Matt Wilkinson Arrested In Newport Beach

Australian World Tour Competitor jailed for being drunk in public.

| posted on October 30, 2011

Matt Wilkinson was arrested in Newport for being drunk in public.

Pro Surfer Wilkinson Arrested in Newport Beach
as reported in the Newport Beach Independent

Professional surfer Matthew “Wilko” Wilkinson, 23, of Copacabana, New South Wales, Australia, was arrested by Newport Beach police near Balboa Boulevard and 18th Street on Saturday for public intoxication, according to the NBPD.
Officers responded to a call of a male subject laying in the street in the area, said Newport Beach Police Department spokeswoman Kathy Lowe.

According to, the rockstar-like Aussie surfer, who is ranked 18th in the world, decided to make Newport Beach his home for the summer.

Wilkinson has “established himself as one of the world’s most exciting young surfers, not to mention one of the ASP World Tour’s most entertaining characters,” according to Wilkinson surfs on the Ripcurl team.

Last month, he started a blog on the ASP website, which includes photos of him partying, and carries the disclaimer “Some content may only be suitable for adults.” One photo of two women kissing has the caption, “i love cali.”

Wilkinson has had success on the ASP tour, winning the O’Neill Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz last year to establish himself.

  • Archy

    Wilko is the man. SURF all day PARTY all night!

  • SJH

    Typical anti social behaviour by these so called proffessional athletes and they wonder why people do not give them any respect or credibility until the ASP stamps out this immature behaviour it will never move ahead ..pathetic

  • Dante

    Come on Wilko ! You should try to be a better “Role Model” for younger surfers ! This ain’t the “Aussie Pub Crawl” ! Do you want to be winning world titles when your 39 like Kelly ? Then clean up your act bro…Because otherwise your surfing talent could go down hill for sure. Ya we love ya Wilko, we love you more then to hear that you where arrested found drunk laying in the street ! Rise and shine Wilko !!!

  • Oswaldo

    Why is this newsworthy

  • barney

    Thats what happens when a kook Aussie parties in the OC.

  • Bushman

    Don’t harsh his mellow, bros. He was just looking for a little shelter. It happens to the best of us. Next time find the sand or a nice bush! Lesson learned.

  • martin

    cant believe this stupid moralists that come out here. man, if you cant have a couple of beers when you are 23, then when? this moralists are the kind of hipocrytes that claim to be role models, and then go get laid with some under age prostitute.
    Nobody expects a pro surfer to be a role model, if you want to follow that kind of athlete go watch volleyball or tennis man

  • GuruKey

    FREE WILKO ~ tell all my people, stop the madness,
    this is an outrage, call the governor ~ FREE WILKO

    FREE WILKO ~ tell all my people, stop the madness,
    this is an outrage, call my girl friend ~ FREE WILKO

    FREE WILKO ~ tell all my people, stop the madness,
    this is an outrage, call your mother ~ FREE WILKO

  • BVB

    One dimensional personality wrapped up in surfing ” culture.” Wilko, you ARE the new California and what better place for your lifestyle. Welcome Australia!

  • tom tom

    that wetsuit is classssssic!!!

  • Archy

    @”Martin” you are the man! The rest of you haters can go drink an O’doules. tools

  • joe blow

    You guys need to stop fanboying out.. who the f- cares if he gets arrested- get a life, he’s young and having fun.

  • TheYoungAndRestless

    Happy Halloween ghouls!! Now lets go party!! Oh and you little angles, stay home and hand out candy!!

  • Barncle Blaster

    anyone who calls it “the OC” is an even bigger barney, Barney.

  • cheyne

    yaaaa wilko…ur a legend!!!

  • http://expat jim griffin

    newport had its days and they are long gone.the police in newport have become unbelievably fkd in the last 10 to 15 years .why o.c wilco go home ,and get away from there before you catch yourself a virus.

  • Whamo

    Wilko, if you need a criminal attorney, call up Ricardo Nicol in Santa Ana.

  • Bill Burke

    Visting Surfers,
    Up here in Morro Bay we gotta saying about D.I.P. :
    Come to Morro on vacation….leave on probation!
    Beware of MBPD……

  • luke

    Wilko you rule 4 sure , i wish i was ther to hide you from the pigs . If you hadent been so wasted you could have given the pigs a high five and said listen mr policeman i just won the coldwater classic and the quicky contest and im about to rip the world tour apart ,so do you know what time it is ? And the pig replies no what time is it ? And you say time you got out of my face fool or you will meet my friend pain . Then the pigs jump into ther patrol car put the siron on and get the fck out of town bra .Mean wile you grab another beer in one hand and grab the hottest babe in newport in the other arm . enough said bra from the rare Luko