Sean Penn To Take "Surfwise" Story To The Masses?

| posted on July 01, 2010

By Casey Butler

Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz and his brood are definitely one of surfing’s first families. The 2007 documentary Surfwise told us Paskowitz’s life story: physicianing, vagabonding, and surfing.

Still, most people outside of the surf community don’t recognize the fit 89-year-old’s face. That may be about to change. Sean Penn is reportedly in negotiations to produce (and maybe star in) an upcoming biopic about Paskowitz. The likes of Graydon Carter have been trying to procure Doc’s life rights for about 20 years now, and failing. Once producers Alan and Gabe Polsky brought Spicoli in on the deal, Paskowitz finally gave his approval.

  • whamo

    Best of luck to the Paskowitz clan.

  • kidding right

    sean penn is a digraceful DBAG…the only thing he has ever done on film worht seeing is FAST TIMES…..he should be exiled to Venezuela or Cuba…Fin Commoie

  • stu

    really, despite Doc’s surf history, the movie paints him as one of the most selfish, irresponsible guys ever to walk the earth. Leave it to Sean Penn to take up his cause…

  • todd

    what’s with the hate for sean penn and his acting, causes, and politics? did a great job with “milk” and also with “into the wild.” stu and kidding–refresh our memory about what you’ve done to make the world a better place? if you’re going to get on him about something, have it be the fact he has a history of abusing his wives. otherwise chill, and be thankful someone of his stature is willing to bring the paskowitz’s inspiring examples to the masses.

  • http://n/a zach

    Sean Penn is a commie pinko to the “n th. degree”

    Supports Obama and his Marxist agenda.

    I will never look at the Paskowitz family in the same light.

    Slan Scumente, where the Sewer meets the Sea, deserves them.

    Bailed Slan Scumente years ago – – Next time your out at Lowers yell at Dino – he’ll remember !

  • Gergler

    Very good Todd…
    and even if every little thing about the Paskowitz family is possibly not inspiring, I am sure the film could be quite entertaining. On another note; We tend to see in others what we have in ourselves, like it or not.

  • Sand Sock Girl

    Oh yeah it’s one great effin film! Two-thumbs up 🙂

  • KKB

    This man is scary, I agree with STU. I have never seen a portrayal of a man who is more self serving than this moron. I just hope They don’t make him out to be some kind of hippie hero. His poor offspring.

  • scott

    i think they should use mel gibson instead, hes more american and proud to be american than sean penn. so he said a few bad words and threatened some people, who hasnt.