Preemptive Intervention

Officials in Western Australia to hunt great white shark under imminent threat guideline

| posted on January 09, 2013

In Western Australia, the government has issued an order to kill a great white shark that has been frequently spotted in the area since Christmas. Under Australian law, great white sharks are normally a protected species, but under a new “imminent threat” guideline, officials are able to kill the creature if they feel it poses a threat to humans. As of now, the shark has not yet exhibited any aggressive behavior, but has only been seen trafficking beaches that people frequent.

The imminent threat guideline stems from a series of five fatal attacks that occurred in a 10-month period in the area last year. If Australian fisheries succeed in catching the shark, it will mark the first time a shark has been killed under the imminent threat guideline.


  • Lexi

    Isn’t there some way they can capture and relocate the shark without having to simply kill it? Especially if it hasn’t shown any signs of aggression? Why is killing a creature always our first line of defense? We’re in their environment and surfers should know the risks!

  • Josh

    I would hate to be the victim of a shark attack like every other living organism on Earth, but is there not a better way to remove this great white from the area? Killing it for swimming in the ocean seems a crime to me. Where is Paul Walker and his team when you need them to catch and release this beast deep in the Pacific?

  • Warren

    People are disappointing…

  • matt walker

    i dont want to live on this planet anymore

  • Jac

    I can understand your passion to see a wild animal not killed but relocated. This is the ultimate predator in the ocean though and IMHO, culling the herd is not going to hurt the species over all and might save some lives in the process. Trust me, I’d feel differently if we were talking about a seal or something not as likely to take a human life but we’re talking about a “top of the pyramid” predator here.

  • jordan

    Why should the shark be punished for swimming in its home? If it has not done anything to us then we shouldn’t kill it. And yes I know it could prevent future deaths/attacks but when you swim in the ocean, the sharks home, you cant blame it for anything that happens. Its their land and we are the ones crossing into it. We have destroyed enough of the worlds species because we want their land or because we are afraid that they might attack us.. so of course the only option we think we have is to kill them. There is a reason you put them under protection in the first place.

  • Batman

    Whatever happened to the Batman anti-shark spray that I used to defeat the Joker in a surf competition way back in the sixties?

  • Madison

    It hasn’t shown any aggression yet though so the “imminent threat” guideline shouldn’t be kicked in yet right? It’s THEIR environment that WE are ruining. We should never kill a shark, we just have to be more careful.

  • Pj

    This Is just flat out wrong! This makes me sick! SHARKS LIVE IN THE OCEAN!!! If you can’t handle that fact don’t go in the water! It’s a risk surfers like myself and beach goers take when the step into the ocean. People die from all sorts of animal attacks every year on land but we don’t go kill them do we! Oh my god a bear!!! Shoot it before it might hurt someone!!! Sounds pretty pathetic huh?

  • Ray

    Pathetic! I’d like to know who made that decision. Guaranteed they have no understanding of the ocean. Don’t we do enough damage to the creatures of the ocean? Killing one of a dwindling number of Great whites in the world, is really going to help……
    I hate the fact that humans can make decisions like this about another creatures life, I hope the sharks off the Australian coastline have a guide line of their own.

    Auz officlials, Grow up!

  • Twig

    4000 Great Whites left on the planet and 7 Billion Humans….Who should be killing who? You do the maths!

  • David cleland

    It seems worse than it is . I say catch it and get rid of there are no shortages of these creatures. If they are in a bad cycle of human association then eliminate. Humans first- FACT. I doubt it would be friendly to the environment in terms of fuel(carbon footprint) to relocate or practical for that matter. So those caught should be processed in some way for food /science to save that side of the waste. It is a shame however.

  • dan

    Why don’t they just catch it and take it far out to sea and release it with tracker to see its whereabouts?

  • pavlo australia

    @Lexi “Isn’t there some way they can capture and relocate the shark without having to simply kill it? Especially if it hasn’t shown any signs of aggression?”

