Day 2: Martinez disqualified

Fireworks (verbal and otherwise) on the second day of competition

| posted on September 07, 2011

Bobby Martinez and Todd Kline. Confusing, awkward and controversial. Photo: Ellis

Bobby Martinez’s competitive surfing career ended with a bang at the Quiksilver Pro today after another on-camera meltdown where he tore into the ASP. The outburst resulted in Martinez being disqualified from the event despite winning his heat against Bede Durbidge

Transcription of the interview:

“First of all, I’d like to say (an the ASP are going to fine me) ‘cuz I don’t want to be a part of this dumb f***ing wannabe tennis tour. All these pro surfers want to be tennis players. They want to do a halfway cutoff. How the f*** is somebody who’s not even competing against our caliber of surfers ahead of 100 of us on the one world ratings. They’ve never been here. They’ve never fucking made the right to surf against us, but now we’re ranked upon them. Come on now. That’s Bullshit. That’s why I ain’t going to these stupid contests no more. This is my last one because FTW, my sponsors is here and I just tell it like it is. This is my last one and I don’t like tennis. I don’t like the tour… Who gives a f***? You know what I mean?”

“I’ve been here before. I love this city. I’ll tell you right now, if my sponsor wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here for this dumb contest. ASP? They f***ing…surfing’s going down the drain thanks to these people.” —Bobby Martinez

Bobby isn’t known for doing himself favors, but even he couldn’t have anticipated being disqualified from the event for his outburst. A fine, maybe. After all, when Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores got into a fight at a contest site on the Gold Coast this year, Flores was allowed to surf in the Quik Pro (he later injured himself and withdrew anyway). You know what they say about sticks and stones…they lead to double standards.

Martinez announced last month that the Quiksilver Pro, NYC would be his last World Tour event. He was scheduled to face Slater in Round 3, who now gets a ticket directly to Round 4.

Apart from the verbal fireworks, there was some exceptional surfing in some very good conditions. But after that tirade, you’ll no doubt find it hard to concentrate.

New York was always going to be the antithesis of the death-defying barrels we saw in Tahiti, but with a perfect punt-wind blowing into the right handers the afternoon heats became an aerial shootout of epic proportions.

Being that this was the first day of elimination surfing at the final event before the mid-year rotation there was a lot riding on every heat, especially for those riding the bubble of requalification.

The editors have to be joking with the song choice for Bobby’s heats on demand video…

P.S. I couldn’t not mention how Cory Lopez got absolutely robbed by the judges this morning. You decide…

Heat 1: Mick Fanning (AUS) 15.20 def. Balaram Stack (USA) 7.06
Heat 2: Owen Wright (AUS) 14.07 def. Asher Nolan (USA) 11.33
Heat 3: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 12.10 def. Keanu Asing (HAW) 9.00
Heat 4: Bobby Martinez (USA) 14.06 def. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 13.73
Heat 5: Fredrick Patacchia (HAW) 13.10 def. Michel Bourez (PYF) 11.27
Heat 6: Damien Hobgood (USA) 13.13 def. Gabe Kling (USA) 10.00
Heat 7: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 17.93 def. Travis Logie (ZAF) 14.40
Heat 8: Kieren Perrow (AUS) 13.17 def. Cory Lopez (USA) 12.50
Heat 9: Adam Melling (AUS) 15.70 def. Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 13.97
Heat 10: Kai Otton (AUS) 13.50 def. Chris Davidson (AUS) 12.43
Heat 11: Brett Simpson (USA) 12.93 def. Taylor Knox (USA) 11.20
Heat 12: Patrick Gudauskas (USA) 14.93 def. Daniel Ross (AUS) 8.83

Heat 1: Taj Burrow (AUS) 17.10 def. Adam Melling (AUS) 12.87
Heat 2: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 15.60 def. Patrick Gudauskas (USA) 12.67
Heat 3: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 13.60 def. Tiago Pires (PRT) 12.73
Heat 4: Jadson Andre (BRA) 13.17 def. Damien Hobgood (USA) 7.93

