Sion’s Memorial

Friends and Family gather at Pipeline to honor the late Sion Milosky

| posted on March 21, 2011

The North Shore says farewell. Photo: Noyle

Mark Healey, preparing to say goodbye. Photo: Noyle

North Shore mainstay Flynn Novak, paying homage to a departed friend. Photo: Noyle

"Just came in from a paddle out for our boy Sion. Wave came to me. Just wouldn't feel right to pull back." —Mark Healey. Photo: Noyle

Kauai's Rico Jimenez honored Sion's memory by tackling a set wave at Pipe. Photo: Noyle

Kala Alexander was on hand to say goodbye to his Kauai brethren. Photo: Noyle

Amid a solid swell at Pipeline, friends of Sion Milosky gathered to pay tributes to their fallen friend. Photo: Noyle

  • Kevin Richardson

    Mark Healy is doing it all for the wrong reasons.

  • Kevin Richardson

    wow, healy just trying to get exposure through someone else loss.

  • tillish bazooka

    what are u guys talking about? Him, surfing at his friends memorial-paddle out? don´t know Healey and I did´nt know Milosky, but I guess that´s what I would have wanted my friend to do!


    Dear Kevin Richardson,

    Shut the fuck up, you idiot.

  • Kevin Richardson

    Hay Healy you should be doing allot more then catching a wave for Sion. If it wasnt for him you wouldn’t of surfed Jaws. Some times you need to just sit back and watch…

  • Aikea

    I’m with bazooka and ainokea, I’d love to know what the eff Kevin is talking about. I’m not sure this is the appropriate time or place to bring up any personal beef you may have with Healey. Ironically enough you’re on here getting “exposure through someone else’s loss” by posting comments like that. Have some class and respect, Sion was a good guy and a friend of Healey’s, and I’m sure Healey doesn’t appreciate haters coming out of the woodwork and dragging his name through the mud during a time of mourning.


    Seriously Kevin,

    Considered your head slapped if you are ever found in the islands.

  • Good vibes

    I Agree with the hawaiians……..It shows NO CLASS to bring out some personal scraps and ugliness in a discussion pertaining to someone’s death. Mark Healy is who he is and does what he does but you can’t read into what he does by what you are thinking. Maybe it is “you” who wishes for the exposure that Mark Healy has. Clean up you thoughts and think good things about people and maybe your life will be better…..

  • stortosdelihonolulu

    Mark Healy is a class act. Period! Sion was a class act! Kevin, what is your problem? How could you say such mean things at a time like this? You are a moron.

    R.I.P. Sion. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

  • austin

    R.I.P SION! you ripped super hard and charged like a mad man! love watching your clips!

    as for Kevin, bro your ignorant cuz! i was not gunna write on this post but when i seen your comment I had to! i dont even think you surf with a comment like that so shut your mouth! So many pro athletes pass in a young age and many of their close friend make tributes to what they loved. think abuot that HAOLE! im not racist but with a ignorant comment like that you are one HAOLE, with no class at all!

    and why does healy need exposure, he got more than enough in this winter alone!
    eats me up to see someone down a local doing something to pay respects to another local who was blessed to be recognized as NS undergorund surfer, its sad to see him go so early.

    R.I.P again Si

  • Greg from Indy

    Taken way too soon. My prayers are with the family and friends as you paddle out. So sorry. Mahalo

  • northshorevic

    Kevin–you are an IDIOT. Shut up if you don’t know what you are talking about.
    The LAST thing Mark would care about is whether or not he is getting a shot right now. He is grieving and helping Suzi and the girls. Quit being a hater, or at least keep it to yourself–obviously you don’t know Mark personally, or you would never had said that.

  • Fab from Gal

    From 1:29 pm to 1:41 am?!! C’ mon Kevin get a life!! You Just have no idea!!! Stay in your room moron and never get out.
    RIP Sion. Full respect.