    You Americans are so naive. People have been eaten by sharks left right and centre in WA over the last few years. (5 people killed just in the last 12 months). I would say eating 5 people is fairly aggressive.

    @jordan “Its their land and we are the ones crossing into it.” Sharks don’t have land and they don’t live in houses or drive cars.

    I suppose most of you eat fish ? Should we stop catching and eating fish too?
    What about malaria carrying mosquitos? Do you kill mosquitos? Or rats and mice that infest your houses? Does your sympathy extend to not killing them? If not – why not?

    @Josh “Where is Paul Walker and his team when you need them to catch and release this beast deep in the Pacific?”

    That’s gotta be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Sharks travel enormous distances in relatively short time spans. Relocating a shark to the Paciific. Duh!

    I suppose they could remove its teeth or send it to anger management counselling. Relocate it? Yeah how about relocate it to Mars.

  • JR

    @Pavlo-you’re the moron. No one has to go into the ocean to live. It’s a fucking privilege and a luxury. If you die you knew the risks. Humans need to get over themselves and their need to control everything.

  • Jaris

    i am a surfer also and as someone who loves and frequents the ocean i agree that we need to be careful with this sort of thing


    Great white sharks became a protected species because they were near extinction… it has been stated by a number of scientists and fishery specialists that the number of sharks now in Australian waters has sky rocketed (especially in WA) . Therefore the years of them being a protected species has worked in increasing shark numbers but where does it end???

    I guarantee that if there were tigers and lions running down the streets of New York eating people that they would not last more than a month before the were taken out and killed… The land is there habitat so would you have a problem with that????

    Lets be realistic and not jump on the soap box here, we are not talking about wiping out a species carelessly by a bunch of cowboys or jap fishermen, we are talking about a controlled culling by the WA fisheries…Given the horrific number of shark related attacks and fatalities in such a short space of time i think the government is well within it rights to protect its citizens and remove the sharks that are frequenting highly populated areas..

    I am sure the people at the fisheries are well aware of the echo system balance as they are professionals in the area…..

    Lets leave it to them to make the call

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    I am disgusted! Are we not people invading their habitat!? This is ridiculous! The people of Australia, I am sorry but stay out of the ocean for now.

    This is the most ludicrous thing I have EVER read…”Under Australian law, great white sharks are normally a protected species, but under a new ‘imminent threat’ guideline officials are able to kill the creature if they feel it poses a threat to humans”

    I will be SO disappointed in the entire world if we let things like this happen. Get the facts before putting a label like “imminent threat” on a creature.

    Now some random boat will see the shark and decide “let me be a hero” and kill it, even as its minding its own business in IT’S OWN HOME.

    Australians, stay out of the ocean for now. There is no reason to kill this animal. We are invading THE SHARK’S world.

    This is so wrong! We need this animal to survive! If we lose the Great White Shark, which is the path the world is on ( our ENTIRE ecosystem will suffer!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    I am subscribed to surfermag, but I have never commented on any stories i’ve read here until now. Even if it’s only my own two cents, I feel it’s worth sharing my thoughts in this case.
    As surfers, we all have an intense bond and understanding with the ocean. I feel the type of mentality that might be behind the motive to find and kill this shark might be a bit ‘off’. I try to understand the concern for safety of people who frequent those others at the same time..
    I remember reading a news article about a surfer who found a Great White stranded on the beach and since it was small enough he managed to pull it back into the water. He then proceeded to paddle out and surf like he would have any other day. I read that and said to myself “Right On, Dude.”
    I think that is highly relevant to mention here. If it were up to me I would say tag the shark and relocate it far away, then find finances to people to monitor the location it goes for 6 months. I think enough information could be gathered by then to discover if it’s found a new home where it was dropped off or if it’s just a wandering shark that might come back. That’s just an option off the top of my head though.

  • pavlo australia

    @ JR yeah whatever, I have a strong feeling you’re one of the biggest morons around though.