Heat 5: Josh Kerr (AUS) vs. Raoni Monteiro (BRA)
Heat 6: Kelly Slater (USA) vs. Bobby Martinez *Will not be surfed. Martinez disqualified from competition.
Heat 7: Mick Fanning (AUS) vs. Fredrick Patacchia (HAW)
Heat 8: Kieren Perrow (AUS) vs. Alejo Muniz (BRA)
Heat 9: Adrian Buchan (AUS) vs. Heitor Alves (BRA)
Heat 10: Joel Parkinson (AUS) vs. Kai Otton (AUS)
Heat 11: Julian Wilson (AUS) vs. Brett Simpson (USA)
Heat 12: Owen Wright (AUS) vs. C.J. Hobgood (USA)

Taj Burrow on his way to one of the highest scores of the day. Photo: Ellis


Date: 7 September 2011
To: Bobby Martinez
Date of offence: 7 September 2011

Dear Bobby,
We are writing to officially notify you that you have breached Article 151, contained in the 2011 ASP International Rule Book (Rule Book).

Article 151 outlines that all Surfers shall not at any time damage the image of the sport of Surfing and can be found by clicking here.

Article 151 has been breached as a result of the numerous comments you made publicly in an interview on the webcast of the current ASP World Tour Event in New York City, which included the following language:

“First of all, I’d like to say (an the ASP are going to fine me) ‘cuz I don’t want to be a part of this dumb f***ing wannabe tennis tour. All these pro surfers want to be tennis players. They want to do a halfway cutoff. How the f*** is somebody who’s not even competing against our caliber of surfers ahead of 100 of us on the one world ratings. They’ve never been here. They’ve never fucking
made the right to surf against us, but now we’re ranked upon them. Come on now. That’s Bullshit. That’s why I ain’t going to these stupid contests no more. This is my last one because FTW, my sponsors is here and I just tell it like it is. This is my last one and I don’t like tennis. I don’t like the tour… Who gives a f***? You know what I mean?”
“I’ve been here before. I love this city. I’ll tell you right now, if my sponsor wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here for this dumb contest. ASP? They f***ing…surfing’s going down the drain thanks to these people.”
The interview was conducted on the event live webcast being watched by a global audience, which includes many young children.

Article 147 of the Rule Book provides the ASP Rules & Discipline Committee with the authority to decide appropriate penalties to be issued where there is a breach of the Rule Book.
After careful consideration of these comments and taking into account your multiple offenses of this Article during 2011 that clearly “efface a pattern of unacceptable conduct,” the Rules and Discipline Committee have approved the following action in accordance with Article 147.03 of the Rulebook:

Rule Breach: Article 151 – Damage to Surfing’s Image
Action: You are suspended from the ASP World Tour
IMMEDIATELY. You will not take part in the remainder of the World Tour Event currently underway in New York City. A
Rules and Discipline Report will be submitted to the ASP Board of Directors to consider expulsion for the remainder of the 2011 Surfing Season. Your suspension will remain in place until such time that the ASP Board of Directors have considered the Report.
Please refer to the ASP Rulebook at the link here for your rights to appeal this decision. Should you wish to have a written submission considered with the Rules and Discipline Report to be considered by the ASP Board of Directors in relation to this incident, please send it to before 12 September 2011.

Yours Sincerely,
ASP Rules and Disciplinary Committee

Taj Burrow set the pace for the afternoon heats with airs like this. Photo: Ellis

Wildcard Balaram Stack put on a good show, but lost to Mick Fanning in the first heat of the day. Photo: Ellis

Adriano de Souza took down Pat Gudauskas in a high-flying affair. Photo: Ellis

  • dman

    I agree with Bobby. What kind of PRO system has a half year cutoff?????

    ASP makes zero sense and will NEVER make the big time, they arent even on TV

  • Miguel Otero


    The reality is that the new people that will enter the CT after the cut off will never conted for the tittle, so we can conclude that this points system and the cut off is completely wrong, something has to be squared out to be fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why does a prime event winner get 6500 points and a 4 star winner gets only a 1000 points. To be fair if a prime winner gets 6500 points equivalent to a CT quarter finalist then a 4 star winner should get 3250 point equivalent to a prime quartfinalist. All This is really hurting the young bloods trying to get it to the primes events also,.

    A Major league baseball player does not have to play AAA to earn a spot on a teem, they already proved to the world that they are worthy of being major leage players when they played AAA. I belive that surfers near the cut off should be the only one doing Prime Events to get their scores up.


