Mavericks Invitational Will Run Sunday

The big-wave elite will compete at Mavs for the first time since 2010

| posted on January 16, 2013

A water angle from the last time the Mavericks Invitational ran in 2010. Photo: Glaser

It’s a go for the 2013 Mavericks Invitational. The forecast for Sunday, Jan. 20, sees extra-long period WNW swell hitting the buoys at 7 feet at 19 seconds, with optimal east winds and potential faces of 25+ feet at Mavericks.’s Mark Sponsler, the official swell forecaster for the contest, predicts a strong storm with 60 foot seas, a solid, very long period swell. Plenty contestable.

The draw is set for the field of 24, each heat stacked with a combo of local California chargers and international big-wave surfers. The competitors have been given their 24-hour notice that the contest is on, and will begin arranging travel from Brazil, Hawaii, Southern California, and South Africa. With the swell hitting Hawaii a few days before it makes its way to Half Moon Bay, a big portion of these invited surfers plan on paddling at Waimea Bay on Friday before heading to California for the contest. It won’t be big enough for The Eddie to run on Friday, but it will be big enough to make things interesting at The Bay, nonetheless.

For spectators, the cliffs will be closed this year after dozens were injured by a rogue wave in 2010. Fans can watch a live stream online or on the big screen at the Mavericks Invitational Festival: a paid affair at a local hotel just north of Half Moon Bay. Click here for more info.

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  • Jimmy the Saint

    Can’t wait to see this. Any news on wither Greg Long is going to compete, or how his recovery is going?

  • Sd Loc

    Where’s my boy Derek Dunfee?

  • Steve Wimer

    I’m looking forward to watching the live webcast. Thanks, Go Pro.

  • mark

    heat 1, looking stacked

  • Mikey

    Shouldn’t the heat list read ‘2013’ ….going to be awesome watching online from the UK….what’s the link/live feed address??

  • ben smith

    Where is Flea and Jeff clark, they are the kings out there.

  • Aaron

    This is going to be Sick. I will be trailering my jetski up to HMB and be in the channel watching this epic event.

  • Bradical

    I believe Jetskis are illegal in the channel except for “rescue operations.”
    The area is part of the Monterrey Bay National Marine Sanctuary…

  • Was in the Channel in 2010

    @Aaron NOAA was ticketing all jetskis that were not part of the rescue effort at the 2010 contest. The NOAA guys were so scared that they would have the rescue jets skis tell the other to come to their boat where they would issue a citation.

    Recreational use of MPWC at Mavericks is allowed only when High Surf Warnings are in effect for San Mateo County from December through February.

    During the contest 2012 the swell got large enough that a High Surf Warning was in effect. There was a hearing about the tickets post contest and the citations were waved.

    My advice would be to bring a Zodiac rather than a jetski.


    Southern Califoria need to get up there and support your buds.


    FLEA is not a invitee anymore due the consequences of his past lifestyle. Today he is a new man , but is not as good as he used too be@Mavericks, nor as good as the more discipline guys in the heat draws. Jeff Clark is the contest director and due to age , has lost his peak to be the charger he was 15 years plus ago.
    And nobody can beat Shane Dorian @ 30ft plus faces.

  • http://none Amazing Mike (california)


  • bill

    Laird doesn’t surf anymore. He only SUPs and tows. He has “evolved” past surfing. He’s excellent at snaking people though on his paddle- bored.

  • Kai Olohea

    Where is the Chilean Ghost, Ramon Navarro? Not even as an alternate???

  • theodore tester

    Why can’t the techies get it together and invent an electric ‘ earth friendly ‘ high
    performance jet ski ? ( Similar to the Tesla Road rig ! ). Inquirin’ Minds need to
    know ! Runnin’ pigged-out gas jet skis at Maverick’s is like ridin’ a Harley
    Soft Tail up the main aisle of St. Peter’s Church in Rome ! Peace OUTTTTTTTT !

  • Steven Baldwin

    Greg Long Will Win This One………..

  • p-money

    Its gonna be a great contest! Laird: get on a plane there’s still time. As for all the pwc users, dont blow it out there! Too bad there’s gonna be lots of traffic. On the road, water, and the air. Good luck to all, may the force be with you!

  • M Rothman

    I can’t believe they’re are running this contest in 12 ft or smaller surf. It’s like holding the Eddie at pinballs. Pathetic JClark!!!

  • Jorge Martins de Carvalho Jr.

    Go Laird Hamilton , go ! Oops ! Don´t forget to take your counch with you … so you can make your comments about how to finish the drop on TV !