazing to see the two crews making over a dozen guys working together getting the skis back on the trailers in the parking lot.

Now that we were done slab hunting, we headed back down and scored some more reasonably sized waves in Santa Barbara at sunset. What a way to end the day!

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  • Skinny Kenny

    Mysterious? You Southers and the media circus in tow blew that place up a long time ago. Beat it and stay below Point Conception next time. Mondos should be fine for you.

  • j.s.

    hahaha, skinny kenny, why weren’t you there with your back to the camera maaaaan????

  • Will W.

    So let me get this straight…you guys went surfing? Great piece.

  • Sagara Store

    Woohoo – Kookalii Noaloha showed up to tow with you guys? Let me guess, he said he would pay you back for the jetski gas later because he left his wallet at home?

  • 1tubejunkie

    This is great! The responces are as fun as the wave. I’m bustin a gut- keep it up boys!

  • Ross

    Thanks for whoring out the Central Coast. Hope it was worth it.

  • toob-barnicle

    Thanks for this article, these pieces always bring a joy to my heart. Looking forward to the next one.

  • John

    And you need a jet-ski to take off on this kind of waves?

  • G-town LOCO

    Hey Skinny Kenny…maybe you should take your own advise…i saw your butt buddy Charlie’s kookmobile at OUR spot the other day..looked for him in the water so i could send him in but he fit in so well with the rest of the LA transplant shoulder hoppers that i couldn’t find him..must have been too big up time break out your 8’6″ and stay “home” ..not welcome here…im not one to mess with another man vehicle but others might not have a problem with it…you have been warned..

  • Dr Rob

    Skinny, don’t worry so much. Nobody wants the waves you want anyway. The only guys who should be pissed about the exposure of this wave are the bodyboarders who used to own the place before people started towing it.

  • Margie Thur

    Many thanks for this awesome article. I’ve read id only a few months now plus they are always very informative. Thanks!