Separated at Birth

Your favorite surfers reunited with long lost siblings

| posted on February 03, 2012

Blake Anderson:
Star of the hit stoner comedy “Workaholics,” Blake’s character personifies the American dream of working a dead-end job, staying stoned, and having adventures.
Craig Anderson:
Star of the freesurfing world, Craig personifies the surf-dream of jumping on trips to exotic locations, staying stoked, and having adventures.


Both have the illustrious hair of a golden lion, and mustaches that are more than slightly suspect.

Paternity Test: Rob Machado


Ralph Mocchio:
Better known as the Karate Kid, Ralph captivated the masses with his journey to martial arts stardom with the help of Mr. Miyagi. Ralph went on to appear in several films and television episodes with mixed results.
Jeremy Flores:
Better known as J-Flo, Jeremy captivated surf fans with his ascension to the World Tour and martial arts infamy with the help of Sunny Garcia. Jeremy went on to appear in the blogosphere with mixed results.


Both achieved fame at a young age and both have engaged in martial arts on film. Only one was reprimanded for this.

Paternity Test: Benjamin Bratt

Lemmy Kilmister:
As the legendary frontman for the British heavy metal band Motörhead, Lemmy became notorious for taking speed and going on tour for long stretches without ever sleeping. According to a documentary on Britain’s Channel 4, Lemmy is a bit of a ladies’ man and has slept with over 2,000 women.
Matt Wilkinson’s:
As one of Australia’s biggest surf personalities, Wilko became notorious for going fast on his rollerblades while on Tour and occasionally falling asleep in public. According to widely accepted rumor, Matt Wilkinson is not a virgin.


Both have earned a reputation for greasy locks, degenerate facial fair, and a love for fermented beverages.

Paternity Test: Frank Zappa

  • Ana

    Sorry, but the Craig Anderson’s comparation is just offensive, because Craig is like the hottest thing on earth and that other guy is really creepy..haha
    ANA 😉

  • Hb

    How are you not gonna put up Brett Simpson and Mathew Modine?

  • Niamh

    hehehe this is genius

  • Marcos

    this is terrible. I cant believe you guys couldnt find better matches. I’ve got about three waaay better ones just off the top of my head.

  • Nick Daniels

    Ando already has a comparison pick in Lost Atlas and its wayyyyy better

  • Daniel Lum

    1) Kelly Slater/Jason Taylor
    2) Hank Gaskell/Jock Sutherland
    3) Heath Joske/Michael Peterson
    4) Roy Powers/Aaron Rodgers
    5) Danny Fuller/Rory Russell
    6) Clay Marzo/Mark Richards