Leroy Grannis Passes Away

Legendary surf photographer passes away at the age of 93

| posted on February 04, 2011

Leroy Grannis enjoying his two greatest passions. Photo: John Grannis

Famed surf photographer Leroy Grannis passed away at the age of 93 in a Torrance nursing home on Thursday, according to his son John. He was a pivotal figure in the rise of surf photography in the 1960s, with the New York Times once calling Grannis the “godfather of surf photography.”

Later in his life, Grannis would go on to co-found International Surfing Magazine, which would later become Surfing Magazine, but stepped away from the industry in the early 1970s.

The images that he produced during the early years of surfing have proven to be some of the era’s most enduring. Inducted into both the Surfing Walk of Fame and the International Surfing Hall of Fame, Grannis’ contribution to the sport will live on forever.

  • tbone8

    Love the website guys, but seriously. Three pathetic paragraphs to honor the GREAT LEROY GRANNIS? How much has this guy contributed to the sport of surfing and photography? How many iconic surf photos have his name on them. Hope there is more coming!

  • sid sanders

    Agree. needs more. Cool kanvas by Katin’s he’s sporting too.