Rusty Long Supports Brother From Mexico

| posted on December 17, 2009
Rusty Long and crew watch Greg Long Win the Eddie

Rusty Long and crew watch Greg Long Win the Eddie

While the world directed its attention to pumping Hawaii, I headed to Mexico with Rusty Long and crew to catch a few at Todos Santos.

When we arrived at our hotel, we lucked out that the contest was still on and our hotel room had free internet…not to mention Greg was in the final heat. Everything seemed to fall into place.

The boys watched in amazement as Greg scored a hundred point ride then went on to clinch the top spot – coming from behind to overtake Kelly Slater. Certainly, a solid victory for Rusty’s brother.

In partial disbelief and in full celebration, Rusty offered up  a toast, and congratulations were shared around the room. Soon we were off to bed anticipating our own adventures for the next day at what promised to be pumping Todos Santos. I’m sure with all of the days excitement, no one slept that well.

  • Norman Green

    Hi! I heAD for Peru tomorrow for a 3-plus month trip. Will be at the beaches for 6 weeks and wondered if there is anything I can send you guys. Iam an ole beach bum from Hermosa Beach, Ca. Norm Green.