Musings of a Pipe Master

Via Instagram, Kelly Slater reflects on one of the best days of competitive surfing ever witnessed

| posted on December 16, 2013

In case you’re not one of the 586.3k Instagram followers of @kellyslater, here’s what he had to say about what went down Saturday at the Pipe Masters:

  • Mik

    So stoked Kelly wrote this. That was one of the best surf experiences ever.
    Other than actually surfing.

  • CV Hartline III

    well spoken Kelly… Always the gentleman… I hope you’re ready to work on your “power claims” for next year, jus sayin…

    • frank

      Agreed, well said KS. What’s done is done. The real unfortunate part of all this scoring controversy is that it hurts the credibility of judges and hence the asp and the legitimacy of Mick’s world title. The credibility of the judging can NEVER be an issue; it will be the death of the asp and competitive surfing generally. You can blog volumes about what occurred getting into all sorts of minutiae. At the end of the day though, a majority of viewers, both Mick and Kelly/Aussie and US, questioned the scoring of Mick’s wave. And the asp and Mick camp can’t just summarily say the majority of the viewers, their fan base, are misinformed or are wrong, That doesn’t fly.

    • Anthony Arnold

      lol way to take Kelly’s message to heart.

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    Slater should run for office! Like governor of California or something. He’s a smart guy who understands alot of the b.s. that mega-corps etc are doing to destroy the environment, the crap food we eat, the crap polluting the oceans. Although I love watching this guy compete, I think maybe he would be a much greater benefit to society if he starts going after some worthy causes.

    • ah

      florida my man

  • Jeff VanderWal

    A true champion. Congratulations to Kelly for his unreal season. Watching his surfing at the best waves on tour this year was great. To Mick I say… you dominated the lower seeds all year long and that was enough to take the title. So, that’s nice. #asteriskchampion

  • matt hale

    that is, by far, the best and classiest thing kelly has written for public consumption.

  • Carlos Danger

    I tried watching the Pipe Masters. Too bad the webcast kept showing the tourists on the beach instead of the most famous wave in surfing.

  • Tim

    Leave it to the king himself to bring some peace to this matter. How cool is it that one of the most articulate and intelligent surfers also happens to be the best? Kelly you’re an inspiration no doubt about it.

  • yeeeah

    kelly slater is the man. the dude has got life wired. I am pretty sure he would be the best at anything he put his mind to (size permitting, I.E. football, rugby, jockey,).

  • Sam

    stoked purely about the waves he got…. classic human bean.

  • Ben

    Epic words from Slater; a real ability to take perspective and move on.

  • amosandy

    You earned every ounce of that trophy!!! Brilliant performance and always bringing out the very best in everyone else.

  • Mike

    kelly’s being a gentlemen (to his credit), but I don’t think people believe Mick beat Yadin or possibly even CJ. that said, it’s not like people haven’t registered complaints about Kelly and judging in previous years. this year, this event, it just seems to have worked against him. finally, I don’t buy for a second Mick didn’t plan his interference in the prior round to avoid JJF – he’s just as calculating and meticulous as Kelly is. He should come clean and own that too…

    • Ruben

      The interference meant he would surf against cj instead of Julian Wilson not John. Don’t know about you but cj is a much harder draw than jules out at pipe. So if anything he made his job even more difficult….

  • Gerry

    Respect! Kelly

  • Adam

    Did Kelly really beat JF? That was a close one as well. If JF had made the wave look more difficult, which other surfers do, he may have won. There have been dodgy decisions all year, particularly Mick over Medina in France. The young guys aren’t getting much love. How many australian judges are there? From The ASP’s point of view things went pretty well, Mick got one, JF and KS both got a result, rather that KS winning all 3 and retiring…

  • Nicobcs

    Kelly, you made clear to everyone that there is one King. Forever

  • pete

    Seriously? While I appreciate the positive words, bringing more attention to some supposed judging controversy only helps Kelly’s cause. You had me until that…. like a backhanded complement.
    Every year, every contest, some judging controversy. Its part of the sport. If there was any controversy I could swear JJ beat you with that buzzer beater of his.

    • frank

      That’s true, pete, but the overscored wave decided the world title! It wasn’t just another quarterfinal wave at, say, the no. 2 stop on tour. There’s a reason that 80% of the viewers think Mick’s wave against Yadin was overscored – because it was. And that’s not good for the asp, its judging or Mick who is one of the best the sport has ever seen.

      • pete

        All the scoring throughout the entire year decided the world title, not just one day. I suppose that 80% of the viewers think JJ’s waves was better then Kelly’s. Who cares? Only those who don’t like that their guy didn’t win. I see it all the time in ball sports as well where supposedly bad calls alter the outcome of playoffs, etc. Only a bad call if it goes against your team.

  • zbah

    The true master of the passive aggressive

  • daley

    Kellyslater you are the king!

  • JM101

    “I wouldn’t change a thing.” C’mon… I’m all for the high road and good sportsmanship, but let’s say the best surfer ever actually called out the ASP and their judges on what everyone witnessed over the last two seasons. And not for himself necessarily – but for every other surfer that’s been screwed over. That might not come off quite as “classy” but would most certainly require a lot more courage and effect a much needed change. I bet every surfer that fell off the tour, lost prize money due to biased judging – or both – wishes that a) things were different, and b) would change completely, and as soon as possible.

  • stev59

    The really bad judging, was in the heat at bells 2013, when kelly lost to william cardosa. Had that heat been properly scored, Kelly would be world champ now. Cardosa was trimming with weeks carves. Kelly was getting tubed and ripping

  • Chip Curry

    I know I enjoyed it, Kelly. We’re proud of you on the Space Coast, especially for exporting our attitude. Take it from an even older guy. What matters most is the memory of the waves and how you rode them. Who can be sad that Mick Fanning won the title? Now we can watch you for another year and remember when we used to run you over at Pet Den.

    P.S. No one ever ran over Kelly at Pet Den. We always give the kids plenty of room.