  • VidalC

    Disq from an event and possible suspension for rest of season because Bobby dropped the F bomb on you? Shame on you, ASP. You’re acting like a spoiled brat. If you had taken the higher ground and not threw him out, you wouldve accomplished what you intended all along-male Bobby look like a ranting fool. Instead you’ve proven the very point he’s making about the ASP.

  • jason brunner

    bullshit i dont think this was a negitive act at all . may not be liked what he said but being where in american the land of free speach , id take the whole asp tour to court ,for 1st amendment violations . He didnt say he wanted to hurt anyone caus eharm just that he thinks whats happening in the pro contests are no to his likeing which under the first amendment is his god givin right . take them to court for emotional stress to . go bobby speak your mind

  • To Miguel Otero

    So the tops(or lows like Bobby) cant run a couple of Primes from time to time? I mean, they have great seed for it, don’t they?

    Then get your lazy ass to work(?)!!!

    (?) They are paid to surf and cant run a couple of primes… Oh dear God, what hard labor those boys have to endure! Poor, brothers!

  • Glenn Gould

    Perfectly stated Miguel! Bobby is not an obsequious sheep and has his own opinions. Fuck the ASP and their boring corporate tour schedule.


    I couldn’t agree more that this makes zero sense. What is someone from the WQS gonna do against the top 25? besides not win a world title and make it easier for KS to win number 11.. cause he is going to. I also don’t understand why their is a top 40.. we only need to see the top 25 cause we all know whos gonna win and who isn’t. I also don’t undertand why we have two events on tour that are so boring.. drop brasil already cause its horrible!! Also it took KS to miss JBAY and surf Cloudbreak for the ASP to weak up and bring this event back. So many things wrong with something that could be so good.. just sayin

  • tony

    I quite enjoyed the competition today, and had a good laugh at Bobbys interview. I’m not too sure he should have gotten disqualified, it surprised me for sure. I was looking forward to watch the matchup between him and S11ater but i guess the world No. 1 (deservedly so) will just move on to Round 4. Whatever. I just wish Quiksilver had a Heat Analyzer thing like Tahiti so i could watch the whole heat instead of watching highlights with music over the top. few hours of entertainment turned into 2 minutes of highlights and a quick check at the results.

  • Simon george

    Cory Lopez totally got snubbed by the judges! Dude surfed way better on his waves than perrow!!! FIX

  • Mighty B

    Speak your mind, no worries. But Booby is just a D Bag anyway.
    He was making BIG money at reef and said f**k you to them. He said
    F**k you to Al Merrick after all those years in SB. Then goes back to riding them..
    He gave the middle finger to O’Neill so they dropped him…

    He’s the guy we all know, you know the cat who is always blaming someone else
    for the shit he’s created in his mind. Is the ASP right all the time, hell no! In fact they
    need some retooling big time, but Bobby is simply put, just a D bag.

  • Jeff

    Who would want to watch this crap on TV anyways? If it was the Dream Tour maybe, but this New York event has certainly turned out to be a pile of brown watered down Crap. Bobby is right and anyone that works for the ASP is a douche. Sorry to tell you “Pro Surfers”, but you don’t deserve millions of dollars a year and the fact that Quik is throwing a million $ at crap waves just because it can makes me sick. Use that $ to go and fix one of the many places around the world that you have ruined. Bob McKnight can suck my left nut…

  • ASP sellouts

    We love Bobby for speaking his mind.
    And ASP, Bobby isn’t the only one wondering why half you fools have jobs.
    ASP = gutless wonders who would rather have man children beneath them, and not have anyone attempt to utter anything other than their Marxist protocols. All hail ASP dictators…as we march with surfboards, goose-stepping around the beach.

  • Tony

    Surfing has been rebellious for quite some time, and it totally adds to the “sport”. The anger-fueled rant by B just added to surfing in my opinion. Just adds facets to an extremely variable activity that surfing is. A free, beautifully intune activity.
    So I beg the question- Does surfing really want to make a turn towards tennis?
    Actually, I dont care.

