New Faces in the Top 34

Meet the rookie class for the 2013 World Tour

| posted on December 17, 2012

After an insane run through the winter, Seabass comes in as the highest ranked rookie on Tour in 2013. Photo: Noyle

With the 2012 World Tour wrapped up, and the World Title trophy in transit somewhere between the Billabong house in Hawaii and Parko’s mantel in Coolangatta, the fate of the Top 34 has finally been set in stone for next year. Come 2013, there will be four fresh faces on Tour; Kauai’s export Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz, the micro-Irishman Glenn Hall, the high-flying Brazilian Filipe Toledo, and Santa Cruz’s pride and joy Nat Young. Get to know the rookies here:

Sebastian Zietz
One World Ranking: 13
2012 Highlight: 1st at Reef Hawaiian Pro

Glenn Hall
One World Ranking: 24
2012 Highlight: 1st at Mr. Price Pro Ballito

Filipe Toledo
One World Ranking: 26
2012 Highlight: 5th at Nike U.S. Open of Surfing

Nat Young
One World Ranking: 29
2012 Highlight: 3rd at Mr. Price Pro Ballito

Find the complete list of the 2013 Top 34 here.

  • MIguelo

    Only 4 new qualifiers, what’s that??????

    ASP needs a change urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People speak up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Surfer

    What surfers not on tour would you like (or deserve) to be on tour.

  • Boo-hoo

    A fan of high performance surfing might be inclined to say that, just maybe, it would be better to have seen Pat Guduskas, Yadin Nicol, and Dusty Payne make it through than Tiago Peres and Travis Logie and even the Hobgoods or Kieren Perow. Further I think some of us would probably like to see young rippers like Marc Lacomare, Joan Duru, or Jean da Silva on tour instead of some of the usual WCT gang. But the reality is the WCT stalwarts out compete everyone else and place consistently higher — and that’s why they’re there. So to say some WCT surfers don’t deserve to be there and others do, as miguello suggests, is totally missing the premise of competitive surfing. You can whine all you want, but when it comes to beating the other guy and regularly winning heats, look no further than the top 34. I’m no champion of the ASP but the constant complaining about the way it works is tiring. Would love to hear some other rational opinions about this. Like how could they make it better?

  • b boy black

    Hall aint no Irishman – WTF is on about?

  • Rob

    Exactly… What other surfers should be on that list?? Some more flying brazilians…? I am sure the best guys are out there, nothing to change (but Jbay, please bring J Bay back!!)

  • Ciaran

    b boy black – Hall is representing Ireland, on account of the funding he can get from the Irish sporting funds (he has openly stated this). He qualifiys due to one of his grandparents being Irish. I am living in Ireland, and am Irish, and I can tell you that while I wish him all the best, I don’t see him as Irish and I won’t necessarily be rooting for him. I think both of Mick Fanning’s parents (I could be mistaken on this) are Irish born and bred. Pity he didn’t claim Irish nationality, we could claim two titles then : ) . I think there is a history of this in the ASP, didn’t the South African Martin Potter declare for Britian?

    On a seperate matter why is there a link opening to “Lottery Master” when I am trying to leave a comment, anyone else getting this?

  • Ciaran

    Surfer – is there anyway you can get the viewership for different heats throughout 2012, If you could I am guessing it would be quite easy to see which surfer is the least popular. There are some guys I never watch, but they usually don’t make it past round 2 anyways….

  • RapsTX

    Glenn Hall is probably the worst surfer to ever qualify since Jadson Andre.

  • Lane

    I want all 3 Gudang brothers on tour, Tiago Pires please retire

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Honesty I’d rather watch Alex Knost surf than some of these guys, especially de Souza or Otton

  • mick

    who is mark Lacemare ?

  • ray pace

    Sebastian, Glen and Nat will rip. After watching Felipe, the ASP has a lot to answer for. More boring air shait!!!!!

  • john

    Another Jadson Andre (Felipe Toledo) on tour….yawn.

  • Collin

    I think that Seabass has the best chance of getting rookie of the year next year, followed closely by Nat Young. The tour stops seem to suit Seabasses strengths slightly better. He’s obviously quite experienced at heavy reefs so should do well in the pacific leg and he has the full range of tricks for the beachbreaks.

    Nat Young seems to be a very smart competitor and should settle into the middle of the pack nicely for quite some time to come. He reminds me of a young Chris Gallagher. I don’t think he’ll ever threaten for a world title but he’ll find a home in the top 24.

    Don’t know much about Glenn Hall or Felipe Toledo really. Just goes to show you that surfers trying to qualify oftentimes have very little media exposure. What I have seen of Glenn Hall is not too impressive. He reminds me of a poor man’s Ace Buchan. I don’t expect he’ll make the cut next year.

    As far as Toldeo goes, that was one hell of an air. That’s the only time I’ve seen footage of the guy. He better be able to do a whole lot of that on tour if he want’s to requalify.

    Best of luck to all the new tour surfers next year, and congrats to Parko for finally taking the crown.

  • claudio

    The brazilian surfers are in WCT with a great surf performance because the australian&USA business lobby rules the world tour…

  • G8

    What about WCT contest wild card surfers? Not many “how did they get there?” complaints about them. Any asp level contest surfer making to the finals in any one of the asp prime or star contest is definitely a really good surfer and has made it through numerous heats to get to that level of contest surfing; therefore it is no fluke that they made it there. If a surfer wins any asp prime or star contest shouldn’t they get a chance to surf against the best WCT surfers to see if they can cut it? Especially prime, 6, or 5 star asp contest winners. Complaints in these posts about asp contest winners who made it on tour are not giving these surfers the chance they earned. … What about those WCT contest wild cards? Corporate sponsors put their own surfers in and many lose right away. Any level asp contest winner should be earning some sort of a wild card and those earned wild card spots should be able to use those points earned as wild cards towards qualifying. WCT contests could still have one “Dane Reynolds” level surfer. A surfer who is obviously able to make it through heats and not some surfer the corporation just wants to put in get a corporate wild card. Then the corporate wild cards contest points could go uncounted like the way they do now.