Mavericks Clean-Up Set Video

| posted on February 16, 2010
  • al-bot

    oh my god, that poor lady’s leg was gnarly!

  • jo-nugs

    bye, bye bitches

  • Patty

    This may be one of the lamest things I have ever seen! What were the contest coordinators thinking !?? Or Not thinking!???

  • ???

    Damn, was anybody watching the contest a surfer??? It looks like preschool out early and the old floks escaped the home!

  • Gavin Vanstone

    @??? no they were all spectators there was a huge swell hitting the entire coast and that was more important than watching people ride waves. also all the usual mav’s chargers were in the lineup surfing it when there was a break in the competition

  • whamo

    Dang me! I hate missing these once-in-a-decade swells. I’m too old and too sick to surf anymore, but I would love to be out there charging.