  • Daniel

    I totally agree with Bobby Martinez. This ASP Tour makes no sense at all.
    But something else Bobby didn’t mentioned that is wrong is the judging criteria of ASP. Cory Lopez won that heat for sure. This type of judging is what makes surfers don’t care about professional surfing at all. Another exemple was that heat where Adriano de Souza won in the quarter-finals against Owen Wright the event in Rio. If the conditions were so bad that a floater could worth 8 points there shouldn’t be a contest. I’m brazilian and I thought Owen should have won that heat

  • Jeremy

    I think some of you are missing the point. They didn’t disqualify Bobby for his opinion. It was for the retarded, expletive laden rant he gave live on the internet in front of hundreds of thousands of people which include my 4 year old son.
    Pathetic Bobby. Grow up mate.


    Bobby could have easily qualified for the mid year cut. If he had gotten a 9th at JBay and a 5th in Tahiti (which he has won twice) and the 13th that he has already gotten in NY, he would be well in the top 32. It seems like he was over the tour and wanted to take the tour down with him. Immature and disrespectful behavior. He had more respect than half the tour for his surfing and cool attitude now he is a punk. Wish we had the old Bobby back

  • Tony

    Bobby is a legend. True surfer. Smokes da pipe. Surfs backside. Skips da bullshit. Rakes the money. Drinks coconuts. FTW. New York. Hurricane Katia. Three somes. And then somes.

  • CM

    I was on the beach in Long Beach this morning, Cory and Wilko both got ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUDGING Def. Seems suspect at this event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amaya Planer

    Not too smart to be swearin in front of little kids but all the same, Bobby made a point there should be a proper debate about

  • nick

    The ASP tour and the surf industry at large is a corrupt money making cabal that has ruined surfing and should be boycotted by surfers.

  • Bobbyisagoose!

    This is just another example of Bobby carrying on like the prize d**khead that he is. I don’t necessarily disagree with him, but unfortunately for him, the surfers were as much involved in the process of devising the new system as the ASP. For him to go out and make these comments on a live broadcast is just ridiculous, especially when the stupid child won his heat. Same as his stupid tirade and carry on at Bells after WINNING his heat. I think he’s just bitter because he isn’t good enough, and knows it, and he knows that he definitely isnt good enough to make it as a freesurfer. Just another loser who will, fortunately pale into the insignificance that he deserves.

  • http://nnrips Kev

    Cory didnt get ripped. Watch the heats, watch the turns and really watch the lateral turns!!

  • mikeykrack

    Bobby you may be right about the ASP.. and maybe money is not everything, but when you are broke and working at a gas station I bet you will rethink some of your decisions.

    Last time I checked he is not really lighting up the mags ether. Sometimes in life we get lemons….Homie its time to make lemonade.

    Hope for your sake FTW is huge. Cuz WTF is WTF Talk about a tennis tour..

    You need a better life coach bra…

    Too bad you will be missed…

  • Matt O ‘Brien

    ALL YOU “This is the USA crap” and “Freedom of speech crap” are you serious. Go yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater (you will be arrested and will NOT win in court, because it is NOT protected under 1st Amendment) sorry for the truth. Fact is, 1st Amendment is for POLITICAL speech – not F-BOMBS! I really can’t handle USA citizens complete lack of understanding concerning OUR Constitution. Buy a copy of one – or read it online – and learn the thing before you make stupid comments concerning such document. Sound like of bunch of uneducated children! Sheesh, next people will be calling for 2nd Amendment Solutions to heat results they don’t agree with. Bobby broke the rules – and HE KNEW HE WAS WHEN HE DID – so he got the HEAT. Wanna act like a thug – gonna get punished like one.

  • Matt O’Brien

    other thing that is funny – while I don’t agree totally w/ the mid-year cutoff, I do remember before the talk/implication of cutoff WE the fans used to bitch about the “dead weight” back-half of the tour. So it changes and we bitch. If they change it back we’ll bitch, if they change to something EVEN better – we’ll bitch. Surfer bitch, it’s a Fact.
    THAT outta the way: Bobby made valid points, just can’t throw F-BOMBS like it’s going out of style on live webcast, live TV:/fuel tv / BRAZIL / Hawaii. If he would have kept a couple F-BOMBS to himself (like all of them!) maybe JUST Maybe he would surfing against Kelly in RD3 instead of FTWing it all! Who knows? But rues are rules are rules (even IF surfers hate rules)…

