Recession is the Mother of Invention

| posted on January 26, 2010

SURFER receives packages and letters from all sorts of delusional people on a daily basis. One of my favorites is a guy who, at least once a week, sends in a hand-written letter scratched on stacks of various pieces of paper—some lined notepaper, some photocopies of articles out of newspapers. It’s schizophrenic babble that’s always entirely incoherent (though I think it has something to do with 3D?). If we had kept all of them over the last year, the pile would probably reach mid-thigh, by a conservative estimate.


Better than that, though, is the package we recently received postmarked from Edmond, Oklahoma. The manila enveloped contained two cork “fins,” along with a letter expressing that the fins come “ready to glass,” “can be shaped to any specs,” and that “Yes, they float.” (Why they would need to float is unclear.)


Perfect! All you need to do is draw the fin you want on the order sheet and mail it to Oklahoma, then they’ll trace them onto their Home Depot-supplied 47-cent-per-yard cork, and mail it back to you. Then all you have to do is buy resin and fiberglass, glass them, and attach them to your board. It’s just so simple!


Clearly, not the most well thought-out idea.

  • Zach

    Janna layin the smack down!

  • Marc Moore


    Make your own, cork fins.

    Thanks the coolest idea since “spray on shoes”.

  • Blair

    Maybe you could use those cork fins as beer coasters, ehhh??


    Sell them some remnant space

  • mike vella

    Recession is the Mother of Invention
    Thats a fact.Iv lost my business sold everything I own and moved into moms garage.So there I am laying in the garage wondering how the hell Im going to get out of this situation. I remember watching this show not to long ago ,This guy invented a toy gun that you add soapy water to it and it shots out bubbles and he has made 100 million dollars from it. So now Im thing I got to invent something because not only did I move into moms my 2 childern did to and she is feeding us. Just before Christmas not a penny to my name wasnt able to buy any gifts gave my surf board to my son for a gift I felt at my lowest and all of asudden I start getting these great ideas .Well I hope they are nothing has come from them yet. Since surfing being my happy thought as I was cleaning up my board before I was going to give it to my son . I came up with agreat idea for a new style of surfboard.I got the basic functions and design on paper, ahalf ass prototype and the rest in my head. I showed it to aold timer surfer who said to me that I something really good here ,it could be the board of the future and that I need tobe careful who I show this to.So Im excited Im also to brook to build it and no where to build it. Im looking for somebody who has the time and money Oh ya that I can trust help build it .Im serious about this,anybody interested leave a message let me no alittle about you. I also came up with agreat idea for the Surf Rider Foundation that will help bring in money for there cause I cant wait to be able to share it with them . I also came up with some clothing to warm us up after we are done surfing .Its freezing in this dame garage and thats were im at .