Let the Carnage Begin

| posted on August 16, 2010

Teahupoo doesn’t care if you’re a writer who struggles with backside tuberiding or a seasoned pro who has danced with the Tahitian tube for decades. If you make a mistake, she lets you know it—usually by beating your body senseless. And with the Air Tahiti Nui trials starting today, we thought we’d give you a little preview of the carnage. Enjoy the bloodletting.

  • Rich Woodcock

    Too bad it’s only gonna be three feet for the main event….doh!!!

  • zach

    4-cast sucks–waiting period needs to be extended -leave the pros there all year -good riddance!

    subjective surfing sucks -contests sucks -Slan Scumente where the Sewer meets the Sea – SUCKS

    Surfers suck -mags suck- waves suck – rip tides suck -billabong sucks -ripcurl sucks -oneill sucks

    big bucks sucks – sponsors suck – rules suck -some girls suck – hurley sucks –

    sucking sucks …