  • Paul

    Cory, ABSOLUTELY GOT ROBBED!!!! Speed, power, flow, variety? I thought that was the criteria? Is it me or does it seem that the ASP has their “favorites” that they’re over scoring so that they can make the cut? If that’s the case, why even have a 6 month cut-off? Advantage, KP for being a surfer’s rep and Set and Match against Cory for having previous history with the judges bad scoring (Rip Curl Search, Chile). I think Bobby has seen this “favoritism” first hand, thus his rant at Bells this year and now. Another point to mention, by penalizing Bobby, not that he shouldn’t have been ( I love the guy but, there are better ways to handle it ), you give Kelly the walk to round 4 which is totally unfair to anyone else close to contention for a world title. Kelly doesn’t need the help to get there and they’re making everyone else work harder to advance. Plus, I WANT TO SEE KELLY SURF! It would’ve been a great heat! Lastly, I thought that the music they picked for Bobby’s heat replay was kinda funny BUT blatantly unprofessional and petty for the ASP and QuikS and truly showed that Bobby got to them and that they were going to exact some sort of retribution. Discuss…..

  • MIk

    I like Bobby Martinez. I like the ASP. I like to surf. I too, have a foul mouth at times… So really, for me, I don’t see any problem that can’t be resolved via consensus. But after the year is over. I would have liked to see Bobby finish the contest, but given the cut-off point situation among the WCT bottom half, I’m kinda stoked that Bobby is out. It kinda makes him a nice guy, at least for those guys whom he might have beaten in NYC, ya? So far, its been an entertaining contest, but I adhere to the opnion that the $1M would have been better spent paying the WCT to surf Teachupo’o…………………….. They deserve the money for the risk taken on every wave.

  • “auggie” costantino

    Unless the highlight clip is missing one of Cory’s waves……I believe the judging was accurate. Kieren’s moves projected him more powerfully than Cory’s. but ASP needs to fix their system if they want the World to acknowledge them as a real sport worth investing time and energy following.I understand Bobby’s frustrations!

  • Mik

    Matt O’Brian: settle down brah. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. You aren’t the surfer nanny for America, eh. it’s all relative. there are times to swear and times not to. He chose that time, clearly. He manned up, in the way he felt. He knows the consequences. I like Bobby. He’s rad. Surfing isn’t Tennis. He’s right. No one dies on a tennis court. People do die at the places that count on tour. Maybe the cut-off thing isn’t fair. Let the WTC guys decide. He made his decision today.

  • bryan giguere

    crazy! he is (bobby) ! he just has alot of hate in his heart. right now. If he really doesn’t like the tour- then who made him do this contest. Took him Ten years to ge on he tour. Now all he wants to do is bash it. He wanted to his this comp so bs on his sponser and to him! He is a fake! They planned this exit with him! What does wft mean! common sence! If he really did not want to do New York ,he would just quitely bow out before it started. He new excatly what he was doing. Its a big stage and look!!! we all are responding to it. @#$% him and his attitude. He rips! but he has no class. I’m sure AL Merrick is super bummed on how he represented his brand today! Asp does have it issues! but it is functioning right now weather we or he likes or not. Look how we all r sucked into it. He (Bobby) remides me a a wanna thug form Riverside cali! maybe we will see him in Ten years when he grows up. I lost all respect for him today he proved tome excatly what he is.

    Bummed for Cory!he got robbed!

  • Federer

    Hey! Leave tennis out of this!

  • alex

    As guilty as the ASP is of all of the accusations that bobby was making, bringing up the matter without saying “f**ck” so many times might have given him and his argument more credibility. That being said, Bobby, continue to speak your mind, but if you actually want to inspire change, then maybe consider presenting it in another way.

  • Tom

    Cory Vs KP. As mentioned by ‘PAUL’ the criterea does include: Speed, Power, Flow. It also says something about critical moves in critical parts of the wave. KP was surfing in the pocket, partly to do with wave selection also cause he was using his rail. As for flow KP was swooping from one turn to the next, Cory was milking it. Again partly to do with wave selection. One good off the lip, is as good as about 3 cut backs as far as I am concerned. Love Cory and KP, but the judging was fair!

