July Issue Retraction

| posted on June 09, 2010

In the July issue of SURFER, we misrepresented a situation in the “This Month in Surf” article on Page 48. We said that both Christian and Nathan Fletcher presented the award and that “they” made an off-the-cuff comment about the winner, when in fact it was just Christian who made the offensive comment. Nathan did not make any of the said remarks. SURFER regrets its mistake and we would like to offer our apologies. This is what Christian said when presenting the award to Sebastian Steudtner at the Billabong XXL Awards: “The f—king German that can’t paddle won the award. Sebastian something-or-other. He can’t even f—king paddle. Hitler’s illegitimate step-child, here’s Sebastian.”

  • Darren G

    Thank you for printing this. Now I think Nathan Fletcher is smart again.

  • Matt

    Good to hear that someone is combatting the anti-semitism displayed by Mick “Eugene” Fanning. Nathan and the Long brother have proven that tow surfing is irrelevant.

  • joe

    Tow surfing is not relevant just like surf magazines.

  • Akki

    Hahaha! I had the same experience after winning a highschool Tennis tournament some time ago (being a german exchange student). Must be a common phenomenon. No seriously, I hope you guys don’t worry too much about it, we germans try very hard to mature in a cosmopolitan way. Childish and naiv comments of individuals shouldn’t matter, we all have bad hair days… Anyhow I still hope that Mr. Fletcher senior gave his son a decent beating and put him to bed early for destroying their family reputation. ‘That’s no surfing for you tomorrow young man!’ 😉

  • Surfercrit

    Think Christian needs to thank is Herbie for tow surfing and whoever invited him to be a presenter. Most time DRUGGED OUT LOSERS are left out of MAINSTREAM surf awards. ( just ask ….RANDALL)

  • Akki

    Just incase you get me wrong.. ‘decent beating’ wasn’t meant literally but as a metaphor for an explanatory meeting.

  • zach

    The Fletchers’ of Slan Scumente-where the sewer meets the sea- are great representatives for the NEW “era” of Surfing.

  • Gergler

    I truly love the surf industry and its cast of players. One must admit that in no other form of “professional media” do so many individuals reveal their demons in such convoluted and possibly deficient displays, while knowingly in the presence of the Press (albeit “knowingly” does imply being conscious.) I think this should become a competition leading to the most fu#@^ed up person of the year award with magazine covers/the whole nine yards. Although the judging would be soooo subjective…