Six Perfect Heats

The only flawless heats in the history of the World Tour

| posted on July 08, 2013

In the entire history of the ASP, only four surfers have been able to put together a perfect heat. Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson, two of those surfers, have done it twice. Here’s a look at the six perfect heats in ASP history:

Joel Parkinson def. John John Florence / Round 5 of the 2013 Oakley Pro Bali

Kelly Slater def. Sebastian Zietz / Quarterfinal of the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro

Jeremy Flores def. Michel Bourez / Round 5 of the 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti – (Flores’ waves start at 3:14 below)

Joel Parkinson def. Dusty Payne / Round 3 of the 2008 Billabong Pipe Masters – (Parko’s waves start at 1:03)

Kelly Slater def. Damien Hobgood / Final of the 2005 Billabong Pro Tahiti

Shane Beschen / 1996 Kirra Pro

  • Scoobydude

    kelly/fiji and flores’ are worthy. the others..maybe you had to be there. +parko’s first 10 in bali was like Bush 2000; judges mistake.

  • tom curran

    shane beschen hands down! 3 perfect scores is harder than 2. the word was his 4th wave was better than the 3 10’s,

  • Ben

    Also consider the folks who attained two ten-point rides in a heat when they were still totaling the best three rides, because these heats would be “perfect 20s” by today’s standard. These include Slater at Pipe in 1995, and BOTH Machado and Egan at G-land in 1997.

  • No Eye Deer

    @Tom Curran – I’ve gotta agree with you, Beschen takes the cake. I was there that day in ’96 and his fourth wave was a 12! Its a shame we don’t get to see Kirra in all her glory these days.

  • asaf lev

    amayzing stuff.

  • Cyrus Legg

    Interesting to see the board size from 4 foot Kirra in 96′ to 2013 Slater in 8 foot Fiji on a 5’9″!?

  • John John

    Not impressed by Parko’s 20 at Keramas. First wave was not worthy of a 10.

  • VK

    Parko’s first wave at Keramas was definitely overscored

  • kyle

    anyone else realize that a perfect 20 means the judges just fucked up?

  • beavis

    remember besh’s was THREE waves, untouched.

  • Ev

    A “perfect” 10 for a head-high, 4-5 sec barrel and an uncompleted roundhouse? What would he get if he didn’t fall?

  • Tim Gander

    I agree with Cyrus – great to see the evolution of board design. Parko was overscored-you can’t fall off on a perfect ride?

  • michael ginsberg

    and the winner is Kelly Slater no question about it size and critical wave .

  • Macca

    RIP Chris Bystrom

  • Spencer

    Love that the commentator in the 2nd to last video, “Kelly Slater def Damien Hobgood”, says Kelly Slater, “proves he’s not done yet”. That was in 2005.

  • Kevin Kuzma

    Shane’s was the most impressive. He had to better a 10 twice to get a perfect heat. That is amazing.

  • Bebert

    The only ones I saw with my own two eyes were Jeremy’s and what I can say is that they worthed it !

  • Nev

    that 10 by kelly at tahiti when he just airdrops with no grab… WTF

  • brush

    Clays marzo had one too. In the nationals final

  • Alex Sirois

    Rochelle Ballard is the only woman to have ever done it. ’97 Billabong Pro at Burliegh Heads, Australia. She got two 10s in the semis against Layne Beachley. She went on to beat Lisa Anderson in the finals. Roll the tape.