Kelly’s New Key

Slater presented with key to the city by the Mayor of Huntington Beach

| posted on June 22, 2011

Kelly Slater with a shiny new addition to his keychain. Photo: Lowe-White

On Tuesday afternoon, Kelly Slater was honored by Huntington Beach’s Mayor Joe Carchio as the latest recipient of the key to Surf City. He was given the key for his iconic 10 World Championships, his long and robust surfing career, and for his charitable work across the globe. Droves of Huntington Beach surf fans of all ages showed up to watch the ceremony on Main Street, which was shut down for the afternoon event. When the presentation ended, fans crowded the stage hoping to get autographs, bringing everything from Big Issue covers from the ’90s to a box of chocolate chip cookies in hopes of getting them signed by the Champ.

Mayor Joe Carchio bestows the Champ with Surf City's highest honor. Photo: Lowe-White

Hordes of surf fans flocked to the stage to watch the ceremony. Photo: Lowe-White

Slatermania in full effect. Photo: Lowe-White

  • Mik

    A well deserved award to embellish a phenomenal competitive surfer. Congrats Kelly.
    Keep it coming….

  • slightly stoopid

    An awesome athlete but I can’t help but scratch my head when I see the crowds. you would seriously stand out there to watch Kelly get a key??

  • Mik

    slightly stoopid: people are there because they respect Kelly’s achievements and his persona… 10 World Championships… An Eddie victory… Respected by his peers… Many things that you probably don’t have the capacity to feel or understand.

    slightly stoopid is, as slightly stoopid does, eh?

    • Amaryllis

      Very well said. It is a big deal.

  • slightly stoopid

    thanks Mik. love the instant ratcheting up of the aggression as soon as the norm is questioned. how typically American. no questioning slater’s accomplishments. see “an awesome athlete” in my initial post but was simply wondering if there wouldn’t be better things to do other than stand in some mall to await a “sighting” of the great man. i don’t know, play with kids, spend some time with loves ones, go surfing. anyway, was just a thought. good luck with the war & your budget deficit.

  • newps

    Slightly stoopid: I was in the front row, and waited with my family for about 45 minutes to watch KS get the “key” to HB. We didn’t go for just a mere “sighting”, because that is easy to achieve if you know the right surf breaks in OC. I went because KS is a fabulous role model for my son that is 8 years old, and aspires to be a pro surfer. It is incredibly rare these days to find a professional athlete that a parent feels comfortable calling a “role model”. KS lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle, and has worked exceptionally hard to be where he is today. I could not of thought of a better place to be with my loved ones a warm summer night after a long day of watching my son & his friends surf!