North Shore Coverage: What do you want to see/read?

| posted on December 02, 2009

A view from my room.

A view from my room.

Greetings from the North Shore. Well, we’re in a mansion of a spot somewhere between Pipe and Rocky Point, we’ve had a fun inaugural surf, we’ve got our tape recorders, laptops, cameras, video cameras, and corporate credit cards, and I thought it might be good to put the question to you, Reader…what would you like to us to do here? You, after all, are why we’re here, so what can we get you? Interview with Slater? Andy Irons plans for 2010? You name it…

  • http://yours.. Mike Keryc

    I wanna see surfermag say…lets bring a couple of hoalie New Yorkers to the house to shake some things up..

    Oh yeah being from New York we could tell ya how do things ….Just Kidding I Love the mag.. I have been a reader since 1980 when I first started surfing..

    What I really love is seeing what everyone is riding and who they ride for. Not only that, because this is a subject getting more attention. But include Fins….Fins are just as important to the boards.

    Being an average joe and having so many fins to select from it would be cool to see what the pros ride.

    My favorite sections of the mag is the new boards..Besides page 3 of course!!

    Enjoy your stay and wish I was there!!

  • Robert Lombard

    ~ More Behind-The-Scenes ~

  • johnny sauce

    boards tell us what kind and dims on the guys big wave boards especially when the eddie ceramony starts doooo iiitttt

  • mark williams

    I wanna see an interivew with the live webcast crew, they guys who do the dirty work and set up the gear and make it happen. and how about an interview with one of the judges, not Terry Hatcher, the top judge, but one of the other guys, ask him to explain how they get the .05 or .76 numbers,,,we know what a 5 or a 6 or a 7 is, but what about those other numbers, so if I get a 7.08 and someone else gets a 7.9 how do they figure that…..

  • Ricktator

    I want to see you guys roll your sleeves up and elevate. Be the view from the inside. Live it.
    Hawaii rules.

  • Flipper

    How about the Rell Sunn Aloha Jam!!!!……