Make your own cardboard interpretation of Dane Reynolds from our June issue

| posted on April 26, 2011

Dane Reynolds is so square. Photo: Ellis

When we saw this paper creation by 16-year-old surfer Slater Kasinak, we knew that we wouldn’t be the only ones entertained by such a spectacular use of arts and crafts time. Just click here to download and print the pieces and directions to make the Paper-Dane featured in our June issue.

  • Bud Tour


    If you are out there looking at this shit can you believe it?!……. What the f—k? Dane is the dancing monkey and takes the $$$$ to pay the mortgage and fund his retirement. But at what cost to his soul. Has “soul” sold out. If you are seeing this kind of shit Dane or Blair Marlin, his agent, shut it down. But then again I heard he just resigned with Quik for another 6 years. Souled!

  • dude

    Bud Tour needs a sense of humor and a life. Some grom created this, not Quikie you fargin’ idiot.

  • Cody Iddings

    A kid in high school really did create this. Isn’t that awesome!

  • Jersey Boy

    All these people who talk about sell out this and sell out that and Dane has sold his soul and all this other b.s. need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves, what have they done in their lives to make their surfing life possible? How many people have skipped weddings, been late or canceled doctor’s appointments or called out of work because the wind may be offshore and then ask themselves what would they do to earn millions of dollars traveling around the world surfing and doing what they love. Then they need to shut the f&*k up and stop criticizing these pros. Everybody has to make a living. I would rather get paid to go to Indo then be in the credit card debt that I am in from a 2009 trip. Well worth it but…. I’d much rather get free clothes, boards and plane tickets.

    Get a lfie! This is funny and nothing else you sour sock!

  • Bud Tour

    Hey “dude” never said “Quikie” created the cardboard Dane you genius. That’s all you can contribute to this?
    If you know Danes take on things he might be stoked a “kid” created this but putting his caricature in the magazine takes him and his image to a place I doubt he’s comfortable with. If you can’t understand that you might want to get an education other than your Elementary Diploma.

  • Budstour

    All right!!! A cat fight over Dane!! One must ask; Is it love or infatuation…?

  • Mike Gaudioso

    I think Dane Reynolds weighs about 180 pounds…. but im not sure if that’s with or without Bud Tour on his balls.

  • Alek

    See the first comment on this board.

    This is why I hate surfers, the industry, and all the small-mindedness associated with an activity that is somehow classified as some complex religious event in one’s life.

    The first guy is the type of guy that describes standing up on a wave as “soul” and walks around with some belief in some fantasy created by others.

    Think for yourself Bud Tour and don’t project your “complex” onto others.
    Dane rips.
    The contest is about him.
    Take your toys, cry for a little bit, and go home.

  • croatan


  • chard

    dane is giving no interviews right now. whats up with that? dane, when we want an interview you give it! you belong to us now. no interviews are for politicians not pro surfers. to good for us now? dont mess with us or you can go to work for your brother laying tile.

  • Max Tom

    Most awesomest thing to come out of Surfer mag. Ever!

  • Robin G.

    its always funny to look at comments from the sight of a psychologist. doesnt matter which case it is…paper dane, sterlings video of jeremy. many guys are acting like ridiculous and i’m sitting in germany thinking what the heck? i can’t believe it. i bet all of the people that made comments here spend months out in the water. so be confident. don’t worry about the latest gossip about any surfer. and if a surfer doesnt give interviews it isn’t it his damn right to do so?! maybe he just wants to spend some time with hies family or whatever.

  • Christo

    Please make others. I want to collect them all.

  • Kevin Kliem

    Im 38, surfed with Taylor Knox, Kasey Curtis, Jeff Deffenbaugh, and a whole crew of other dudes in the NSSA back in the day. Mortgage payments, a stressfull job, 2 litttle grommets later, I still follow the surfing like a madman. I am giving my background just to feel like I am still somebody. Anyhow, my five cents are this: Dane is a pretty rad guy, absolutley kills it and people are bummed he”s not a mold they Expect him to be. He’s young, a modern day hippie, who drinks pbr and is stoked. Selling out is old,cruisin like Dane is almost old, but who can say that life and everything we do different or obvious isn’t old? THERE IS NO MORE DIFFERENT. Too many personalities and too much of everything, Everything will turn to a pile of mush. White people will be tan and black people will be tan in 100 more years. So, let Dane be Dane, we will always talk about him no matter what. 10 years from now grommets will say “Dane”, just like Curren or Slater now as major influences. For now, he’s sooo fun to watch, just like my 3.5 year old boy, cherish the momment. kk