Kolohe Helps Tar-jey Build Surf Empire

| posted on January 20, 2010
Kolohe Andino joins forces with the bullseye. Photo: JP Van Swae

Kolohe Andino joins forces with the bull's-eye. Photo: JP Van Swae

It’s official. Not only has Tar-jey slapped a fat bull’s-eye on savings in clothing and home appliances, they’ve also made a giant leap in their burgeoning surf empire. Today, fifteen-year-old San Clemente native Kolohe Andino joined fellow surf superstar Carissa Moore as an ambassador of the Target surf team.

“I’m really excited to be working with Target,” said Andino. “It’s a brand I support and I’m proud to be surfing with the bull’s-eye on my board.”

And why not? With the deal, Andino joins the ranks of mega-brands of action sports like Shaun White and Mat Hoffman who’ve been enjoying their bull’s-eye endorsement for quite some time.

“We’re so happy to have Kolohe representing Target,” said Troy Michels of Target Lifestyle Marketing. “It’s clear that he is a natural fit for our brand. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Brother and look forward to supporting his progression for many years to come.”

Among the first things they could help facilitate is a new video game. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, the last notable attempt at pixilated surfing (published in 2002) is getting dusty, and we heard that Shaun White’s got something pretty special going…

  • hayward von max

    TARGET…great fro them…smart for them…but just more of the UNCORE Movement of the surf culture…
    1744 shops acropss America so soon ALL the kids can wear the same shite…sounds alot like QSilver, Billabong and the rest of the big boys jamming small core shops by going mass merchants way and opening brick and mortar shops acorss the street from the surf/skate/snow hops that built their brands…
    isn’t it ironic that Target, JC Penny, Kmart, Khols, and more mass merchants (uncool) are used in same sentence as Quicksilver…
    The big boy surf brand era is over…they will look back and regret themsleves seling out to make shareholders happy…
    NEVER have the balls agin to call yourselves “core”..leave that to the new core brands coming and going into the core shops today and tomorrow…
    Sell Outs.

  • oms

    wow…bailing on Billabong. The shark has been jumped

  • Marc Moore

    Speaking of core brands.

  • Simon

    One stop shopping gotta luv it
    Welcome to the future

  • Flipper

    the only constant is change…

  • chone

    i have to agree with the hayward post. then again whats to be expected. its sad to say that its a big corp takeover. since the internet came to be ,the true SOLE AND ADVENTURE has been stripped away from the sport anyway. “no before you go” says one website. what can the groms do now, go for the cash i guess. he’s set for life and so is his jobless dad. why not. its the best move for him.
    we used to go and stay because we did not know. its all clown now.
    sole is gone.

  • hayward von max

    You all make sense…i like the “only constant is change” – soul true…
    i guess it’s the way of the business world today…the surf world was once small and tight – now it’s global but still cool…something magic about the ocean and waves and the culture anyway…
    iwonder what the next “cool” will be?
    It is indeed the best move for him – you have to take the coin and run…it’s just so “un-core-cool”…
    OP was once the king of surf wear…now licenced in Wal-Mart…history proves brands naturally run their time…
    i have to believe the big boys are sliding down and the indie brands will emerge from the recession with new ‘cool’…

  • anon

    why in holy fuck would you leave billabong for target???

  • Linda

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