    By the way I never said anything about killing the shark. I simply want to make the point that I bet there are lots of people on here who regularly eat animals (e.g. cows, sheep, pigs), they catch fish, never have a second thought about killing rats, mice and mosquitos in their homes, yet are up in arms about killing a shark that eats humans.

    Also wanted to point out some patently ridiculous comments like, ‘catch and release this beast deep in the Pacific’.

    Do you have any idea how far it is from Perth, Australia (Indian Ocean) to the Pacific Ocean? No… of course you don’t. I’ll tell you. From Perth, Australia, to deep in the Pacific, (say a few hundred metres off the coast of California) it’s about 11,000 miles.

    And we don’t have shark teleportation devices yet like they do on ‘Startrek’. The sharks would first have to be caught, man handled on board (yeah… I’d like to see that) put in specially built cages and then travel in things called ‘ships’ (a ‘ship’ for those of you who don’t know is a floating vehicle which traverses the oceans). I think the cost to transport one shark would be roughly equivalent to sending Neil Armstrong to the moon.

    I’m not saying it’s right to kill any of those animals just pointing out the sheer hypocrisy and double standards that exist.

    Why is a shark more deserving than a mouse? Because it’s a bigger animal? What is this? Sizeism? Speciesism?

  • Dirt

    I cant believe how stupid some of you people are. PETA’s future is bright.

  • Barry

    The shark helps by removing weak fish and mammals from the population, and sometimes unfortunately humans. It even scavenges dead animals and is a positive force in the ocean helping to sustain life overall. It should therefore be allowed to live and it is a crime to remove it simply as a danger to humans. We aren’t removing cars from the streets or guns from civilians…..yet. Sorry to have to say this ad state the obvious, but we are more dangerous to ourselves. Post some warning signs and let it feed if it must. Don’t let your children in the water. Demand that it be tracked and monitored. There is as much need to destroy it and others as there is the need to ban hotdogs because 100’s die every year choking on them.

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    @PavloAustralia – The fact that you cannot comprehend a difference between mice and Great White Sharks makes you incredibly ignorant. Obviously you do not know enough about the Great White Sharks to start hurling out comments like that.

    And while yes you are right, it would be near impossible to relocate the shark, at least the rest of us are trying to come up with other solutions than killing this innocent shark.

    And while yes, Great White’s are famous for attacking people, it is not like they target them. Great White Sharks confuse people for other animals. Most of the time, and I do mean most of the time, the shark will bite a human out of curiosity and confusion, then leave because they realize that is not there prey. Humans are entering THEIR HOME and people who do not understand that there are dangerous creatures in the ocean should not be out there. Look at all of the surfers commenting about how they understand the dangers.

    Killing this animal is not the solution. The problem is everyone feels that they are entitled to anything and everything including the ocean. However, that is not true. The ocean belongs to the creatures that have lived in them since before humans were civilized, very much including Great White Sharks. We, as humans, have no right to just decide to kill an animal because it is living in its habitat.

    Post a warning on the beach, advertise beach safety, but killing this shark is a pathetic decision.

  • B Mac

    Which part of five fatalities in ten months don’t you get?

  • AC

    Next, we’ll be preemptively shooting potential criminals.

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    What part of we are intruders in their world and they don’t understand what they are doing do you not understand.

    It is so incredibly terrible that those deaths occurred, but everyone knows the dangers of the ocean, Great Whites being one of them.

  • Tyler

    I live in a place where during summer I would see 3 sharks just about every time I surf. I know that sounds freaky or scary, but its gotten where I enjoy seeing them, and watching them, although if it is a big one I will get out most of the surfers there do not budge. This is ridiculous, they should not do something like this especially when it has not done anything yet.

  • steve

    Screw that shark. Dust him.

  • stinkbug

    Sharks got the whole damn ocean…all we want is the first few hundred yards if that. 5 people in 12 months is ridic. That f-er has got to go!