  • jojo

    oh, stop the whining all you paranoid, conspiracy theorist dingbats. recycling the same old tired, useless rants about the death of surfing’s soul. the ASP is not north korea. hell, it’s not even the PGA. it is what it is: a relatively small sporting organization that is–gasp!–interested in promoting itself and making money. without the ASP and companies like quiksilver, all of your lazy, armchair critic asses wouldn’t even be able to watch live contests or make these braindead comments on surf mag websites. i’m convinced whining is the new american pasttime. and yes, the first amendment protects you and all the other self-pitying whiners in this country–like mr. martinez. but that was never its intended purpose. you know what IS truly american, though? counting one’s blessings. being appreciative of the fact that you actually have a job in this dying economy. i’m a big fan of bobby’s surfing and his candor, but the guy lives a dream, gets paid good money to play in the ocean, and he refuses to stop bitching about it. he sounds and behaves like a spoiled child. the dude’s got some legitimate gripes, but if he wants the people in power to listen, he should probably learn to deliver the message in a way that doesn’t sound illiterate. speaking your mind does not mean you have anything to say.

  • Taters

    Bobby seems like he’s on crack: all wiry, shifty, and edgy. With that attitude and apparently a third-grade education, He’s bad for the image of the sport. Like it or not, pro surfers are role models, and Bobby is a bad role model. Good riddance.

  • paul parizeau

    It’s a game, not perfect, but fun to watch. It would have been fun to watch Bobby and Kelly surf. That would’ve had some sparks!

  • kevin rivera

    The ASP is scared of words, not drugs and alcohol. and fights
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH is in the country’s constitution.
    This is the first a athlete has been eliminated for words
    & In New York where people ALWAYS speak their minds.
    FTW and Quiksilver…

  • Samsonator

    This is the most exciting thing to happen in this comp. Very good conditions?? You kidding?? It’s very average conditions. Quiksilver’s bottom line is obviously so bad that they need to hold a comp in this dump to sell more of their NFL boardshorts. Can’t wait for the event in San Fransisco – heard the surf pumps there! yawn.

  • Jose Sandoval

    Ordelay Bobby!

  • TWON

    i cried when cory lost that heat,,, i hate keiren perrow and his crap old man surfing,,, he reminds me of the guy you hate at trestles cause he never hits the good sections, just speed lines through everything

  • Jose

    Cocaine is hell of a drug!

  • asdfSURFER

    Isn’t this a SURFING contest. Suspension? Please… For verbal abuse? “Damage the image of the sport of Surfing” The ASP is enforcing this rule? The same ASP that overtakes surf spots, robbing innocent local’s ability to surf their spot so a privileged few can paddle out.

  • dman

    well it seems quik really wants kelly to win…I cant understand why swearing gets you booted from an event. A fine and warning is all that was needed… ASP=JOKE

  • Phillip

    Bobby made a brash and foolish interview and deserves to get kick off the tour. His stupid behavior and arrogant persona should not be tolerated in elite surfing. Why surf the event Bobby? He was asking for this… However, I have to agree the ASP has some very obvious problems. The judging was suspect and the venue is lame; professional surfing needs to reevaluate its future.

  • Surf4pax

    I’ve seen more than my share of unfair heats… Yes, there is some talent there for sure… but let’s be honest, the sponsors have a material influence in the fortunes of the competing surfers… Look a certain way… act a certain way… It’s marketing 101 and in my opinion all they’ve done is gone back to the same ol’ “tried and true” formulaic approach of selling the image of surfing and that simply blows. We had chances of progressing in the 80s, 90s and the previous decade but we just kept falling back on old stereotypes while reintroducing some of the most negative ones at the same time. The sponsors and surf media sugarcoat some of the worst aspects while picking their scapegoats. What a shame. The toll paid has been huge and sure, in some cases deserved. Of course, I take nothing away from Kelly Slater and the many great champions of the past, but we gotta be honest to ourselves. On an individual basis many of us practice our passion with love and aloha, collectively however, we’ve allowed our passion to lose its soul in some respects… Whatevs…

  • Dante

    So much drama ! Bobby Martinez has his points about the ASP, the cut off mid-year and all ! But poor choice of words as expression of frustration for sure Bobby ! Maybe he is just burnt out on that scene, and also the new younger talent that is challenging with all the above the lip moves and all, makes him feel a bit older in not the best sense of older ! Obiously Kelly does not have this problem as seen in his U.S. Open Victory and then again inTahaiti ! Bobby can always go back to laying brick with his dad and free-surf-rip at Rincon when it is firing ! He will still get the attention there he seems to want…Maybe not the 300,000.00 though ! Sorry Bobby, take a course in public speaking ! You will be the better for it in the long run …

  • bruce

    Bobby get kicked out for his opinion and dropping the F Bomb.

