Kelly Wins at Kirra

Slater sounds off after his 52nd career win at the Quik Pro

| posted on March 12, 2013

Kelly Slater, chaired up the beach after defeating Parko in the Final at the 2013 Quik Pro. Photo: ASP/Kirstin

The 2013 Quik Pro Champion, Kelly Slater, on…

…winning the first event of the year:
I mean, they’re all equally important. It seems like sometimes, with the way the momentum goes and stuff, maybe it’s more important to win them at certain parts of the year. But at the beginning, you just want to get a fast start, and then see where everyone sets up.

The top-3 seeds got 1, 2, 3, and then Michel [Bourez] got in there with a good result. I knew that if I was going to get this far, I was expecting to surf against Joel and Mick to get there. You know, we’ve got a little bit of a head start I guess, now that John John [Florence] and Gabe [Medina] got hurt. But it’s a long year. A lot of things can happen, we could all get hurt, we could have a string of bad results, you never know. It was just fun today. I really wanted to surf Kirra.

…going into Finals day at Kirra:
I felt really relaxed. I was a little stressed earlier in the week, but I knew I was going have to be relaxed today to get past Mick, and get past Joel. No one could seem to stop this bastard [Parko]. It was great, it was a tough week for [Contest Director] Jake Patterson making the calls on where to surf, he’s got every one of us in his ear. And I think he, being on the other side of it, realizes how hard it is to be a contest director.

And then it comes down to the last day, and we get Kirra. It was epic. This has been my favorite spot since I was a little kid. I got to surf here when I was 15 years old, so it brings back a lot of good memories every time I get a good wave out here. I know it’s obviously Joel and Mick’s favorite wave, but what a day.

…a 2013 World Title hunt:
I’m committed to the Tour this year; I’ll just put my best effort in and see what happens. I’ve been sort of half-in, half-out for a lot of years, something about it seems to take the pressure off of me or something, and also I’m not as totally prepared as I should be, but yeah I want to be prepared and give it a go [in 2013]. I feel good, and you know…it’s fun.

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  • Matt O’Brien

    Kelly has a whole deck of cards worth of wins! Quik should make a deck!

  • big al

    awesome idea @matt, I’d buy 5 decks. can’t imagine jimmy slade would sanction such a premature memorabilia release though, as he’s certainly not the complacent type to rest on his laurels…especially since it appears there are more victories in the cards for the king

  • Lance Valente

    It is very unfortunate that Parko had to use his hand in an expression toward Kelly in the final as Kelly did have priority and was in no way going to let him take that wave and possibly take the lead, but I doubt that Kelly would have used the same hand jesture, only goes to show the inner mind workings of Parko dosen’t it!

  • goodidea

    Good idea, Matt! Some surf mag released some trading cards in the past couple years, can’t remember who. They were not the best quality, but it was cool to check the stats on the cards. Still have them stashed somewhere 🙂

  • Ben

    Take it easy Lance. Parko’s ‘hand jesture’ to Kelly in the final was all in good humour/tongue-in-cheak. When you purposly take these things out of context, just so you can get on your soap box, it shows your feeble inner mind workings.

  • aaron

    kelly rips at surfing!, and always keeps contest surfing entertaining!

  • David Nelson

    Reminds me of Kelly & Andy – a little rivalry and passion would be welcomed – bring it on!

  • Matty B

    Great start for Kelly and I hope the friendly rivalry between Mick, Parko and Kelly keeps pace through the year.

    Didn’t Transworld release the surfing cards in some of their issues a couple years back? I believe I have some still in the magazine.

  • fng

    Nice exclusive, not

  • Brad

    I take great pride in Kelly being from the East Coast!
    Hey, anybody remember Gary Propper? He was the East Coast Champion back in the second half of the ’60’s, when I was a grom. I have a 9’6″ Gary Propper Model Hobie in the rafters of my garage. Anyway, he was invited to the Duke Invitational at Sunset Beach for being the EC champ, and paddled back in (“too much water moving around out there”) as I recall, much to the derision of the Hawaiian surf community. So I figured we would always be low on the list, and here’s Kelly, ripping at 41 years (I’m 60) with 11 titles. And I’m sure GP managed to master the Hawaiian waves in the meantime.

  • matt obrien

    transworld did releasd ASP WCT cards for two years. collect em all, send a pic of yourself with all of em, get entered in a raffle to win trip to north shore for triple crown. i got my cards & they even put pic of me in their mag (didn’t win trip BUT got my set of cards so i actually did win) even had rookie cards! should be done every year by somebody (surfer mag maybe?).

  • Mike

    It has to frost the Cooly kids with Slater beating Bede in the qtrs, then Mick in the Semi’s and then slamming the door on Joel in the finals in their back yard…..

  • http://Slater,runninghismouth Akhil Israeli

    Kid runs his mouth. My boy Taj-Mahal is better. Ke12y is on roids. This whole thing is rigged.