  • Lise

    This is insanity. With one senseless killing of a Great White, Australia will in essence have revoked the Endangered Species status of this magnificent and critically important piece of a biodiverse ecosystem. Each time we enter the ocean, WE are the intruders and must accept that there are dangers we choose to undertake by choice…not forced or necessary actions.

  • Beth

    Leave the shark aloan unless it does become aggressive. FACT: We (humans) are invading their home. It is not like the sharks are hanging out and planning on killing the humans. “Hey Mack lets off some humans today”. It has already been said and needs to be said again in most cases the shark thinks we are an animal (especially if we are on a surf board for example). People wake up, and for the most part people know the risk involved with the ocean, and do stay in areas that are watched.

  • Beth

    What happened to my comment? @stinkbug- What the hell can I do to get rid of your kind?– sorry it is a joke but like many having problems with the stink bugs any solutions?

  • Robin

    This is so disappointing.. So what? Whenever a shark will come close to the beach this special threat would be effective? If they kill the shark this time this is not going to stop, next time a shark will come close to the beach they will be like ” we avoid attacks once let’s use the threat again” . Killing this great white is not the solution, prevention is.

  • jt

    you people are taking the chances when you enter the ocean. it is all on you. the shark is in it´s natural environment and you say it´s o.k to kill it. to kill a species that has only two enemies. an endangered species, killed and pushed another step closer to extinction. approval of applying the laws, rules or philosophies of humans on this creature is completely absurd. afraid of natural selection much…

  • jt

    the people should relocate. relocation for the shark is a foolish idea. i can´t believe this is actually a topic of controversy or question. Leave the shark be you spoiled people.

  • chuck

    wait till one eats your buddy, then you will think diferent. Its a war, kill them.

  • Ray

    Who cares if there were 50 deaths, it is still their own fault for entering the sharks world. Get over your self. People get attacked, and sometimes die, but way more sharks die everyday. if you dont want to get bitten, dont swim, dont surf…….but dont be the pussy who thinks its a good idea to kill a shark.
    Good on ya, you dumb ass ausies

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    How interesting that surfers, the ones who face these amazing creatures constantly are the ones sticking up for them and the people who only know about Great Whites through Jaws are saying kill them. If you watch most interviews of shark attack survivors or the victims families, they usually say that they DO NOT blame the shark because they KNEW the risks…

  • Dan

    After further thought on this issue I have come to the conclusion that what the Australian Government are considering is madness, I’m very very surprised that such a usually conscientious country would go down this path, I appreciate they are trying to protect innocents but there is another way to deal with this situation.


    In spite of its infamously glorified reputation, the Great White Shark is not an indiscriminate, merciless murderer. With that being said, it is also arguably the ocean’s most feared predator and one of nature’s most proficient and skilled killers. With an arsenal of evolutionary attributes at its disposal, this predatory beast wields unbelievable abilities that should commend more awe and respect than fear – especially given the vast infrequency of attacks on humans, a species with virtually no appetizing appeal given its bony structure and a general lack of flesh.

  • rob gilley

    i find it weird and ironic that we’ve killed billions of beautiful fish to the point of near extinction without a second thought, and yet there’s a public outcry about culling a few ocean predators that can eat us alive while we are surfing.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    If this was a tiger (that had never shown any aggression towards humans) that was hanging around a small village, what should the authorites do? If they can’t remove it, then it must be killed. Not a good days work, but sometimes you have to do shitty things to keep people safe. I don’t think that because this shark obviously lives in the ocean and we don’t necessarily have to go there, that the dynamic of the arguement changes. People will go into the sea, yes – it’s their risk to take, but the authorities have chosen to put the safety of the citizens first. I think this is only right to be honest. This is a fish that has been hanging out in this location for quite a while, not to remove the threat would be foolhardy. Australia is not a country that would do this without much forethought and wringing of hands. I lived there for awhile, and I was always impressed by their fatalism in regard to sharks. I am not anti-sharks by any means, and can appreciate their importance in the eco-system, but if nothing is done in regard to this great white, then there may be and attack from this shark, which won’t improve perceptions of great whites, or their chances of survival as a species!