    Jeremy Flores can take part in a vicious assault but is allowed to take part in the next event. being sponsored by quik most likely helped him.

    How can the ASP write Bobby a letter but publicly display it

    An interesting character has left

    A clone will replace him.

    Bobby is Epic and a legend

  • MC Gusto

    Me -“Yo Bobby! wanna smoke some crack?” Bobby- “No, why? you got some?”

  • mister g

    Surfing is as filthy a business as any. The ASP aren’t criminals, it just doesn’t help when the governing body openly shows double standards.

    There’s a reason people have lawyers to negotiate/ argue – Bobby highlighted why. Less f*&ks would have set him up better to air his grievances. ASP did the right thing.

    That said ‘when Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores got into a fight at a contest site on the Gold Coast this year, Flores was allowed to surf in the Quik Pro (he later injured himself and withdrew anyway)’….

    Hmm….I wonder why Flores was allowed to surf? It’s a joke.

    And I admire Kelly Slater as a true legend no doubt. A brilliant man. But as long as he is continually overscored by 0.5’s and 1’s it’s going to make it very difficult for a true challenge to come through. The ASP want to keep their cash cow at the top for as long as poss.

    Anyhow, just a sport – I’m going surfing now.

  • jose quinones

    q clase de pendejo. no haces ver mal a los latinos. En puerto rico lloraste la misma mierda. dale el espacio a alguin q sepa surfear. te cortastes las patas sin tener piernas. q bruto.

  • Phil

    Think it boils down to a poor contest format.

    Rounds 1 & 2 are basically pointless. Why not replace round 1 with 36 wildcrads from WQS – 3 man heat structure( 2 go through). Round 2 is same format as now round 1 but it’s 2 do through. Then you have one extra round where ( loser seed vs loser wildcard) & ( winner wildcard vs winner seed). There’s no downside.

    Existing round 2 is basically seed pampering. If you come last in round 1 then think u should get over it and accept your loss. ??

  • Outsider

    He sounds like he is pissed about something that I don’t quite understand. It looks like from the comments that he has valid points. But people oppose the way in which he handled himself. Would he even have been heard if he didn’t drop bombs. There is clearly a problem. I was glad for Kelly Slater winning the last event, but I wasn’t glad is that he won yet again, when he looked like he was out surfed. Time to get real me thinks. Thanks Bobby but bring it back again man. I don’t think your career is over as this headline suggests. If it is then you were right on yet a whole other level. Understand though that the “tennis show” is necessary to put food on the table. Hundreds of Thousands of people now live off of surfing, however ASP are not the be all and end all of surfing by any means.

  • Greg

    Bobby is so damn fun to watch. I’m wondering if he’ll be back?
    Sounds like this time, he sealed it. But what the hell do I know?. They change their opinion on things all the time.

  • kevin cee

    Love it when people say bobby manned up. MEN DONT ACT LIKE THAT. Spoiled look at me children do.

  • bob

    Well, he might be a good surfer, but he has as much intelligence as a gnat. He sounds like he attended the YO MOMMA university, you know the one where the first two words they learn are Mother and F***er. What a pity for so many people especially young children had to hear this filthy mans rhetoric. Thank you for getting rid of him and good job for the people running this contest.

  • G

    Speaking of tennis…
    A far more effective way to voice one’s complaints and opinions.

  • Jay

    Bobbys an ass, its too bad because he could be good if mouth didnt get in the way.

  • J$

    Cory got robbed blind, are you kidding me? And then Kierens like Idk you just gotta change it up, suck it up and admit the judges are smokin crack and blew the call. Cory Wins! Asp is a joke these days!

  • Franklin Brock Lutz

    i agree 100%. ASP is going to lose on this deal confusing an allready confused adience, is going to cost…alot. Its too bad Bobby had to take on for the team.

