San Onofre Shut Down

Troubled nuclear generator shutting down permanently

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station looms over San Onofre State Beach. Surfers and activists have nicknamed the plant "The Endless Bummer" due to safety concerns the plant's operation raises.
| posted on June 07, 2013

Good news for surfers, and indeed anyone that lives anywhere remotely close to San Onofre State Beach, is that the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (S.O.N.G.S) will not be coming back online. Ever.

Southern California Edison announced that it will permanently shutter the troubled plant that looms over the popular surfing break of San Onofre. “The continuing uncertainty about when or if SONGS might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors, or the need to plan for our region’s long-term electricity needs,” said Ted Craver, Chairman and CEO of Edison International.

The plant has been inactive since January of 2012 when a radioactive gas leak prompted a shutdown of the plant. Surfers and activists have been calling for the plant’s closure citing safety concerns and the facility’s history of operational issues.

  • Ma Danimal

    Good. I’m tired of going home with my nuts glowing every time I surf there.

  • Eesha Williams

    Thank you for posting this GREAT news!

  • Sunny Sun-Downer

    (from my “Alliance for Survival” Daze in Laguna Beach comes this FB “Post: about my “Poster!”) It Was 33 Years Ago This Month (June 22, 1980gc) at SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station) in San Clemente Kali-fornia… Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya was there to Warn Us w/the Hopi Prophecy, Jack D. Miller & the Rebel Rockers (RIP Red-locks Morton) Were Jamming the ‘Dreadlock Rock’ to ‘Burn Down Babylon Pollution,’ Graham Nash was there waiting for David Crosby who’s (freebase) pipe got in the way of his driving on the 5 Fwy, and I was there w/this home-made sign that (while i would like to say it was my surfer-skills, heh-heh) got me into Surfer Magazine… (thanks again, Spider wherever U R!) AND Today the SANE People’s Prayers Were Answered- A Glorious Day Indeed-=~!~=- (since i can’t post the poster here, it said, “SURFERS AND OCEAN LOVERS ARE ‘Supporting Alternatives to Nuclear Power’ [SANE]- ARE You Sane?” with a guy on a board in the tube on a right-breaking tube)..! Maybe, Time for SURFER to re-print that photo? Sure wish i could find it (for the grand-children, who will benefit most from this event today!)

  • Sunny Sun-Downer

    I remember one night in the early 80’s, coming back up to Corona Del Mar from a concert at the Belly Up Tavern in North “Sandy-Ego” County (as we affectionately call it), driving by SONGS about 2am, and once again putting out a prayer to the Universe that it would just disappear! Being a surfer, I noticed that the good “Ol’ Glory” U.S. Flag was flying pointing east, and thought how the waves were probably not that good right then, being an onshore wind. THEN i heard on the news later that RIGHT at the time i was driving by there was a “leak of ‘low level radiation’ ” and “not enough to be harmful or of concern..!” I Still Freaked (& am very happy to still be around 3 decades later!) Well, today Us “Tree-Hugger Surfers” are elated with the news and I’m ecstatic that my prayers have been answered… SHUT IT DOWN (& NOW THEY WILL!) For once, the People Spoke & Big Corporate America Listened!

  • S. Wheat

    LOL! Although it truely isn’t funny. I learned to surf there on a long board and would be so happy to take my yet unconceived grandchildren there to surf some day, but only if its safe. I always thought of Trestles as one of the most beautiful and uncrowded beaches I frequented when I lived there in the early 80s. Yet as you also eluded to Ma D.’ I admit I always found the size and skyline of the domes, along with other known risk factors surrounding them more then a bit eerie. Viewing them from the waves looking back gave me nightmares more then once.
    Perhaps they can use it as a museum, or place to promote enviornmental protection causes, or use it as a learning/training center for change. Of course on going testing would have to be done to determine that it is, and remains safe for coastal, and all other Californians concerned. The reactor domes would be perfect relics or artifacts to show for such a place.

  • Dante Rondo

    Good riddance to that potential death structure ! Every one in that area can breathe a sigh of relief. But my question now is what will they do with all the radioactive toxic debris that is contained within the plant ? If there were to be a huge tsunami/earthquake would the people of S. California be safe ? Doesn’t it take a long long time to cool the reactors down to a “Safe level ” And yes what about the toxic storage of nuke waste there ? Where does that go and when ? We need to put Nuke power pllants down all around the globe. Hasn’t Fukushima shown us that clearly ?

  • Jeff

    Nuclear Energy is the cleanest energy we have and loosing this plant is a win for Hydrocarbons. Instead of surfers just jumping on the “close the plant” bandwagon, they should realize that upgrading and fixing the plant was the best call for the environment, and California. All energy production can be potentially harmful…Nuclear has a very safe track record compared to oil and gas……it’s a shame that we all need to pay more for electricity now, and watch the countless gas/coal fired plants rise in numbers.

  • Larkstan

    But, you all certainly enjoy your electricity, don’t you?

  • nickciauri

    this must explain why some surfers are brain dead

  • Dread Pirate

    STOKED!! Score one for Planet Earth!

  • chernoble

    please. nuclear power is not clean! what do they do with all the waste? all the water that gets sucked in to cool the reacotr from the ocean kills tons of fish larvae. you like eat fish right? coal and oil are horrible also. lets just forget about the dirty energy. its all dirty. only hope is solar and wind and geothermal, even wave energy could be potentially harmful. fuck hydroelectic dams too. blockin fish and sediment. we do love our electricity dont we

  • steve McLellan

    Thank God- Its scary to realize how many nuclear power plants there are in the U.S.- just google search for the plants and locations-
    Most Americans live pretty close to nuclear power plants are very unconscious about what an accident in their backyard would mean-

    Enough of using last centuries energy resources- we need to move forward not backward! Hallelujah for the death of this relic–R.I.P.

  • More Waves

    Growing up in San Clemente, we’ll never know what we were exposed to before or in the future. Certainly not drinking the kool aid…

  • http://don'thaveone Bob Miller

    A little radioactive steam is not a health threat. 5 billion or so dollars just got poured down the toilet. Please look forward to higher electric bills and a more crowded beach. The soon to be unemployed 3000 people are going to be cashing their unemployment checks and surfing!