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    @Jimmy – While you make a good point with the tiger, the difference is that if a tiger were in the area, a fence or border could be built to keep them out. If this shark is killed, there is no reason why another one will not show up. And there is no way to keep sharks out of the area.

    Mature Great White Sharks are not capable of swimming close to the beach, therefore the only ones at risk are those that swim in deep water. As you can see by the abundance of surfer’s outraged by this news, that is not an issue for them because they know the risks associated with their activity.

    The point is, the killing of the shark has been allowed which is fueling the fire of, “Great White’s are man eaters!” or “They are no good!”, and neither are true! Then in the future people will think it is okay to kill Great White’s, which is NOT OKAY! The species is still endangered and is being slaughtered by the hundreds everyday for its fin ( .

    Another shark alive is another shark keeping the species treading water…

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I know you can put up shark nets, but does anyone know how expensive they are or how effective they are? I think I remeber that they had them in some places in NSW, but not in Victoria, and I don’t think they have them in WA, though I may be mistaken. Different states had different approaches.

  • GreatWhiteSharksAreOurFriends

    Shark nets will not work because then not only Great Whites but just about every species that lives in that area could get caught in the net. Nets and the ocean do not mix.

    ” In New South Wales and Queensland in Australia as well as KwaZulu Natal in South Africa the shark nets are gill nets designed to cull shark populations.” Cull meaning slaughter!!!

    And the article also says that maintenance can be quite costly.

    “The ocean cannot be off limits to us all the time, yet personal risk in the water should be based on the decisions that people make not governments. [<- READ THIS PART RIGHT HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!]

    The question is how we can make ourselves safer while doing the least amount of damage. To date, not enough has been done to place shark bite prevention education on the agenda. "


    This article is very informative!

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Cheers for the info!

  • Jey

    It may sound ridiculous, but wouldn’t it be interesting to try training dolphins to guard the coastlines? Could it be possible?

  • Flipper

    Ridiculous, not at all, I’ll do it – for a nominal fee of course!

  • dude

    @jt you sucks balls

  • Ryanno

    Some interesting comments here from people along the lines of we as surfers must accept the risk of entering “their domain”.

    I would like to see how many of these people would feel the same if this was happening at their local spot and their family and friends were under threat by a Great White constantly hanging around.

    Every surfer accepts the risk of entering the water and the guys in WA take on more risk than most but if you think the authorities are going to standby and wait for “aggressive behaviour” you are nuts. If the shark in questions displays aggression then someone dies and that is unacceptable.

    The authorities are not out hunting randomly. They have monitored this particular shark and deem it a risk to the community.

  • Emily

    Almost all the people who say ”don’t kill the sharks” don’t even go to the beach. Think about the families that have faced their children, siblings, husbands,wives,fathers,mothers and any family member sent to hospital because of an animal. It’s not like we’re going to kill all the sharks its just the ones around our beaches. Killing a few sharks isn’t going to create an extinction. We can kill the sharks near us, put out a fence quite deep in the ocean and hope for the best. Everybody should stop caring so much about animals, its not like they care about us, right? We can also relocate them and put out a fence it’s seriously not that complicated everyone’s making a huge deal out of something that isn’t.

  • Peter Bruccoleri

    I think it is wrong to kill any shark just because it is near beaches that people swim at…this shark hasn’t even killed anybody! Ridiculous.