  • Michelle Ronca

    Taking the good with the bad!! All of you have put me in a super good mood!! I Appreciate everything about surfing!!!

  • clay

    It appears to me that the ASP recent actions regarding it ruling on Bobby Martinez, say more about the ASP than Mr Martinez. The ASP looks spineless and out of control by it’s actions. ASP appears to be an insecure organization seizing the only opportunity it really has ever had to assert itself in a situation where (in this case it incorrectly assumes) it has nothing to lose. But in fact ASP has everything to lose by it’s poor judgement. ASP opened a window to its weak rulebook and it’s manipulations. ASP shows very poor judgment by going overboard and making an example of a Mr Martinez, someone who deserves a fine. To my knowledge AI, Bruce and Kelly have not been thrown out of competitions for their tirades. And they made it easier for Kelly Slater to advance ( a widespread perception which hurts the sport). Looking at the follow-up interviews, clearly Kelly felt awkward and Taj and other surfers were unsettled by the ASP’s actions. A more secure organization could sustain verbal criticism…. and put a fine on Quiksilver and/or sponsors for any unedited language and a fine on Mr Martinez for the same.

  • Robin Maroney

    Cory vs. Kierren: The judging seemed to be giving Shea’s points to Kieren and Kieren’s to Shea. Watching to heat replay makes it easy to see who threw the best maneuvers, who was more committed to their turns, floaters, and critical positioning. BLATANT rip off. The fact that there was so much on the line in terms of dollars and rating points, it makes the bad judging that much harder to stomach.

  • amosandy

    There are so many worthless stupid comments on this overblown tempest in a tea pot. First of all Bobby is one of the absolute best surfers walking the planet!!! Period!!! He is legitimately pissed at the cut off and his comments were right on the mark though obviously not as well stated as they could have been. I could give a shit if Bobby is a d-bag, a druggie or walked on some sponsor. The plain fact is: He’s paid his dues and earned his way onto the tour. And now he’s cuts loose after delivering a public opinion. The ASP is more worried about what some Dad on the internet watching a contest with his 4 year old hears then what it’s pro surfer actually has to say. Screw the internet audience. The contest is for the top 40 not for some over weight couch potato in the audience or on the beach. I hope every surfer on the tour stands up for Bobby and tells the ASP in no uncertain terms: Trestles doesn’t happen unless Bobby is right back where he’s suppose to be on the tour. ASP…grow a pair!!!!

  • Kimo

    When are professional athletes going to learn that there is no intrinsic value to being able to dunk a basketball, hit a ball with a stick, or catch a touchdown pass? The only value is in how much money their image can make for their sponsors. Martinez probably appeals to a certain segment of the population and this rant may work out for him with his brand since they are probably not going for the responsible-adult image anyway. By the way, I always know when someone starts out by saying “I just speak the truth” that it is going to be followed by some self-righteous rant. He might be a great guy off camera but he has a lot of growing up to do and could certainly make his points with a lot more class.


    You know, to all the idiots that keep thrashing Bobby, you can really tell who knows and practices the sport and who doesn’t or sees it as pro-tennis, I’ve been surfing all my life, Bobby has put in the time, has earned the right to speak his mind out,and simply because you are a “pro” surfer, does not give the ASP right to walk all over every surfer participating in the pro-circuit, let’s be honest here, the ASP is all about the $$$, it’s all about those ugly NFL board shorts Quiksilver is coming out with, and this type of outspokenness from the surfers is not good for business, but every one that follows surfing and is a surfer him/herself,knows that this has been happening since the 80’s, since the late 90’s with Sunny Garcia and the WolfPak’s beef, against who else? the ASP for the Eddie Aikau controversy, and it’s always the ASP in the middle not giving anyone the right to speak out or even express their opinions; I’m sorry but if you think that Bobby should conduct himself more professional than this then you don’t know the first thing about surfers, pros or not, and maybe you should be watching Tennis

  • Kerry

    Bobby added lotsa color to the New York. And yes I agree he said the truth poorly.

    The Association should have made sure their was a delay.

    The Association should have fined him.

    The way I see it one strike=Bobby.
    Two strikes the ASP.

    Get Bobby back! the guy is the, pardon the association, John Patrick McEnroe of surfing!!!

  • nadal

    viva el tenis.