| posted on December 01, 2010
  • http://Facebook Dawn Gaines-Taylor

    Florida’s Gulf Coast will be missing its BIGGEST FISH the next time anyone paddles-out. Yancy Spencer III, age 60, suffered chest pains while surfing in Malibu, CA. He was in California visiting his beautiful daughter, Abigail and her family. YS3 passed away from a heart attack. He is survived by his three, beautiful & amazingly talented children and wife Lydia: His sons are: Yancy Spencer IV & Sterling Spencer, both gifted surfers in their own right and his lovely daughter, actress, Abigail Spencer. Yancy III was a Gulf Coast icon and founder of Innerlight Surf Shops. He was also a shaper of surfboards under his own name as well as AGP: Atlantic-Gulf-Pacific Surfboards 1971-1974 with Legendary shaper and best friend, Hank Warner of Pacific Beach, CA. and Jimbo Brothers of Virginia Beach. BZR Turner of Pensacola Beach, FL was the AGP #1 team guy and also a dear friend of the deceased. As a child who grew-up at Pensacola Beach, FL and can’t recall surfing, much less a day at the beach, without someone mentioning BIG YANCE, Yancy Spencer or Innerlight Surf Shops I am, uncharacterisitically, at a loss for words. YSIV-“Quattro/Cuatro” to friends & Sterling will no doubt continue to shine their ‘inner-lights’ on the Gulf Coast surf scene, however there will be an extra pair of unfillable flip-flops remaining in the sand, beside a pair of “FOOTPRINTS” due to YS3’s ascent with The Big Guy upstairs. No doubt he will still be “Catching air of the backside!.” Peace and love my fellow soul-surfers and may you all bid farewell to Yancy Spencer III as he now enjoys his eternal Endless Summer…~A hui hou kakou~Until we meet again!

  • zach

    Maybe cagefighting should be introduced at this years ASP?

    Surfers like to fight each other for waves. Happens everywhere.

    Let the strongest and toughest surf. Weaklings go home.