  • chris eaves

    these are irresponsible actions by humans. humans don’t live in the ocean and are visitors in that ocean. if someone you didn’t invite entered your house you would kill them. use common sense you take the risk when you enter the ocean. humans aren’t kings of the ocean and without guns don’t posses the strength to kill like sharks. everyone talks about respect but cant offer it to other creatures then they are worthy of respect

  • jaws

    so now we can play god again/not up to us who lives or dies/as a surfer who risks life and limb everytimei say do not kill the shark he has a right to live as much as anyone..simple math dont go in the ocean water if you can not accept the risk//you know they have water parks and pools for those who can not

  • Josh

    The point I read, which has a very interesting double side, was that of “why do we care all of a sudden about killing a couple of sharks when we’ve already slaughtered countless millions?” (And by “we” I am referring to the human race in general, but we all know who’s doing the shark fining…) I didn’t fully get which way this point was supposed to fall, but in my mind this whole argument is typical: no one really gives a shit day to day until it shows up in someone’s back yard. And you know what? After this shark is UNJUSTLY killed, pretty much everyone in about 2 weeks won’t remember it happened; this is the sad thing with this situation. What a time to start giving a f–k everyone! Great job!! I honestly don’t think you can argue that a) no one wants to be eaten by a shark, but, b) they rule the ocean and we were never supposed to be in there messing with them, simple as that, so the risks are the risks. I am completely against killing an innocent animal in its natural environment, but if shark finning is outlawed around the world, and anyone that does it has their arms and legs cut off and they are left for dead, I’ll make a concession regarding dealing with a potentially dangerous shark at a beach.

    Oh – and I just wanted to throw this in incase there are any religious people / people who believe Lord of The Rings actually happened: If your God/Gandolf didn’t want the sharks to eat you, he wouldn’t have made them in his magic cauldron and put them in the ocean, right??

  • Ciaran

    Josh – Religion has nothing to do with this debate, and bringing it (religion) into it just highlights your lack of respect for the beliefs of others. Incidentally I am not religious. You say that nobody can argue with “they rule the ocean and we were never supposed to be in there messing with them”, well buddy that statement has a few holes in it…

  • Kook with the fruit boots

    Well that sucks.

  • Police Chief Brody

    Just to clarify a few things.
    1-Sharks, especially Pointers, do eat humans.Their human prey is definately not always, or even mostly, a case of mistaken identity. Sharks have an amazing array of senses that allow them to hunt yet some people imagine them mouthing their way clumsily through the ocean. People are being eaten , not tasted, in crystal clear WA waters after the shark has observed them for quite a while.
    2-Humans are not boney, fleshless prey. Animals , including sharks, have been eating us as long as we have been around and they could get away with it. Go swimming whilst heavily injured in North West wa and see how long you last.
    Sharks mostly dont eat us because they are scared of us. When they arent scared ? See point 1.
    3-Adult Whites will beach themselves to get to their prey. I have seen it with my own eyes. Most sharks will do the same. There is no safe depth of water .

  • Police Chief Brody

    Quite ironic comment by GreatWhiteSharksAreCool in regards to the fact that real surfers face Whites everyday yet the people that wish to dispatch this shark gleamed all their knowledge from Jaws. Mate, these people ARE facing this shark everyday. Everyday for two weeks it, and others, have been patroling this same beach. A beach that has seen three fatal attacks in the vicinity in the last year. Like the other fella said, West Ozzies arent strangers to sharks, unlike yourself maybe, so get

  • Casino Pier R.I.P

    Shoot to Kill ya crazy Bogans!

  • Cowboy Roy

    You fags are worried about one shark? What about all the animals that lost there life to build your house, condo or apartment? Who cares about them. How about all the animals your car kills? But your worried about a god dam shark?

  • Carter

    Have we forgotten the ocean is the Sharks home not ours.

  • joe

    The Ocean isn’t ours, respect it, and everything in it. This is disgusting, and a crime in my eyes.

  • tony

    man it was a while ago, but I saw something on the discovery channel where sum photographer wanted to get a picture of the great whites jumping out of the water, and was dissapointed to hear about a dead great white washing up on the beach near by.




  • Jaris

    You oversensitive PETA animal rights morons do my head in… wake up and get a grip on reality

    I would love to see your reaction if you lost a mother, father, husband, wife, daughter or son to a shark,,,, anyone who says they would understand is a F’ing liar

    The facts are this:

    a) Great white sharks became a protected species because they were near extinction… it has been stated by a number of scientists and fishery specialists that the number of sharks now in Australian waters has sky rocketed (especially in WA) . Therefore the years of them being a protected species has worked in increasing shark numbers but where does it end???

    b) We are not talking about wiping out a species carelessly by a bunch of cowboys or jap fishermen, we are talking about a controlled culling by the WA fisheries…Given the horrific number of shark related attacks and fatalities in such a short space of time i think the government is well within it rights to protect its citizens and remove the sharks that are frequenting highly populated areas..

    c) I am sure the people at the fisheries are well aware of the echo system balance as they are professionals in the area…..Lets leave it to them to make the call

  • GreatWhiteHope

    On the surface having the government cull sharks because of the recent attacks appears to be the same ol’ redneck lunacy that Australians practiced in regards to sharks in the 60s etc. But I am not across the details and if the issue is GW’s patrolling beaches where people have recently been killed then it’s much more understandable. When bears or big cats become threats to towns they are generally tranquilised and relocated. People don’t go out into the forest and indiscriminately kill bears. This simply isnt possible with GW’s. If the West Aussies are looking to be selective and target individual sharks in specific beaches I have less of a problem with it. Trying to put this issue in the same context as Chinese and Tiawanese gangsta shark finning, or the flat out gang rape of world wide fisheries is stupid. This isn’t a global issue with thousands of different parties. This is simply WA, and you cannot deny they have had a completely unprecedented and tragic run of GW attacks. It should also be noted that they have and maintain one of the most beautiful and large coral reef reserves in the world. It’s stunning.
    Yes we need to start sinking large commercial fishing boats. Yes we need Sea Shepherd armed to the teeth stopping shark finners. Yes we need to practice conservation. This issue isn’t the same. If targeted I understand and sympathise with the plight of beach goers in WA. The last 10 months is completely without precedent worldwide. If it’s indiscriminate culling then your government is full of outright idiots. But so is mine and everyone else’s so go figure…….

  • Peter

    A s a surfer who actually lives in WA I would like to remind those from outside the state that you don’t have first hand knowledge of the very real problem we have with Great Whites here. Blunt but true. Most surfers in WA want some form of control of the numbers of GWs which have significantly increased since being declared endangered in the late 90s and since commercial shark fishing was stopped about the same time. Since then there has been almost as many fatal attacks, all by GWs, as the total of all attacks from all species of shark in the previous 200 years. Also if the number of fatal attacks in the last decade was applied to the California population pro rata, California would have around 200 fatal attacks in the same decade. What would the reaction be then ? Also Mr Great White Sharks Are OK, how about checking some facts – you claim that Mature GWs are incapable of swimming close to the beach, well that proves you know little of the problem here because one of our too many fatal attacks occured when a GW took a swimmer in waist deep water at a city beach. Fact. Also his comments that victims families and friends do not blame the shark is not really true. The wife of one recent victim declared here support for a cull of GWs, so did a GW attack survivor, so did the mate of a surfer killed by a GW who actually saw the attack, so did the jest ski rider who tried to retrieve the body before the bugger attacked his ski, so did the surfer who saved another who had been badly mauled. Facts. Now he also states that eliminatiing all Great Whites will have a major effect on the eco system, well first no-one here is suggesting we kill all GWS. Also please explain why the ecosysyem wasn’t going arse up before 1996 when GWs were given protected status????. We have a real problem in WA and if you think our Government is going to just sit around and wait for more fatalities then wake up and get real. Oh I do agree with him on shark nets. We don’t have them in WA and no-one wants them because of all the other sea creatures like other sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles and seals that drown in them. Yes us surfers who do agree with some form of GW cull do appreciate the oceans creatures, but the Great White is different and needs to be culled, not obliterated as some GW huggers state we suggest. And yes we are entering sharks territory when entering the water and are aware of the risk, but that risk has got significantly greater in the last decade.

  • Marian

    A surfer was saved from a potential shark attack by a dolphin: