Julian Wilson Wins in Portugal

Julian takes down Gabriel Medina in a controversial final heat

| posted on October 19, 2012

A win is a win. Julian Wilson, stoked with how the dust settled after the controversial final. Photo: Joli

Flo Rida’s “Whistle,” a Eurovision version of Marley’s “No Woman No Cry,” Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me,” and one other fruity and unidentifiable Portuguese folk disco tune with a piano accordion. That was the playlist. All day. All week. A total repeat workweek over the contest PA at Supertubes. Waterboarding for the ears, and by the end of the week those forced to endure it daily were just about ready to Van Gogh themselves with plastic butter knives to end the pain. The endless repeat gave every day an unnerving semblance to the one before, but today was nothing like yesterday. After the gravitas of yesterday where the world title was turned on its head under leaden skies and bone cold breezes, today—finals day—seemed like more than simply another day. Yesterday seemed fated. Willed in and out of existence by an upwelling of monstrous forces from the cold deep chasms of the North Atlantic. Fates of men were decided by waves both incredible and heinous. There world title shifts were seismic. Today? Well today by comparison things just seemed to happen. No one seemed at the wheel. Today, for most part, went through the motions. The fireworks of yesterday seemed mere squibs. But just when all seemed drab and meaningless you were made to realise there is a world beyond world titles, and amongst the sub strata there are micro dramas playing out…and in the very last seconds of the contest today we saw one.

Let’s deal with the world title first. Joel Parkinson drew John John Florence in the quarters, the last two contenders standing in this event. Parko—using one of his favorite terms—“selected him to death,” knowing the best way to prevent the kid from spontaneously combusting was to keep him off the best waves. For the most part it worked. Joel got the best wave of the heat—a 10 if he’d come out—but even though he didn’t come out of it, neither did John John. Makes sense. Doing the same at Pipe in December might be another matter altogether.

Joel progressed to the semis where he was drawn against Gab Gab Medina, who earlier in the week had levitated a forehand air five times the height of the wave itself in a freesurf. And just as Kelly said his big mistake yesterday was simply “paddling out,” Joel wished he had of paddled out this morning for his semi, instead of waiting three hours to see out the low tide. The same factor that opened this window of world title opportunity for Parko yesterday—the aquatic moonscape that took down Kelly – also tripped Parko up today. His heat turned full onshore and swampy, and as soon as Parko couldn’t get Supertubed he was almost doomed to be punted into the carpark by Medina, which is pretty much what happened. Parko even somehow managed to match Kelly’s subterranean 5.27-point heat total of yesterday. His solace was that his semi-final finish gave him a net win over his three other world title opponents here in Portugal. It also means the title will go down to Pipe, no matter what happens in Santa Cruz. And it couldn’t have come at a better time for pro surfing.

Today Julian Wilson won the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. Some will tell you he didn’t, but believe that he did. It’s there, in the results tab. A year that has been relatively free of judging controversy was drawn into one this afternoon, the difference being this one happened in the real world, in real time. It happened on stage, in the surfer’s area. [Your correspondent may have—inadvertently—precipitated the controversy by stating on the broadcast that this year had been controversy-free and the judges should be congratulated as such. Things were going too well.]

The Portuguese crowd, as a whole respectful and knowledgeable when it comes to pro surfing, got right behind Gabriel Medina, a kid from their old colonial possession with a shared mother tongue. And for the bulk of the final it looked like they were going to get Gabby over the line. During the week when the winds had been offshore and the waves solid, Gabby threaded the barrel with valor and deft skill. When the winds swung onshore, he simply punted to the heavens ad infinitum. In the final he did a bit of both. His transitions from high-risk first-maneuver punts to whatever else he did after that, were butter. He went next level this week and rightly felt like the best surfer in the water. Only, at the blast of the strangled foghorn that signified the end of the contest, it turns out he wasn’t.

Did Julian get the score? Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. It was close enough that it was always going to court controversy, especially seeing the heat straddled the paradigms of hollow surf and hi-fi aerials with some fine examples of both. Judging is a smoky science but a science nonetheless. Scores are given for a reason. Scores are judged against scores. Clearly, no one wanted that final score more than Julian, and if the subsequent brouhaha that is already simmering away online detracts from Julian’s surfing one bit, just go and replay the opening 10 minutes of his semi final against Adriano and you’ll see a guy deserving. This day has been a long time coming for Julian Wilson. His surfing has earned it. His surfing this afternoon earned it. His surfing in the final earned it. He’s earned it.

The Medina family was in attendance en masse for the event this week, and added a vibrancy and filial aura on a level the Tour has never seen before. Moms, sisters, stepdads brothers and aunties, they were all there in the area and it was the feelgood story of the week. It was grand. The 18-year-old’s family celebrating Carnivale style every barrel, boost and whiz their boy performed. But it was a feelgood story that went a little sideways this afternoon after it was announced Gabby had actually lost. Charles, Gabby’s stepdad, conducted some impromptu furniture rearrangement in the surfer’s area. Gabby meanwhile was spilling teenage tears on stage. He told the Portuguese crowd in Portuguese that it was the third time “they” had got it wrong. As soon as he was presented his miniature trophy and floppy Portuguese hat (which he comically sat on top of his Rip Curl trucker) promptly walked off stage. Outta there. No acknowledgment of Julian, just stone cold walked off. Julian was left to spray champagne on himself. Gabby has become so accustomed to winning that losing today was simply not an option, even when he did. With time he may learn to take these licks—fair or unfair—with good grace and accept them as simply part of the vagaries of the game. He’s learned to win—he’s got that bit wired—but should also learn to lose. He needs to know that we all want to celebrate his surfing with him, but he has to bring us into the family.

Click here to see the complete results of the Rip Curl Pro.

Although it was a close battle in the final, Julian Wilson put on a decidedly more dominate performance in his earlier heats. Photo: Joli

Gabriel Medina showed his incredible tuberiding skills throughout the final day of the event. Unfortunately it was not enough in the eyes of the judges. Photo: Joli

Gabriel Medina has had better days. Photo: Joli

  • Danny

    Agree, really could go either way. And Gabby should be more graceful to Jules. But, then again, we have to remember he’s still a kid, so he will learn

  • David Scott

    It’s hard to imagine the other wunderkind in the contest, or indeed the Florence family behaving like Gabriel and his family did. Slater has stated his frustration at judges plenty of times, but never in such petulant fashion. Hopefully he grows up soon.

  • James B

    Dear Sean, you´re an absolutely biased journalist. Shame on you, you and the whole surfing world knows tha Medina won.

  • Paul

    Gabe got robbed big-time. He clearly won. His attitude shows outrage we all feel as spectators. Again, it was stolen. His attitude is understandable because he is human and was outraged. Pretend that nothing happened and go celebrating is not the best way. It would be hypocrisy. We are accustomed to see adulterated results and do nothing about it . Gabe did and showed it to everyone. That’s why I miss Bobby. That’s why I like Fred and Jeremy. These guys speak and not pretend that nothing happens. No more passivity, please. I’m a fan of Julian Wilson, but he did not deserve this win.

  • dan

    Sure, you can learn to lose gracefully….but learn to accept being robbed? I don’t think so, that just makes you a sucker.

  • gstephan

    Is this article for real?? Really?? Congratulations, Mr. Doherty. You turned an unbelievably unfair judgement into a criticism of Medinas behaviour. Don’t blame the kid for being outraged. I don’t believe i’ve ever seen such a bad wave judgement before, and I’ve seen a lot, trust me. Adriano’s floater gate pales in comparison to what happened today. And a year ago, I saw the entire surfing media and so called “journalists” destroying Adriano for that. I had the displeasure of reading a very poor and sad article written at this very site about that. The ASP even felt the need to mke a public statement (!), the first ever.
    And now, this happens. So Medina should bow his head, smile along and thats it? Shouldn’t you and those who want the sport to grow be yearning for a fair and more professional judgement? Cause if that’s the way it goes at the ASP, I will quit on watching pro surfing for good.

  • Patrick

    Being a journalist in such a biased sport it’s not an easy task. We all know Medina known, congrats on Julian for his campaign but I’m stop trying to understand what happened there. Let me tell you what, no one will ever forget this one.

  • Marco Mafra

    It’s a shame! It was a terrible mistake! It was not fair !!!

    WCT TOUR’s Judges failed again against Medina! Deception and a sad day for ASP and WCT tour!

    Julian, You are a top surfer, but Medina won!

    Those Judges that set 8.5 for Julian’s wave need better glasses or less “outsider” influence!

  • Jack-O

    Medina won. It was bad judging. Period. That’s why surf will never be count as a serious sport. I’m not a brazzo but it’s always the same bullshit against brazilians and europeans surfers.

  • Daniel

    That last ride of Julian was a seven in my opinion. But Medina should have congratulated Julian on stage just as Julian did on him last year in France when Medina beat him in the final. At the age of 18 though you’re not ready yet to deal with all drawbacks while pursuing your dreams. There was too much at stake at that moment.
    It’s good to know Medina is just beginning his carreer…
    Great story by the way.

  • Bob S

    Beautiful words trying to justify an unjustifiable terrible judgment of ASP judge panel. Incompetence or malice?
    Sorry Sean, no one learns to lose when defeat comes unfairly.

  • Marco Mafra

    It’s a shame! It was a terrible mistake!

    WCT TOUR’s Judges failed with Medina! Deception and a sad day for ASP!!

    Julian, You are a great top surfer, but Medina won!

    Mr.Judges, those that set 8.5 for Julian’s wave need better glasses or less outsider influence!

  • StCalKiddo

    ” With time he may learn to take these licks—fair or unfair—with good grace and accept them as simply part of the vagaries of the game. He’s learned to win—he’s got that bit wired—but should also learn to lose. He needs to know that we all want to celebrate his surfing with him, but he has to bring us into the family.” In other words: bendover and take it in the a**.

  • Chael Sonnen

    Richie Porta, You Absolutely Suck!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobbo

    Gabriel’s display at the end pretty much sealed the deal that I will never pull for the kid. Crying like a girl(sorry girls!,that’s an insult as I’ve never seen a girl cry like that after a loss), calling out the judges on the awards stand, no sportsmanship towards his opponent. It was an embarrassment to his family and Brazilians. Even Adriano is gracious when he comes in second. He had a better case than Gabe about Snapper. So lame.

  • Patrick

    Please do not smudge the so prestigious name SURFER has built over the years. Please do not be a hyprocrite just like the whole judging panel at Supertubes…Please do not shrug hyprocrisy with biased opinion and take it for granted like ASP is doing and have done in the past.
    Like our friend Paul who commented above, we need to change the way things are done relevantly enough so we can have a fair and respectable sport. Your duty, as a journalist of an accredited institution is to expose the TRUTH!
    Gabby is the WINNER of SUPERTUBOS! No matter of what you or anyone else say…and deep down inside, even Jules knows it!!

  • Steve Wimer

    Medina smoked Julian. What were the judges smoking?

  • Rob

    James B. Sorry but I don´t know about that. Julian´s waves were more solid, his barrels were deeper, what else you want. Fair and square to me.

  • Andre

    “Clearly, no one wanted that final score more than Julian, and if the subsequent brouhaha that is already simmering away online detracts from Julian’s surfing one bit, just go and replay the opening 10 minutes of his semi final against Adriano and you’ll see a guy deserving. ”

    Don’t be stupid, Julian was surfing the final against Medina, not against Adriano, and that’s what should’ve been judged. The judges massively overscored Julian’s last wave, and that’s it.

  • Ola

    Don’t blame him. He got robbed, Sean.

  • juan carlos

    julian is great, but this time, was far from win the heat, heat analyser show it clearly! by the way, im not brazilian! but i admire his progress in surf!

  • RDD

    Rob. Only you and the judges saw that way. Unless doggy door foamy little barrels is the new thing!
    Sean. Good writing skills, but you can not validate Julian´s win based on his semifinal! Julian´s air at the semi was great but he lost the final.
    We all know that, including you,

  • Jake Holland

    Alright, Julian did kill it against Adriano, but how could he ever possibly have won the final. Sean, you´re just being political here… scared of what people might say about taking stances. Lets just be honest, this was ridiculous, Medina´s waves were far beyond Julians, there´s no way that was a 8, not even let it be a 7… well done Medina by walking off nevertheless.

  • @DubSchweezy

    James B- How Sean biased for acknowledging who technically won the heat, that it was indeed controversial, and Medina needs to accept the world isn’t always fair? If you review the heat analyzer, it’s closer than it first appears….although the nod still should have gone to Medina (particularly when comparing Medina’s second scoring wave to Julian’s first….their other two waves were pretty comparable in what was done with the wave on offer). Oh well….bad scores happen, but can’t pity an 18-year old with a huge future ahead and already wealthier than i’ll ever be….for surfing as a living. No sympathy here haha. Congrats Julian,

  • Robert R

    First off, Sean you are not a biased journalist. You wrote this from a first count perspective, and I think you got it right. If you’ve watched professional surfing long enough there are plenty of heats in the history books that have gone down like this one. My one point of contention is where you state judging being a science. Judging by definition is not a science. It is merely an opinion based on evaluation and conclusion. The beauty of surfing are the nuances that separate ones perception of performance. Professional surfing is going through radical changes right now with the younger crew, but is not always pleasing to watch. For me personally Medina’s surfing is not pleasing to watch. Radical, yes but I much prefer to watch Simpson or Florence for their grace and positioning. For the record Medina did win the heat based solely on critical maneuvers, but if that is all you can judge by, you discredit a long history of a sport also cultivated by style. Also if you choose to participate in professional events you should act like a professional. Medina is still a kid, but his parents should have least guided him better through this tough loss.

  • Nico

    All the event is suported by thosands of australians and brands, no matter medina is sponsored by rip curl, the pressure is there… Corruption yes, corruption and discrimination everywhere! .. this is not the first time they do this to Gabriel

  • Marco Mafrra

    Yes, friends… We “cry” is for the poor judgment… not only against Julian who is a very great person and surfer !

    WCT’s Judges… made a big mistake ! It will probably would not happen… if Julian’s battle was against Parko, Slater or Fanning…

    It is like a fear against progressive surfers that comes to WCT….

    The Medina’s waves was better… if Julian’s waves hit 8.5, Medina’s one should be 9,0

  • Me and I

    Is this what they think we are going to pay to watch?

    Cant wait to 2014. The end of surfingcompetition. I’ll be glad to see it.

  • Jeremy

    Sean, nice to see real writing in the surf world, well done. As far as the controversy goes, not sure why anyone has said that on the whole this year has been controversy free… Lowers was a huge judging controversy, especially with the Parko – Jordy heat, and also the Kelly – Julian heat. It seems like this year has been full of judging controversy, with issues at nearly every event. I have to agree with the judging on this heat though, I’d say Julian got the score he should have and that Medina needs to grow up and learn to lose. There have been so many issues surrounding the Brazilians on tour this year, like Adriano and C.J. in Fiji. A bit more sportsmanship on their part is in order, in my humble opinion.

  • Gabe hash

    Shame on you Sean!!!

    We know that medina deserve it…
    Go on Medina, even we americans are with you.. what they did s very unfair.. Fuck ASP, corrupt corporation!!!

  • Dre

    Please someone tell me honestly who thought Gab lost the champ? Someone tell me that the squeezed little tube of Julian and three more blankly maneuvers earned a grade greater than 8 points? But I dont, I still here, needless to see, review, consider, today has no conversation, the verdict is unanimous: there was a bizarre error in the final of the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal.The beach was apathetic, the applause was timid, no deception, everyone saw, everyone felt. The judge criteria (known as subjective), analyzing all the final heat waves, analyzing the left barrel of Medina, much deeper and longer and comparing with the squeezed tube of Julian and the three trivial turns in the end of the wave, where Julians wave was worth more than Gab, where?The much repeated criterion, which says that waves above 8 points come as excellent, leaves no doubt: there was nothing outstanding in Julians wave. Gab, you did not take, but won. I know it, the world knows it, even those judges who gave that score to Julian. Julian Congrats!! You dont have nothing to do with it…You deserve too…

  • bernardo

    clear win from Jules. not even debatable. only people unaware of the scoring criteria can argue about the final outcome. simple as that.

  • Tom F

    Julian won. The judges were rewarding barrels more than airs the same way all contest. Plus, judges will always give half a point on buzzer beaters — they love the drama.
    But the biggest thing to take away is that Gabriel Medina is a sore loser. He’s a great surfer, but unfortunately he perpetuated the stereotype that Brazilians are classless and selfish and that may hurt him more in the future than anything. Good luck with your Aussie and American sponsors, buddy.

  • Kc

    I am Australian and feel ashamed. Medina wins!

  • i hate hats

    medina hates hats:

  • Tim

    Well written piece on the last day and controversial last heat. I especially liked what you said about Medina’s behaviour after losing and on stage. Kid surfed amazing and could have won but didn’t because…. well because the judges decided that Jules waves were better. Regardless of whether your agree or disagree with the decision, Medina needs to take it like a man and not get cry like a boy. Eighteen is old enough to know. Adriano is far more gracious….

  • mmd

    shame on you ASP

  • David W.

    Gabby clearly won, and I’m glad he didn’t just lie down and take it like a passive loser. I have absolutely nothing against Julian and think he is by far the most talented Australian on tour, but he simply did not even come close to winning this event. Lets face it: the judging this year has been inconsistent and biased, and also changes based on the host country and the event sponsor.

    For the last few years the judging (rightly) shifted focus towards rewarding the moves that you made and not punishing you for the ones you didn’t. They randomly decided to change this format right around the time that Jordy was smoking Parko at lowers…the judges/ASP staff must REALLY want to see a Parko world title.

    Another example from this event: Please go back and check the heat review for Owen vs. Mick…Micks’ 9.37 was a joke: small wave, short barrel, not even deep or critical. Owen’s 6.4 was at least equal if not better.

  • Rob II

    Hey Sean,

    Nice little piece of writing. It’s nice to get the insight that unfortunately isn’t able to be given on the webcasts via iPhone app. I was only able to see the last two waves of Julian so it’s nice to get some perspective of where the heat was headed. I hate to say i’m not the biggest fan of either of the young guns, but what i saw watching matches exactly with your story. I feel like there’s always going to be some bias towards new talent on the tour and it appears Gabe has a lot of the support.
    I wouldn’t go so far as to say Gabe was robbed for two technical airs that he had been pulling the entire event compared to Julian’s “knock-through-the-foam” barrels with finishing maneuvers, I would think the nod would go to Julian. I think Gabe’s second wave score was a little under scored but at the end of the day Peniche was supposed to be based on the barrel, and as Pancho put it on the webcast, the barrel won the event.
    There’s obviously a lot of tearspouring out of Brazzo and Brazzo-fan’s eyes right now which is why it’s become such a hot button issue. See the Brazil football team lose and it’s the exact same. Gabe should’ve remained on the stage to show a little bit of class and he’ll regret not being the bigger man on the day he was second-best.

    Thanks for the fun read.

  • This is a joke

    How do you justify Julian’s 8.43?

    A 2 second cover up + a transition click + a non-comitted off the top + foam hit

    It doesn’t add up.

    Review it. I just put it objectively above. THIS DOES NOT ADD UP!!!!!

    ASP has some explaining to do.

    This lowers the standard of the sport as a non-legitimate subjective junior high game.

  • http://brasil guerra

    one question. if that julian’s wave was 8.43 (the best wave of the hit) , why gab’s backhand barrel at the same hit only get 7.something? if the editor can explain that to me, i’ll be the first brazzo to congrats julian! and this is not the first time.
    sounds finally it apears a new KS(?) but unfortunaly he was from other coutry, a place with no reef, no bigwaves, a place called brasil, the jungle, indians place.

  • Jeffrey Irons

    Julian’s loss to medina was way more heartbreaking last year and Mr. Wilson composed himself and took it like a man. It’s easy to be classy as a winner, but JW is classy to the core. Gabby should watch those videos from 2011 France and see how MEN behave with disappointing outcomes. Although in previous interviews all year long gabby has been allowed to finish in portuguese after his english interview, he neglected to translate his sobbing speech on the stand. not surprised but really no translation needed. Taking off his cool trophy hat for pictures was also disrespectful. Even my wife who likes medina felt his behavior was childish and unbecoming of a champ. He slipped a few notches for sure. BOO HOO second place. My favorite tour surfer is Jeremy Flores and I will endorse his reaction to his loss any day over a cry baby Sally like Gabby girl.

  • Dee

    when does Gabriel’s sponsorship contract expire with Rip Curl? obviously they can’t afford to keep him, anyway

  • melow

    just the fact that we are here discussing the credibility of the sport, is already in itself a shame.

  • Marco Aurelio

    That was a ridiculous judgment.
    The tube wave surfed by Medina was pointed as 7, and the Julian´s wave was 8??? The Medina´s wave was more deep and long! Who can explain this?
    ASP has no confiability.
    But this is only another judgment error, like so many others. Wins who the ASP wanted as a champion.

  • daniel

    Medina clearly won that heat. No wonder why Dane Reynolds left this shitty tour…

  • Christophe


    1. 95% of People Here Think MEDINA WON!!!
    2. MEDINA was a Sore Loser.
    3. MEDINA needs to speak up and talk some real shit regarding this INJUSTICE.
    5. I just lost respect for Sean Doherty as a Journalist. He sounds BIASED.

  • Barb

    For some, lying comes as easy as doing a pee. Sean Doherty is one like this. His commentary during the Billabong Pro in Tahiti was a disgrace. He kept lying & lying & lying about the swell that was never coming. Even the surfers knew what swell was coming but Sean kept lying & lying & lying to the audience. When hyperbole become lying, it is terrible.

  • Pynetree

    Mr.Sean, When someone steal your house you will be Gracefull ??? Medina Whon.

  • scum bag steve

    “This day has been a long time coming for Julian Wilson. His surfing has earned it. His surfing this afternoon earned it. His surfing in the final earned it. He’s earned it.”

    Such a load of BULLSHIT. I don’t like medina one bit, but he won that final with out a doubt. Don’t give a shit if you personally think jules “deserved it”. What the hell does that even mean? “Parko deserves to win a title because he’s a good guy” Fucking WHAT? Parko sucks!

  • Marcus

    Intellectual dishonesty.

    Analysis biased and emotional justifications clumsy trying to divert the focus from simple page.

    A fiasco criterion for any angle that you look.

    Tubes? … compare the Julian 7.83 with the 7.47 of Gabriel. WTF ???

    And that 8,43 ???? I´m pretty sure, at least Julian, will be ashamed when he watchs the review.

    8,43 for “afraid nothing turns” and the tiny foamed (again) barrel.

    While the tour depend from Rip Curl, Quicksilver and Billabong to keep the ASP tour BREATHING … we continue to see manipulation.

    What a JOKE. The article and the result.

  • guswer

    Some people must be blind, stupid, or simply biased. I’ve been reading some comments about Julians barrels and Medinas airs. Am I crazy or Medina pulled the best barrel of the heat? Unless squeezed, pushy barrels are the next big thing on pro surfing now. And please, quit the brazzo stuff, it’s about poor judging this is all about. Bunch of hipocrites here on this section.
    And shame on you Mr. Sean Doherty, for turning the worst judging in a final ever to criticism on Medina’s behavior. So the kid should just bow his head and take it? Screw that.
    By the way, didn’t Kelly cry after he lost to Andy at Pipe? Yes, he did, cause champions hate losing, but maybe the kid is rattling too many cages and some people can’t take it as a man.

  • Raposa

    Man, that was hard to swallow: 8.4 for a little shampoo, 2 claims and a cruise to the beach! When I saw that 7.83 for a foamy doggy-door I found a little suspicious, while Gabby’s variety and risky moves only got him 7.9…what a shame. Looks like Wilson had the better claim. Medina is pi**ed off, he feels that the ASP has ripped him off. SD advice for him is: bendover and take it in the …

    btw… i’m american, not brazilian.

  • Gene

    Sean, you clearly took the safe, protect the ASP route on this article. There is no way Julien won. Gabby was clearly robbed and then for you to insult and reprimand the kid? WTF? Next time, grow some balls and write with some honesty.

    Until then, you are NOT a real journalist, but merely a mouth piece for those that give you your paycheck.

  • thiago

    fuck you ASP
    i cant believe that

  • StCalKiddo

    SE advice to Medina: bendover and take in the xxx


    i will tell you what is going on, the judges and all the asp crew, even the americans and aussie surfers on this shit ARE RACISTS

  • otto

    IN 3 times judges did a mistake in my scores HOWEVER I am grateful with everybody . You are the reason to DO my BEST and this situation motivates me to win the world tour.

    Thanks for all support.

  • gstephan

    Where is Lewis Samuels when we need him?

  • tom stygfroid

    You do not aggregate the results of the semi-final to the final heat. The judges like to play god. Honestly, I think everyone can agree that Julian Wilson was due for a win and therefore a sentimental favorite for a lot of the fans.
    Gabriel Medina made incredible surfing look trivial, and he didn’t claim a single wave. If he did, I don’t think he would have lost.
    Sad to see Gabs lose and lose his cool like that.
    Sad to have Julian Wilson’s maiden victory come so bittersweet.

  • Marcel

    All those arguing that Jules won because it’s a tubes event are lying to themselves because they know that the deepest tube of the final was the right hand side from Gabriel. Other people focus on the behaviour of Gabriel and his family after the result announced, which was not a good example for sure. You wont convince us, so try to convince yourselves that Julian won, will be hard.

  • Marcel

    I’ve been watching every ASP event for the last couple of years. In the last year I’ve started noticing that scoring and judging has decayed. Julian is an awesome surfer whom I’ve seen surfing live a couple of times. But so is Medina. Both did great throughout the contest, but comparing the waves in that final, the was clearly and without a doubt Medina’ s victory.
    I don’t think that walking away from stage or acting disrespectfully is the right thing to do when it comes to a fair loss.But i do understand Medina’ s frustration, because I don’t think that anyone, including those criticizing his behaviour would like to take a loss that they know, was clearly unfair. You know you wouldn’t be happy if you were in his position. And yet you might say, “yeah, but i wouldn’t be bitching about it”. Oh, i bet you would.
    Congrats to julian, he did great too, but not quite better than Medina

  • chico

    really sean ? what about medina left-handed barrel score ? you gotta be kidding me man.

  • rhenrique

    ASP = Australian Surf Protection

  • Marcel

    What an impressive performance by Julian Wilson that last wave was sick. The long, deep, clean barrel and what were those turns, they were really critic and innovative stuff, well done asp!

  • Shame on you ASP

    Shame on you ASP. Medina clearly won.

  • Jessie

    Julian even said he thought his last wave was a 7 while he was waiting for the judges score.

  • Mark Sir Smart

    The real heat was not even close to the official result , why not face that? One can not say it was a mistake. It was an unequivocal decision. They had decided from the beginning that they wanted JDubs to win, and they kept with that objective througout the entire heat. Once Jules first wave was scored a high seven, Medinas two best should have been granted something close to nine, at least. The last wave was quite embarrassing. After a quick and small barrel Jules CLAIMED, moved his board around and only touched the lip, snaped as an ordinary weekender, and finished it as Frieda Zamba would do in the 1984 Hunttington OP Pro.

    Sean, you are right about Gabs behaviour, he is a professional surfer and an ASP affiliated, and beeing so he has to respect it´s decisions and his fellows contestants. But first things first: you, as a surfing journalist, someone who knows the history of the sport, the way the most competitive guys deal with loosing and bad judgment, can´t blame the kid and his family as it was the worst sin of the day. Fairplay is quite important, no doubt, and Medina will learn, but will ASP?

  • Joel

    Once again, ASP judges made a huge mistake. Competitive surfing will never be taken seriously with so many big mistakes. Its hard to understand how a guy that performs better in a heat loses. If you review the heat without knowing the scores, there is no way you would believe that Julian won. Another sad day for the World Tour.

  • Diogo F. Dussantus

    Julian won? The ASP must be kidding! Who saw the final heat and has a bit of honesty knows who the winner was. The WORLD CHAMPION BRAZIL WILL SOON, WITH OR WITHOUT THEFT

  • http://www.facebook/surfxposed Migx

    Sean let me first congratulate you for writing such an elaborate text full of verbal prowess and poetic dexterity all for the goodness of no one apart from keeping your job and commitment with Surfer magazine and trying to justify what bluntly went down as a very sad day in professional surfing!
    I was there earlier on in the competition and had an exclusive interview with Gabriel Medina where he openly expressed his disgust for some of the judging that was taking place in the ASP.
    “a kid from their old colonial possession with a shared mother tongue”
    You have the courage and stomach to utter such a petty statement taking into account That almost all the stops of the ASP World tour is held in a British colony or ex colony, and the media responsible for reporting all that happens in all events does so in English? Hello… Even in Brazil the ASP band wagon is dominated and regulated by English speaking folks and cannot but be biased towards your own! Floter-gate cool, ASP has for the first time released an explanation and that’s because was against Taj! Who cares about Medina’s feelings he is just a little kid, (but someone might be unfairly robbing him of a place amidst the greats of all times and denying him of some records later on in his career or even affecting his whole approach later in life)
    Would that have happened to John John had he be in the final with Julian? Would that happen to Kelly, or Mick , or Joel? Hey let’s be fair! And no one can ever criticize Medina for his reaction it was sincere and he does not need to play along with the media and the whole ASP circus, because he know he was done by and is above “The big show buzzer beater kind of entertainment” ASP thrives on!
    I had an exclusive interview with Gabriel Medina earlier in the week he was very disappointed when in Fiji while he was testing his equipment for he had broken so many boards) someone, Kelly or the contest director decided (because he was already in the water) to run the final in changing tide conditions Kelly got 2 bombs in the very beginning, Medina could only manage one and the sea died out and he had no more chance to fight back!
    Did anyone pick on that? Kelly on his post interview ( I think was with your brother ) said happily he had the best waves of the contest, but never mentioned they were the only ones in the heat and his opponent was starved of waves!
    Well the whole surf scene is not getting any more fair towards the new generation of progressive surfers be they Europeans or Brazilians but once thing is for sure you wont be able to keep these shining lights buried in the sand for too long for the unfair treatment is becoming more and more apparent, because of the shear talent of this new generation! Blunt errors or biased judgements like these we witnessed today should never again happen because the shame factor should feature in this circuit at some point in time! And we hope will be sooner rather than later!

  • Mariana

    Medina wins!


    otexto acima quer justificar o o injusto falando de baterias anteriores do julian o difícil e provar que aquele tubinho espremido foi melhor do que o tubo longo do medina quem tiver dúvidas é só assistir o vídeo das duas ondas que saberá opinar pela injustiça e afronta de um comentário sem fundamento destes.

  • Marcel

    Hey I dont know why the hell are there other comments with my name on it. My only comment was the one made at October 19, 2012 4:45 pm. I you have something to say use your f*cking name.

  • Nairim

    Only a few mentally challenged aussies are thinking this was a fair victory for JW

    $HAME A$P

  • leyraud

    did anybody read the ASP rule book ?
    less than 1 page about the scores on a 85 pages book ?
    do i have to say more about today ?

  • mansour

    After reviewing the valid waves of the heat, it is obvious there was at least a mistake in the criteria used for the finals. it is very very obvious that JW’s last wave was not worth more than 8 points. However, was it worth a 7.55 ? maybe. something went very very wrong. if this all has some sort of greater agenda behind is not up to us to say. what is very strange to see is how ASP press release streches and distorts what we really see. JW’s wave was definitly not a multi section tube. And his efforts to build up his score once he was out of the tube were very weak. Don’t forget that the world is seeing this happen, live action, transmitted all around the planet. we can review the entire heat days after the event. there is no more space for this type of misjudgement or misinformation. there can be a misinterpretation on the size of a wave or on the quality of a manouever. maybe one judge misinterprets a wave (reason why there were 5 judges). However not like what we saw in Peniche. I truly do not believe JW would have wanted this type of victory in his biography. it is a demerit to the quality of his surfing and nor does JW nor does GM deserve such a blatant error to their careers. ASP must open their eyes to what is happening. Something does not smell very good in the surfing world today. When judges lose track of what their responsability is, what their significance is to this sport, what being a JUDGE means, all is placed at risk. I just hope the whole entity does not go berzerk with these parallel realities and polarization. The argument around the subjectivity of evaluating surfing goes only so far. When even laymen can see something isn’t quite right, that is the time to call a stop to it all.

  • http://SEANDOHERTY???WHO??? SEAN DOHERTY ??? WHO ???



    and dont get me wrong, Julian is great surfer!!!

    both surfers were doing great during the entire event, medina deserve to win…. but shits like that happen ALL the time….
    Julian also deserve to win
    but looking only to that last wave, he did not!

    congrats to both surfers……..


    the way Sean Doherty post his thoughts…… just another ASS thinking “I know surf”…. you know NOTHING about surfing…..

    try to post something FAIR…..

    just because JULIAN bang your mother, doesnt mean you must lick his balls….
    keep that in mind mate!!

  • Marcel

    Hands down Julian crushed baby gabby with that last insane barrel and snaps.
    Big props to j-man…Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  • Rodrigo


  • kraut

    after reading the article above, I truly cannot believe the size of the immense A**HOLE Sean Doherty is. It is so absurdly ridiculous to try and eloquently disguise his true and biased views of how surf is progressing. Mother language my ass, you xenophobic jerk ! LEARN HOW TO SPEAK PORTUGUESE !!!! MAYBE THEN YOU WONT FEEL SO AFRAID OF THE BRAZILIAN ENTOURAGE ! You sound like some redneck teaprty republican who by the way got a college education ! I doubt Wilson is satisfied with this win. yes, he likes the money and the trophy. but he is going to take this one to the grave. his first ASP win placed in check. And the USA / OZZY media trying to brainwash the potheads that 1 + 1 = 8,43. Why you jerks don’t cant get it into your sh*t encrusted skulls that there other countries and other people in the world OTHER THAN YOUSELVES, WASPS !!!

    Sean, gather with your buddies and reinforce your stubborn eloquence. feel happy with the pats on your back. you are only a pretty little goat inside a petting zoo. for idiots who like petting goats and for goats that like getting pet. vicious circle.

  • austin c

    Thought medina won just like everyone else. How come no one has called out julian wilson for claiming multiple waves every heat?

  • steve a

    Hey Slater Mick, Parko, speak up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought we had leaders in this sport.

    Do any of you surf industry puppets want to be taken seriously????????????

    If you have any compassion, say something. Your non-response is ridiculous.

  • Paollo J.

    Dear Sean,
    Gabe wasn’t ungraceful to Jules he just could bear the judges. We are not talking about criteria, I have seen dozens surfers being spoiled by the judges. But i’ve never seen this kind of steal is not to compare floaters with tubes, is to compare the tubes and snaps. ASP doesnt just robbed Medina he called every surf supporter a idiot if they believe anyone could accept that.

  • Jeremy

    Yep. No doubts, that was a stinker of a decision. On Gabs first scoring wave his transition from perfect air reverse into 3 critical turns was light years away from anything Julian did. His barrel wasn’t amazing but just as good as Julians Buzzer beater which got a point more. I guess they must be judging ‘length of ride’ and tic tacs in the foam now.
    That said, please, some of you conspiracy theorists, have some respect for yourselves. There was no agenda here. just a poor judging decision.
    If the judges are so corrupt then why didn’t they give the win to the surfer who represents the event sponsors?… and paying the racist / nationalist card is immature and divisive.
    These things even out over time. Gabe will mature and go on to be one of the sports greatest champions and all will be forgiven and forgotten over time.
    Congratulations to Julian Wilson.

  • Daniel

    Julian has been getting stroked through heats all year. Remember his heat against Jadson Andre at lowers. The judging was total bullshit in that heat, throwing JW an 8 for a reverse snap and giving Jadson a 5 for a huge inverted air reverse. Brett simpson lost a heat on a huge reverse snap at snapper to a flat half rotated air rev by kolohe. Underscoring jadson on frontside air revs just because he is good at them is bullshit and unfair. Parko never gets underscored just because he is too good at frontside turns.
    The judges see heats and they see the winner before the heat begins. They shape the standings to be a certain way.
    Medina prob deserved to win this one. I think the judging is terrible sometimes and totally unfair to the less popular surfers. that being said, judging would be such a hard job, especially in close heats with surfers of contrasting styles and approaches.

  • Boosh

    The final could have gone either way. It went Jules way, get over it. I so much hate the way Medina surfs, SO UGLY!!!

  • Steve A

    The sport has lost its credibility in both its judges and journalists.
    This is the last straw. You cannot justify how on earth–> Wilson posted a 7 on his first wave…and an 8 on his second. You just can’t. I don’t care if you were on the beach. I don’t care if you write for Surfer Magazine. I don’t care about your storyline. You have no credibility.You aer a puppet of the ASP. A puppet. You are acting as though THE AUDIENCE IS STUPID enough to buy into your point of view. 99% of us just watched it on the replay or watched it live. The announcer after Julians 1st wave said “it won’t be a high score.” It was obvious. This absurd assertion that somehow you, the author, understand judging and surf contests more than some of your readers is humorous. The magazine must be getting desperate in hiring people to cover events or is paying for the words you parcel together and attempt to brandish as your own. I’m not buying it. Gabriel Medina is a phenomenal surfer as is Julian Wilson. Both are extremely talented. The fact that you angle your article in such a subjective and vile way is truly questionable. I question your integrity. I question why you are a writer. I question who you are as a person. I believe adults like your self are the reason that society is in trouble. We have grown men that lie and cheat and do not offer leadership. Your article is pathetic and based on the response to this article, I hope your position on Surfer is suspended.

  • Dave B

    Strange. Last time they met in france i thought julian was robbed ( Quik Pro France final 2011). This time i think Gabs was robbed. Even on my score cards. This shit happens in surfing. get over it. no need to throw chairs.
    Was Sean Dohety the only one commenting here who was actually at the event?

  • Marcel

    Medina’s lack of sportsmanship was a disgrace to the contest and especially Jullian. He stood there on the stage crying his eyes out and once he got his little trophy he ran off to momma. Grow up dude, you lost, deal with it. People will forget who won and lost this contest but they wont forget Medina’s actions, and please tell his douche step dad he is no longer allowed in the competitors area. Just another reason why the brazzos are hated on the tour.

  • Otta

    It wasn’t really Julian’s second wave that the jusges got wrong. It was the first 7.83. Very average barrel and because they overscored that, they ended up overscoring his second because it was a better ride. I’m an Aussie and Medina got robbed as soon as that first score dropped.

  • RHS


  • Tom

    If julian was true man, he should have handled that trophy to medina, deep in his mind and bones, he knows he did not win the final. Asp is loosing its credit. Total shame. I will never again waist my time watching events online.
    One bummed surfer

  • Mark Doumba


    Tell me, besides a surf journalism….. I can tell that you have a degree in History, Sociology and Opthalmologist!! Probably you surf better than kelly slater too!!

    You given lecture about history is a joke and in fact is BEYOND your skills…

    also given lecture about how to bahave under negative pressure is amazing!!!
    I can tell that you probably had a lot of experience on that, just knowing that you make living on surf reports and related things, futhermore you s ck as a reporter! do you know why??? because a true journalist is objective and lack of bias!!

    so I can picture your mind after the portugal finals, “Gonna say in my report that ASP rocks, Ozzie rocks, Medina S cks and if I am lucky I can get a real job at ASP”

    and you are probably are seeing things that other dont! because there is NO WAY, julian got 8.43 in the last wave….

    put yourself together man!! GROW UP!! get a real job and try to be 100% honest with the situation….
    everybody know who won! deep deeeep down, even julian knows he didnt get the score…

    and about the sentence below:
    “his semi final against Adriano and you’ll see a guy deserving. This day has been a long time coming for Julian Wilson. His surfing has earned it. His surfing this afternoon earned it. His surfing in the final earned it. He’s earned it.”

    So now ASP judges criteria is about deserving and claim???
    is that all about??

    about deserving I think that Blind Guy from brazil deserve to win 20 world titles and about claiming Adriano should be scoring 27 out of 10…. and Julian is the runner up in claiming competition….

  • Rodrigo Soares

    Sean Doherty, read what you wrote, please! Dont you ashamed? Your conscience is ok?…

  • Johnny

    Talk about a tendencious article. Also shame on the journalist who wrote this, seriously, just quit.
    Medina clearly won. Julian is a good surfer but this only made him look like an idiot.

  • joão paulo

    never felt so ashamed for respect so much a lifestyle that is pure… colonialism.
    we were all much better here in brasil before the internet, when we just go out there and surf, and didn’t have to eat up all this sh*t that you sell as surfing culture.
    bad judgment happens.
    but a shitty text like this just confirm that the surfing mainstream is still made by emptyheads with waxed hair that know a lot about what happens with a board, a wave and a guy and NOTHING ELSE.
    i wonder if what yours economys are passin trought isn t enough to teach you a little humilty. seems not.
    but hey, who needs surfer or asp to keep surfin?

  • Jeffrey Irons

    The issue of who deserved the win is being overblown. Anyone who has ever surfed a heat knows that judging is by nature skewed by personal perception. I can remember myself in a juniors six man heat on Kauai, with top three advancing, being scored as high as second and as low fifth overall by different judges who saw and rated the same waves in the same heat . Anyone who has ever competed is a heat understands this reality and as such recognizes how good asp judging is relative to your own neighborhood judge. You know who I’m talking about, the guy who doesn’t have replay to see the wave of yours he just missed cuz he was looking at the hot chicks ass who walked by the judges tent.

    The paramount issue is Gabby Girl’s behavior. He is lucky he pulled that crybaby act in a country that spoke his language and that the guy he disrespected there was an Australian. Julian should have given his braced face CRACKS. Come to Hawaii and disrespectfully detract from a big win by one of DA BOYZ and get ready for Bustin’ Down the Door II, the Brazilian episode 2012.

  • Surfer949

    Can the ASP starting fining (or at least deduct points) from all non-Brazilian surfers claiming waves in heats for anything less than a rodeo flip, 720 or 10-foot barrel a Pipe?

    Holy crap, all of Julian Wilson’s claims on the final day of the Portugal contest were embarrassing. Especially his last wave where he pumped his fist multiple times after a sub-standard off-the-lip.

    Julian, you surf great. So, quit acting like a kook just for an extra fraction of a point or two in contests. It makes you look pathetic and lame — which you probably aren’t in real life.

  • Morty Slater

    Forget those two felchers. My third cousin was robbed! And how the heck did D. Hardman win two titles? He can’t even surf!!

  • Prince of Nigeria

    All you idiots slamming on Medina realize one thing = when you lose
    to a bad judging call at this level, we’re talking serious serious bucks,
    more than what you make as a busboy or valet, or maybe a carpenter.
    The barrel at the end of the heat was NO 8.3 or whatever they scored it. Pro surfing is clearly a big ol’ joke.

  • Jeffrey Irons

    Julian should have ran him over in France in 2011 when Gabby girl interfered on his priority and this win should rightfully be Jules’ second CT victory. Gabby girl didn’t deserve the champagne JW sprayed on him last year. Gabby Girl lucky he didn’t get a champagne magnum over the noggin when he ran away like a panty this year.

  • jeremiah o.

    Julian’s. Surfing in the semi’s earned it? Last time I checked you had to outsurf the guy in the final. Medina was robbed. Andy as well as Kelly have thrown fits when they thought they got ripped off. When Medina does it people flip out. People(Aussies especially) can’t handle the fact that Medina is the future. Julian was supposed to be the golden boy, sorry Gabby is better. Just ask Slater.

  • Mike

    Somebody call gabby a Wah-ambulance. Win lose or draw medina is as much of a man as my four year old daughter. What a disgrace to himself and country.

    He should be fined by the asp and or suspended for next event.

  • Ramon

    I find it this simple. Julian belongs to a new class of all rounded surfer, innovative but also excelling in classic rail surfing, also as Medina but to my liking which much greater style
    But what is there to learn is his composure and style in not also reacting, but also speaking at winning or losing. He is a mature gentleman and someone our kids should learn more, as surfing comes short when confronted to life. Medina is just lacking that education but from the sheer images, he is just been carried away by a family which does not carry the goods to convey to their son something true of value. A mother should always “be” there for support but please let the kid some space. His reaction after loosing is just a reflection of what surrounds him, not an inch of fault to be blame on him.
    Having said that, the heat in my opinion was clearly medina’s, specially by the misjudgment on the first two good waves of each one.
    We should show all rounded Julian to our kids, we just hope time will even out medina on his disposal of leftovers.

  • Irishsurfer

    Thousands of people commenting on this on various websites can’t be wrong. The judges made a bad bad error. I’m completely impartial, not from either country and could not believe Julian’s score on the last wave.

    If this was a blond, blue eyed kid who got was in Medina’s situation, we all know a very very different article would have been written.

    Should the brown kid from South America always smile and count himself lucky to just be there and accept the way things are? There is a dark undercurrent to the above article and the well-intentioned author, I fear, may not even realise it is there.

    On a separate issue, Gabriel’s stepdad showed poor sportsmanship by not shaking Julian’s hand (hardly Julian’s fault, was he angry at him for daring to paddle out against his son??), and I suspect Gabriel’s tactics of holding Julian off the waves at the end of the heat instead of actually trying to surf a better wave and get a 9 were down to the pushy stepdad.

  • juan carlos

    so sad for julian wilson, his first event won and was a undeserved gift from the ASP 🙁

  • tom

    LAME! I am sure the all tops are in shock hight now, becouse this shit can happen to everyone of them. This is why our sport – surf, will never be taken as a serious sport, never dudes. Its so clear that even americans and aussies reckoned tha medina won.

  • Anthony

    Julian hasn’t been over-rated, it’s just Gab’s first wave which was well under-rated.. ( big reverse well over the lip as first maneuver perfectly linked with 2 criticals turn = 7,90 ???? are they joking???)

  • Andre

    It’s funny the paths you take to justify the unacceptable! Excuse Mr Doherty, but no way you can compare the buzzer-beaters from France last year and this final. In Hossegor, Medina knew he needed a score and went for broke: a big first air move, then a couple of commited turns only to finish with another air. HE DESERVED IT. This time was just a shame. The so called CRITERIA you and your fellow commentators bring to the table whenever Adriano digs a little rail on the inside after smashing a whole ride (lack of flow, you point) or Jadson throws another huge inverted air (lack of variety), is simply PUT ON THE TRASH to accept any yankee/aussie win. And that is a fact!

  • James B


  • Ah Yeah Forsean Mate

    Sean, i suggest you watch the heat analyzer of the final and listen to both Reggae Ellis’ comments and yours regarding Julians two scoring waves. I’ll remind you:
    First scoring wave, Reggae – “won’t be a huge score…”
    Second scoring wave, YOU – “he’s got to boost, he’s got to boost…”
    Both your choice of words and tone of voice suggested he didn’t get the score, which if you are honest, he didn’t.
    Gabriel had a moment of realisation, the world is completely fucked, in front of thousands of people. Did you know the world was a miserable lie when you were 18?

  • Eesha Williams, editor,

    Medina won by a mile. The judges are incompetent or corrupt.

  • Kyle

    i’m australian and i have to say: MEDINA WON!!!

  • Sergio lustosa

    About the rip curl pro 2012 final

    Maybe the judges were watching the semi finals replay during final, so they over scored julians waves, and didn’t see medina’s waves To compare.
    They judges have to read the asp book (criteria) againg and watch the final to see how bizarre was it! big criteria mistake!
    Yesterday, it was the worst mistAke ever, so bad as Kelly’s last year crowned misunderstood!

    Congrats Julian and gabe, it was a great comp until the final heat!

    It wasnt the first, It won’t be the last!Same plot, different actors


    Dear Sean

    Please don`t be so prejudice about the way of any family chears for their son, brother…. What you know about Brazil? I guess only trough books right? What you know about their strugle to overcame the line of poverty? What you know about years of inflation making very difficult to millions have food to simple eat ? What you know about the heavy interests the we have been paying over the years from a money that was once land? What you know about our heritage? So what gave you to write to be relating Brazil to carnival, disrespect,…its is an ordinary and flat judment evan worst then the judges did with Medina

    Yes his family was doing a carnival for their relative. Is there a problem ? Can you cheer for your sun, brother,… Can you ? Do you feel shame to cheer to your own family ? Maybe that is why you wrote that.
    I guess this carnival is the same when we are miles away whatching trough the live broadcast the way they explain each wave and cheers for their own nationality, have you ever wrote about then? i guess not !

    so please forget prejudice, and let`s have a better world with more understanding !! no matter results

  • vampire

    Ok people, we all realise that Sean and Ritch porta are really fall for brunette like julian, but calm down! you could at least pretend you dont!

    What a pathetic end for an epic venue

  • Chava

    Shame on the judges and on the ASP. As a loyal fan of professional surfing, I have to say that moments like these make me question the integrity of the tour. Julian deserves better, he deserves (and has the talent) to win a wct event legitimately. But this was not the case. Gabriel Medina was the best surfer of the contest and of the final.

  • Mike Hunt

    Pay for a web feed?
    Nope. Never.
    Surfing is not the UFC.

  • Victor

    as a journalist you should have lack of bias!!

    everybody got your message,but you could have been more polite….
    and in some parts I agree with it.
    I’m from france bytheway

    Judge criteria is base on manouvers and not claims and who deserved or should earn
    medina easily won that heat, but shit like that happen all the time….
    just to ring the bell… last year adriano floater in rio… 8pts ride? do you agree sean? base on your criteria…. I might say you would agree with it….

    whats is the problem to be from brazil and have the parents supporting medina?
    that is his culture!!
    you are BEYOND your skills to judge the reaction of somebody…

    tell me…. how do you judge the time when Sunny Garcia punched people in the water and at the sand during an event?

    please grow as a journalist…. apprently thats the only thing you do, and you need to improve!!

    Professional Surfing, got to be taken seriously!!

  • Gus

    For sure Medina Wins!!

  • westie

    he didn’t earn it you doosh Sean Doherty. You should be fired for taking sides, if it were stab or surfing or transworld i’d understand. but this bias crap at SURFER? kick him to the curb…

  • carlos rebello

    And for Sean, Good on you mate!

  • Muz

    Well said Seano,

    Medina fans get over it, a wins a win, the judges scored it too Julian. Gabriel Medina has to grow up FAST, thats was total disrespect to Julian walking off stage. He should be fined as should be his step-dad for acting like a child also. Remember Julian losing to him last year in similar situation yet he smiled, sprayed champagne and acknowledged him. Your pathetic outcry and disgust that your, “Golden Boy” didnt win has tarnished surfing once again

  • Nut

    the facts are as follows:

    1. Kelly is leading the adjusted ratings by 1,450 points.

    2. if Kelly wins this year, he will probably retire. 12 titles is enough

    3. Julian is really the only youngish good looking & articulate spokenperson for the WCT on tour at the moment

    4. the Americans already like Julian, cuz he won the US Open

    5. A$P gave latitude for Julian to win, if close. Julian did not really beat Owen in the quarter but it was close.

    6. Julian was a mile away from beating Gabriel in the final but they shoved him over the line

    7. all of this is A$P marketing. A$P is a whore.

  • ZJ

    GABS WON!!! Professional surters…
    joelcenteio @BrettSimpo I thought Julian’s first wave was a 6 and his last 7 points max. Gabby’s scores were on point. I thought Gabriel clearly won:)

  • Jeff

    Anybody who thinks Julian won is either biased or is CLUELESS. First of all Medina’s tube ride SMOKED Julian’s foamball closeout. Not even close. Next, Julian gets a head dip, the wave flattens out, throws a couple “SLAPS” and a BELOW average hit and gets an 8.43? Medina throws a massive revo, into a full bottom turn / top turn snap, and finishes with 2 snaps.

    Your welcome Julian because you didn’t win. That was weak that the victory had to be given and NOT EARNED

  • LeGenDiNmYoWnmINd

    Gabe Medina for Surfer of the Year!!!!


    The kid deseves it!!! And what a Grand MIDDLE FINGER from the surf community to the ASP judges who clearly sold their souls on this one….

  • ray

    It’s really sad when you have so many people making comments about a contest that ended up this way.

    There is no accountability for the scores of Julian Wilson.

    None. And we probably will not here from the judges.

    We hear silence from Kelly, Mick, and Parko (the veterans)
    We hear silence from the ASP (the organization)
    We hear silence from (the media)
    No reporting… just business as usual. Put on your boardies bro, shaka…

    The author here is trying to endorse one point of view and not provide the broad picture. The surfers in the final were very talented. Let’s look at what happened. Some are saying that the judging criteria began from Julian’s first wave. If this is the case, his wave was over-scored. The judges made a MAJOR mistake in the first score. After Julians’ first wave, the announcer says that it won’t be a high score. I want you all to go to Julians’ first wave. This is logged on the footage and reported right after his wave by the announcer. So if this was the error, why continue…. Again, we will never know because NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK INTO IT.

    What I find absolutely dispicable is how the author comments on everything else besides what’s going on in the water and DOES NOT INCLUDE the judging mis-steps that occurred.. its like witnessing something that goes horribly wrong and never addressing the event. Seriously, I wonder about how the ASP can justify this.

    Besides the article here, why do men feel so restrained in the world? We once were warriors, or people that stood for what they believe in. Now we have home-maker facebook image man-children. Its apparent in this article. Its apparent in the way this whole thing was handled. How can you call yourself a man when you lower your standard to a junior high playground bully?

  • ZJ


  • Sean

    As an amateur surfer and lifelong athlete, I have to throw in my two cents:
    First of all, surfing is unlike any other competition. As any real surfer will tell you,
    The real competition does not come from the other person. It comes from within. It is a battle with ones self and the strive for connecting perfectly with the ocean. I personally love watching the ASP events online and often get caught up in the winning and losing of heats. What I need to remember is that these incredible athletes are all winners. They present us with actual miracles of perfection and innovation and the judges we appoint to evaluate them must do so with incredible precision. After watching how simple and routine these guys make it look to get barreled or pull off a huge air, it becomes easy for us to forget how special these surfers really are. Even amongst the top 30 or 40 surfers in the world, some of the maneuvers we saw from Gabriel and Julian during this event were very special. We forget the fact that 99.999% of surfers everywhere will never come out of a barrel, land an air, or even catch a wave at a break as good as Supertubos. These ‘contests’ are not so much competitions as they are celebrations of the sport of surfing. The athletes and judges are human beings just like us. As such, they are subject to making mistakes and giving in to the pressures of what I will dub the ‘make-up call mentality’. It is something referees, umpires, and judges in every sport must balance into their decisions. Intertwined with the actual score of each wave is that particular surfer’s story: what happened last year, what happened the heat before, how that surfer has carried themselves, crowd dynamics, and most importantly, a sense of social justice. This is why even after 11 world titles, Kelly Slater is still the most popular and loved surfer on Earth. He knows that it is not just what he does on a wave, but what he does on land that gets him the score and the extra respect from the judges. Was Gabriel the best surfer of the event? Absolutely. The 8 foot straight air he landed into 10 inches of water on a lay-day confirmed his status as the most polished and talented 18 year old on the planet. However, I found myself rooting against him in the final because he was such a clear favorite and because Julian ‘deserved’ a win. We as a world culture get so caught up in the winning and losing aspect of things that we forget how special this event was. How beautiful the surfing was. How beautiful the ocean and waves were. How beautiful it was to watch Gabriel’s family so excited and proud of him. And how beautiful and exciting it was to see what everyone loves and what sports fans everywhere always root for: a last second come back from the underdog! The ASP were hoping for it, the Tour veterans were hoping for it, and the judges gave it to them because it just felt right. I watched almost every heat of this event and honestly, it felt right to me too. That being said, I will look forward to watching Gabriel rip for many years to come and hope that his emotional maturity will begin to match his physical ability. One suggestion to him and to us all: keep things in perspective! The outcome of this one contest/celebration is NOT important! Neither Gabriel Medina nor anyone else needs validation from others. He and we only need to attain peace and love for ourselves as being good enough as we are. This experience might actually be exactly what he needs. Perhaps it will help him refocus on how he feels about himself and his surfing and let go of what the judges feel. This is the soul of surfing. This is the true competition. I know I’ve won that contest with myself when I get out of the water after a good session and walk up the beach with a huge smile because I completed 3 good turns and rode it to the beach on my last wave.
    Shalom y’all
    Get off the computer and go paddle out!

  • Felipe Luchi

    Dear Journalist,

    You based all your comments about a ASP event final on the wrong reaction of a 18 years old competitor in the stage. Really?
    That’s what Surfer Magazine can provide their subscribers with? That’s the magazine analysis?
    As a brazilian I tell you that this is a racist article. As a subscriber and surfer, it is shallow and poor.
    Anyone can go to a competition and stay in the sand the whole time. But just a few can write a good article. You’ve just proved that you’re a not one of them. Please, keep going to competitions, it’ll be good for the sport. But step a side and let someone else write about it. It’ll be better for surf.

  • G

    ASP judges have no shame. What they did is unconscionable. This was not some close call that could be argued based on judging criteria.
    Unless of course that criteria has nothing to do with riding a wave. He had every right to walk off stage. He’s a young man who has chosen a path, or one chose him, and he has just discovered it could very well be a sham. Anyone who doesn’t understand his tears is without a vision of their own.

  • VNP

    Dear Sean,
    Thanks for us showing us your interesting point of view. Your words only add injury to the shameful attitude the ASP has shown. Both you and the ASP could reconsider your views. Thank you anyway for the text. It was more fun to read the comments than the article itself. OPEN YOUR EYES, MAN!

  • Russell Ruiz

    Pretty weird scoring on both of Julian’s waves but nothing new. I have been watching “pro” surfing for 45 years, nothing new about weird scoring. Medina is a weird baby. Crying on stage? No sportsmanship? They say he is young! At 18 I had moved to the North Shore and hadn’t cried in public for 10 years or more. Sometin wrong there! Grow up and grow some you know what!

  • Dirt

    JULES WON!!!!!! Gabs left barrel was nothing. Gabs needs a smack in the chops. I hope the little dick never wins another heat in his life. You Brazzos wonder why the entire surfing world hates you. SORE LOSERS!!!!!

  • Jason


    7.83! pffffft… high 6’s tops
    and then the 8.43! PFFFFFFFFT! again high 6’ish.
    mid wave claims should be penalized!

    The previous pushes for JP, KS and MF were bad enough.
    Jordy, Ace, Taj and now Gabs all getting pushed out.
    If anything changes with the Asp takeover it should be background checks on the judges making side bets on fasl.

  • Gabby is a name for a baby

    Gabby did lose just not the heat but the respect of many. When Joel got worked by Kelly and the judges at Lowers by not calling a priority change in time which most likely caused Parko to lose he came in punched a hole in the wall thanwent on strange a congratulated Kelly. Gabby acted like a spoiled baby gang. Hope he learns from this .

  • Norcal

    Dirt…actually, the whole surfing world hates you…

    Sean…we all know why you are/were an amateur…

    ASP…you choked…

    No way to spin it this time…Gab’s won

    P.S. I’ve got a hundred bucks that says Gab’s could drop half these goons who call him a girl for crying. You are all lame, and apparently have daddy issues…

  • Bobby Was Right!

    “Spreading fair words: different surfers, same point of view”

    TIM BAKER (Australia – author of “Bustin’ Down The Door)
    @bytimbaker: I’m an Australian surf journo and I think Gab was robbed blind!
    @bytimbaker: Can’t explain why but Gab was robbed. Both Gab’s waves clearly better than JW’s.
    @bytimbaker: I thought it was not even close, compare the waves. Both Gab’s shoulda been a point more than Jdub’s .

    MATT WARSHAW (USA – author of “The Encyclopedia of Surfing”)
    @mattwarshaw: I’m the oldest guy in here, and I’ve been watching this shit since it was on Wide World of Sports. That was THE worst call I’ve ever seen.
    @mattwarshaw: I’m stumped. Which Wilson overscore was more blatantly ridiculous? The 7.83 or the 8.43?

    FRED PATACHIA (Hawaii – WCT Surfer)
    @FreddyP808: 7.47 for @gabrielmedinaa that is just wrong. That was the best barrel & wave of the heat. Should have been an 8.5 plus in my opinion.
    @FreddyP808: I just threw up. I feel sick.

    JEREMY FLORES (Reunion Island – WCT Surfer)
    @jeremyflores: Uh oh da result of final was pretty messed up.nothin we havnt seen befor tho unfortunely, get use to it.

    @BrettSimpo: yea I agree on Jules first wave! No way more than a 6.5! They love a heroic finish….:)

    ROSS WILLIAMS (Hawaii – Former ASP Surfer)
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina clearly won. Level of difficulty rewarded to the wrong surfer. Those barrels average. Gabs air combo got scorched.
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina won over @julian_wilson by a couple points. Bazaar judging to put it lightly.

    KALA ALEXANDER (Hawaii – Professional Waterman)
    @kaladacaptain: Was I watching a different contest? I thought Medina won for sure.
    @kaladacaptain: @julian_wilsonyou should give Mexina your trophy…
    @kaladacaptain: I was shocked.

    JOEL CENTEIO (Hawaii – Professional Surfer)
    @joelcenteio: I thought Julian’s first wave was a 6 and his last 7 points max. Gabby’s scores were on point. I thought Gabriel clearly won:)
    @joelcenteio: Way too much controversy on the @aspworldtour

    @surfline: There’s been discussion all day of @julian–wilson’s victory at the #RipCurlPro.

    And a final mesage from our Surf Prophet…

    BOBBY MARTINEZ (USA – Former WCT Surfer, nov 2011 and new prophet on the block)

    …to sum up:

  • jesse

    No offense to Sean, I like his stuff. But this is quite a politically correct pro surf article. Can’t say I blame him. Who wants to travel the world with a bunch of surf judges giving you the evil eye because you called them out? But guys, maybe have Lewis Samuels do this in the future though. He doesn’t seem to give a s*&%.

    When a guy gets the same score for a decent foamball escape that another gets for a massive rotation and two big follow up hacks, something is rotten in Denmark. Watch Julian & Gabe’s first counted waves, there’s just no comparison. While you’re at it, listen to the commentators during Julian’s replay. They dismissed it as a low scoring wave without question.

    Its not Julian’s fault, he just surfed a heat. I do agree Gabriel could’ve handled himself better, but that was one of the all time screw jobs by ASP judges, and I’ve seen a few. To ignore that fact is to have one’s head in the sand.

    Don’t worry Sean, I’ll keep reading, but I encourage you to call it like it is in the future my friend.

  • Bushy

    The tears are understandable, I am not a surf judge so I will not comment on the result. What is uncacceptable though is the bad sportsmanship on the podium and the total lack of acknowledgement towards his opponent. This guy is a hero and role model for lots of kids and I do not think that his age is an excuse for his behaviour. The adage “if you good enough you old enough” comes to mind. He is at the forefront of pro surfing whether he likes it or not and needs to set an example. Great surfer but this behaviour makes him a poor ambassador for surfing. He will undoubtably be around for a long time and should win titles, it is in his hands how he goes about this and the legacy he leaves.

  • Damo

    The bad sportsmanship by Medina and his supporters is breathtaking, I can’t stand this little prat anymore. Medina is the most predictable surfer out there, race the section and wow everyone with a trick move. Just because you get air does not mean a massive score, Medina was not robbed. To me he’s the Harlem Globe Trotters and they will never beat the LA Lakers. Julian Wilson deserved this win.

  • Jeffrey Irons

    When the ASP judges didn’t call an interference on Gabby girl in the finals of France last year (as they should have) and Julian lost because of that ASP judges decision, Julian didn’t whine about it and cry like a little bitch about judging and refuse to acknowledge Gabby Girl and detract from Gabby Girl’s undeserved celebration. So even if you think Julian’s celebration for winning was undeserved (which i don’t) that selfish little Gabby girl bitch is the one who makes pro surfing look shitty. He makes Brazil look shitty. Whereas Julian’s class and sportsmanship in his undeserving and emotional defeat in France last year reflected well on the Australian surfing community as a whole, Gabby girl’s misbehavior reflects what many in the surf world have always felt about Brazilians. He is the perfect poster child for them.
    Sean, keep up the great journalism. I loved the colonial possession mother tongue bit. Don’t listen to the idiots who feel you were too harsh on Gabby girl. In my opinion you were too soft. In Hawaii we are taught, if you want to be respected, respect others. Based on his and his entire family’s actions, you gave disrespectful Gabby girl and his disrespectful family more respect than they ever deserve. Based on their lack of respect, Sean, do you we really think we want to be let into Gabby Girls family? Unless they start to be respectful, they should be disrespected hard and often. The only way they can ever gain respect is if they start to respect others and that possibility is doubtful. Please show us we are wrong Gabby Girl, Gabby Girl Family, and all of Brazil and start behaving with respect. If they wonder what respect looks like, all they need to do is watch Julian in France last year.

  • rick

    fuck you A$P.

  • http://surfer Kimbo

    Agree Jeffrey ! , should we(surfing community) just open the doors to bad mannners and foul displays of parenting . how would the great Duke of K ,Mark R or any of our humble and modest champions viewed this blight on our sport shown by Gabi and his family . as once predicted ( with a sad heart) by this writer , welcome to the tennisisation of surfing .

  • pat the rat

    Funny stuff. Gabby girl will forever dominate the world of professional surfing, not Joel, not Julia, not an Ozzie for Christ sake. JJ will give him run for it, but the kid is way too good, complete, humble and aware.
    Professional surfing is shitting its pants cuz Medina is here to stay.

  • ronaldo


  • Frank

    Use your talent and apply it to the truth! It would be even nicer to read your stuff.
    I am sure that if you watch their best scores in that heat again you will write another text about it.
    Judges made a huge mistake, and you should be shamed to write it in such a parcial way towards all british speaking countries and motivate disagreements between these people instead of talking about surfing itself.
    This is all about surfing (only surfing), regardless of countries, colonies or whatever..
    Watch it and be honest with yourself pall.

  • Island Mind


    What is your job? Dishwasher at Chili’s or flppin burgers? You sound really ignorant.

    How about trying to write your comments without using the word “RESPECT”.

    You can’t do it, can you?

    And to keep this comment on-point. QUESTION: what is going to happen when ZOSEA takes control? Maybe this is the ASP’s way of saying, “f*ck it, we’re otta here!”

  • Bruno Biarritz



    Jeffrey Irons and Sean








  • ROberto Cardoso
  • JB

    MATT WARSHAW – author of “The Encyclopedia of Surfing”
    @mattwarshaw: I’m the oldest guy in here, and I’ve been watching this shit since it was on Wide World of Sports. That was THE worst call I’ve ever seen.
    I’m stumped. Which Wilson overscore was more blatantly ridiculous? The 7.83 or the 8.43?

  • Guilherme Facchini

    Man, this article and Mr Jefrey´s Irons message makes me puke!!!! The article itself is a combination of superego atempt of good journalism analysis and non sense… What´s the problem of a 18 year old kid having his family supporting him??? I didin´t get the point, is there a way they should behave by your superego surf manual??? Man, damn it, thank god he has the lucky to have a family support full time… This fucked up article has gone too far and havent even mentioned JW overscored waves… I dont see a big deal on JW victory, is the same as Taj on snapers, and Adriano at Rio, it will happen again, ASP is like the UFC, it is all about the show, what´s the best fght to watch, wich is the best heat, the best winner for the company, it´s a SHOW not a serious competition.
    I didn´t like Medina´s reaction on stage as well, but come on, he is just a kid, try to remember yourselves at this age and what were you doing, don´t let your frustration come out so agressevily.

  • Fernando

    You dont deserve call Gabriel Medina as Gabby, for you always be Gabriel Medina . Thaís is not UFC but sometimes Anderson Silva has a point: Nunca serão!

  • 99%

    Just wanted to say that I feel that Gabriel did not like act correctly and if it is true about his dad, it is a shameful display.
    I am brazilian, and I have to say that the attitude displayed is far more negative than the perceived error in judging. Gabriel (and your dad), you have to understand that you are representing your country in front of millions and your behavior reflects on our culture.
    Our culture has so many good things to teach to others. Brazil’s brand of enjoying life, smiling, supporting each other, being genuinely nice to strangers, being good hosts, empathizing with other people on a level that seems baffling to others, is so special.
    Please apologize to and congratulate Julian publicly. It is not a show of weakness. It will be a show of greatness. And then we can start discussing the judging.

  • Ben

    In my opinion Medina won the final by about two points. It was painfully obvious, though I doubt it was volitional on the judges part. They’re human and they get caught up in the emotional finishes as much as anybody else. IMO they overscored Mick’s late surge at Tahiti against Parko this year in the same manner (though the heat waas much closer), just as they overscored Parko against J-Flo earlier in the same contest. Hell, AI lost what should have been a fourth world title based on two Slater overscores (he only needed one to go the other way for the title to be his). However, the criticism of Medina’s behavior is accurate; don’t be a whiny bitch. By the way, Julian is capable of the same pouting antics – anybody remember when he did some shuvit against Parko at Trestles in ’11 and lost the heat? Did he react like a gentleman? No, he went up to the judge tower and held up his arms in a WTF gesture… and IMO I’d rather watch a million Parko turns than one shuvit.

  • ronaldo

    who are you ? going to fuck Jeffrey Irons e Sean.Here comes Brazil in their scrotums.Medina is a boy who picks I am a man of truth is that if you’re a man Jeffrey irons.Stupid, stupid, cowardly that is what you are Jeffrey Irons e Sean.

  • Me, Myself and I

    gabby’s reaction might have been overacted? yes.
    julian did not deserve the win? yes.
    another fuck up of what it is perhaps the world’s record holder in fuck ups in all sports associations? yes.

    guess what is most crucial statement of the three above?

    it’s about time for you surf “journalist” and also the pro surfers to come forward about this. every couple of events has a major fucked up. an easy one to call.
    there’s a difference between close calls and fuck ups. social media confirms.

    enough of it! didn’t we started this whole thing? the contra-culture and shit? how come every sport that succeeded surf has better judges? arent they all “subjective”?

    that judge booth is a joke. anyone who has seen footages of it knows. people that has nothing to do with judging just coming and going all time. chitty chat all the time.

    who the fuck is richie porta? it’s about time to put some serious ex-pros with lots of replays and no talk at all, not even among themselves to run this thing. go where the problem is… I’m starting to think that I could be a surf judge myself. make some bucks on the side.

    speak up!! propose something! the crucial point is not gabe or julian. it’s the endless amount of fuck ups.

  • juan carlos

    surfer magazine should apologize for that article, that journalism is crap! justifying an “error” made by the judges!

  • Brendan

    And yet there is a buzz of activity and talk around the internet. Go and learn from Kelly Slater. This whole thing is a business, you have to package the whole product. Your PR, your attitude everything earns points in the eyes of the judges. If Taj Burrow come close to another competitor that is young and arrogant, I would score him higher just because the feeling I get from watching him surf and knowing that he is just a great guy. There is bias everywhere. The blond gets the job 9 out of 10 times, in rugby the All Blacks get away with murder because they present themselves as professional athletes in every way. I agree as a Julian Wilson fan that there was 2 points difference, Medina probably took it, but personally I am not that impressed with his style and the air work. Sure on any beach Gabriel Medina will turn heads but in my opinion he needs to smooth out and get more power. Comments from Bobby Martinez should be taken from where they are coming from. I am sure in time he may understand the subtleties of the game, In my profession which isn’t surfing the girl with the blond hair and good social skills is now my boss. I started in my industry 10 years before she did. I can only learn from what she is doing right. My opinion is this, learn from it. Surfing as a whole should grow up. If you know you are in a heat with Kelly Slater you are going to have to whip him to win, everyone loves Kelly. I am waffling, but I hope some of you get the picture. Life isn’t fair.

  • YD

    I’m not sure of what you are trying to say, but what I can say is: enough is enough. I am not going to accept things that are unfair just because it’s been like that for years. I just imagine what the world would be like today if people chose to see yhings like you do.

  • r. sandu

    You are either:

    a. covering for the ASP because of your boss at Surfer
    b. paid by the ASP to focus your slant outside of the judging.
    c. scared like a girl to tell the truth

    Probably, all of the above.

    Its a surf contest.
    Its judged based on points, not your platitudes.
    You chose the low road by never questioning the judges. Disgusting.
    Your commentary is low-grade. You have NO INTEGRITY in not investigating the reasons behind the scores. But please, continue to get wasted at the surf parties, and act like you are a respected person… yeah, guy.

    What I do not understand is how you cannot see that you are doing is lowering the legitimacy of the sport. Lowering the integrity of the magazine. And lying to all the young and old readers that had any faith in your mag.

    When you interviewed for your job, were you thinking you would lie?
    Were you thinking you would promote untruths?
    Did you want your work to be classless supermarket check-out magazine fodder?

  • r sandu

    Nice try..

    Drawing an analogy to your own personal shortcomings doesn’t make up for biased reporting and lies by a journalist.

  • Joe

    Yeah, Gabe should bown down his head and accept it easily is what you are trying to say, because things are this way. It’s a mistake pal, we have to change this. Injustice have to have no place. I know this well, surf was always embraced with this kind of “judments”. And you know nothing about carnaval to say that Gabe’s family was performing something like carnaval. In fact, you can’t understand brazilian way of being that you think it has to be like yours.

  • Henrique

    I wonder why ASP is such a weak organisation with no credibility at all…

  • john

    medina should be crowned for his tridimensional surfing. It’s just better than anything we’ve ever seen. Rabbit and his fellow investors sucks. A$P sucks. Kelly, Bro Bra and Medina against the A$P, nike and julia.

  • blob

    doherty gets paid to be biased, and his mangled logic [Wilson had a good semi !] is transparent crap. The nonsense ” he earned it” line is responsible for most of the dumb decisions they make and should never even be heard . You earn it in the water, in the heat, bozo. I’m an aussie, julian wilson fan, who dislikes high scores for a single punt, so if I’m calling this a monumental rip off what does that say? . Wilsons last wave was a few half turns after a cover up – usually the judges punish those. Sick of doherty types pretending to be straight while they take the cash

  • LeGenDiNmYoWnmINd

    uggh… Brazilians who can barely speak English might want to slow down a bit when posting on US Surf sites… You’re not helping your cause People. We all agree Gabe got burned, but turns out this is going to do more to BOOST his exposure than the win would’ve done. And… not sure if Sean Dougherty still has a job at Surfer. But if he does, I can’t WAIT to hear him try and webcast commentate after reading his article. Honestly, I never really knew what his role was on the webcast. I just figured he was a paid mouthpiece for the surf companys. But apparrently he was thought of as a ‘jouranlist’ of some sort. Yea, your objective credibility is henceforth vaporized -Mate!

  • James

    Gotta feel for Julián too, to win when absolutely nobody in the world thinks he deserves it really sucks. It’s not his fault the judges screwed up

  • LeGenDiNmYoWnmINd


    I just found out Sean Doherty wrote that Michael Peterson book; which I fucking LOVE.

    Dude. You are a jouranlist. And a great one at that.

    Anyways I felt the need for a Mea Culpa (yea I spell checked it! So what? Fuck Off!!!!).

    -opening line to mp Biography:

    “The Greatest Surfer of his time drowned long before he caught his first wave….”

    Right in there with “We were just outside of Barstow” as far as I’m concerned.

    Great Great book dude!

    Good on’ya!

    -Peace! and your article still sucks! But everyone makes mistakes…

  • Julian B

    Biased heat evaluation, Medina won it, but Porta geve it to Julian, sad times to ASP.

    that was a poor professionalism from ASP showing lack of competence to menage that heat situation. At the end of the heat they were not able to realize that they were over- scoring Julian since the beginning of the heat with that 7 something for a foam tube, comparing with Medina’s waves. They showed that they were not able to handle that situation when they presented that final score to Julian.

    Medina’s naive behavior is something else to be discussed, the Kid is passionate and is going to grow with that since it was a tough one to handle. He was the in-form surfer of the event with and won that heat clearly, because now we have heat analyzer and can compare.

  • G

    I’ll say it again: To discover your chosen path is run by charlatans and out and out liars must be quite disillusioning to a boy who has just turned 18. I am sure many a heart felt young man of ambition would have cried and protest in a way that those of lesser spirit may condemn. Federer cried at the Australian. Slater cried in the shower at pipe. Here’s to Gabriel and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to every honest endeavor that has been slighted by the hand of power. To shame the ASP Julian should give the trophy to Gabriel Medina. I read on this board that Kala made the suggestion of giving the trophy to Medina. That would be a win for everyone including and possibly to a greater extent Julian.

  • Frank


    “Spreading fair words: different surfers, same point of view”

    TIM BAKER (Australia – author of “Bustin’ Down The Door)
    @bytimbaker: I’m an Australian surf journo and I think Gab was robbed blind!
    @bytimbaker: Can’t explain why but Gab was robbed. Both Gab’s waves clearly better than JW’s.
    @bytimbaker: I thought it was not even close, compare the waves. Both Gab’s shoulda been a point more than Jdub’s .

    MATT WARSHAW (USA – author of “The Encyclopedia of Surfing”)
    @mattwarshaw: I’m the oldest guy in here, and I’ve been watching this shit since it was on Wide World of Sports. That was THE worst call I’ve ever seen.
    @mattwarshaw: I’m stumped. Which Wilson overscore was more blatantly ridiculous? The 7.83 or the 8.43?

    FRED PATACHIA (Hawaii – WCT Surfer)
    @FreddyP808: 7.47 for @gabrielmedinaa that is just wrong. That was the best barrel & wave of the heat. Should have been an 8.5 plus in my opinion.
    @FreddyP808: I just threw up. I feel sick.

    JEREMY FLORES (Reunion Island – WCT Surfer)
    @jeremyflores: Uh oh da result of final was pretty messed up.nothin we havnt seen befor tho unfortunely, get use to it.

    @BrettSimpo: yea I agree on Jules first wave! No way more than a 6.5! They love a heroic finish….:)

    ROSS WILLIAMS (Hawaii – Former ASP Surfer)
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina clearly won. Level of difficulty rewarded to the wrong surfer. Those barrels average. Gabs air combo got scorched.
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina won over @julian_wilson by a couple points. Bazaar judging to put it lightly.

    KALA ALEXANDER (Hawaii – Professional Waterman)
    @kaladacaptain: Was I watching a different contest? I thought Medina won for sure.
    @kaladacaptain: @julian_wilsonyou should give Mexina your trophy…
    @kaladacaptain: I was shocked.

    JOEL CENTEIO (Hawaii – Professional Surfer)
    @joelcenteio: I thought Julian’s first wave was a 6 and his last 7 points max. Gabby’s scores were on point. I thought Gabriel clearly won:)
    @joelcenteio: Way too much controversy on the @aspworldtour

    @surfline: There’s been discussion all day of @julian–wilson’s victory at the #RipCurlPro.

    And a final mesage from our Surf Prophet…

    BOBBY MARTINEZ (USA – Former WCT Surfer, nov 2011 and new prophet on the block)

    …to sum up:

  • MD

    It was a bad call. Terrible. But what is the conspiracy beyond that? Just curious. And Medina cried, so what, the kid cares and has passion and heart.

  • Mik

    Fat people should not even be allowed IN the judging booth, much less be paid to work there. WCT surfer’s should be judged by their peers, not wannabees.

  • Macca

    Sean, I have to admit that I agree with Jesse’s comment earlier and think you are better off calling it as it is. As a journalist, you’re not going to get much from these cynics pontificating on everything from race and prejudice to profanity and respect. However, your job is to report the truth. Watch the final again. Do you really think the judges got it right? If the answer is no, then that should have made up at least part of your article. To justify your stance you have mentioned Julian’s surfing in the semis; “just watch 10 minutes of his semi final against Adriano and you’ll see a guy deserving”.
    Sean, we both know this point is not relevent.
    I loved your book on MP but this article is not one of your better efforts.

  • Gabriel

    after this one medina will never forget…be ready for the future, ozzie losers…
    and obviously…

  • rob gilley

    I’m about as old as Warshaw and so I’ll add another bitter critter opinion. The clear winner was…Sean Doherty.

  • JB

    Who lost in that final was the entire surfing community, since we are seen our passion to be weakened by unprofessional managers and judges from ASP

  • Fernando Mattos

    I liked Medina´s attitude:

    – he said what everybody was thinking ( “they made it to me again, for the third time”)
    -he cried as real players do (very usual to see big men crying in soccer and other team sports)
    – he expressed what everyone was feeling: a huge disappointment

  • kris

    this even is done with, so yeah, the judges fucked up, gabe got fucked over, and julian got the title. shit happens. and about all the people commenting on gabe crying, wouldn’t you? i would. take it easy. a win’s a win, so congrats jules. they’re all amazing surfers that i look up to so i’m just proud of how well they show their talent every day.

  • 2012 asp already owned by NIKE

    during the whole event I asked myself who was that stupid comentator trying to hide his bald under a cap. Now I know. I just couldn’t realize he was so stupid.

    another point: After this I’m asking myself: can the asp mafia, rich porta, renato hickel and nike transform the weak julian into a world champion by overscoring him through a whole season?

    3rd point: If you once did, DON’T EVER BUY NIKE AGAIN!


  • Chamas

    Gabe won, Jules is a good surfer but the ASP overscoring has turned him into a way too conservative surfer in crucial waves.

    Gabe “misbehaved” during the award ceremony?! You guys are learning to understand our passion and sometimes even our “claims”, so what did you expect? A passionate guy won’t hold his cry when his dreams are crushed like that.

    About the messages written in “bad english” by my fellow countrymen, they have Google translator written all over it… I guess this shows that we care and we want to be heard.

  • Gazza

    It is fair to say that the heat was over scored period but the point is and always will be that Julian won and Gabriel lost. Gaby will be remembered for being disrespectful and a poor looser and julian as the 2012 Portugal Pro Champ.

    The way in which Gaby handled himself was in true sprit of being a child, to stand there and disrespect the judges and the ASP is as low a point as his career should ever go. Its sickening that he is being treated as a victim. If you look at the judging score cards they all posted totals over 7.5 so you need to assume that all 5 thought the wave was enough to win. Julian’s last wave was right in the area of all 4 waves caught by both surfers, it just so happens it won him the event.

    Please remember that this is a sport that depends on Mother Nature to produce the playing field and that alone makes the judging difficult and Celebrate in Gabriel’s 2nd place finish as an 18 year old, that’s amazing itself.

    Win or loose, to be a part of something called the Association of Surfing “Professionals” you would think it would require some professionalism no matter your age or the out come of the event!

    (kelly cired by himself in the shower after not only loosing pipe but the world title with the last wave of not only the event but the entire ASP season, big difference in emotions)


  • stellato

    Julian ended up taking the win because the judges were rewarding wave size, favoring barrels backed up by multiple turns.

    Julian’s waves:
    7.83 – 3 second barrel with doggy door exit on a nice set wave. Longer barrel plus size gets the high 7.

    8.43 – 2 second cover up with 2 turns followed by an “accented” finishing turn on a decent mid sized wave. (barrel plus 3 turns gets the score for multiple maneuvers and working the wave to the finish)

    Gabe’s waves:
    7.90 – solid forehand rotation + grab on a critical section of the wave. finishing it off with 2 solid turns and one little smack to close the wave. Decent sized peak on the wave at the start but the shoulder tapered off and became quite small. (4 turns total, the score makes it obvious the judges are weighting barrels a little heavier) Would have easily been 8.5-9 if the wave started with a 2 second cover up.

    7.47 – 3 second cover up on a critical lefthand runner. not a big wave but set up nicely. finished it off with one turn. Probably slightly underscored on this wave but keep in mind this wave was not very big and he only had one turn after the barrel. Would have easily been an 8.5+ if he put another 2 turns on it.

    So if you look at the scores, the judges cared about wave size, barrels, and encouraging multiple turns, finishing out waves. Looked like they also loved the rights. Julian didn’t win by a mile but the scores reflect that the competition was close. I do think Gabe’s surfing was more critical and exciting but he should have figured out what the judges wanted and delivered. Julian may not have out surfed him but he did out compete him, which is an important part of surf competition.

  • Marcos

    “—but should also learn to lose. He needs to know that we all want to celebrate his surfing with him, but he has to bring us into the family”

    So, let me get this straight, Sean: You acknowledge that the result was a mistake – let me add, a massive mistake – and the boy should “learn to lose” (learn to accept it?).

    You are questioning how deserving Medina is of your support, by his reaction to this outrageous situation? Don’t you think that’s a little too pretentious?

    I can’t speak for Medina, but I’m pretty sure the brazzos on tour have got a strong enough bond now between them and also they’re supporters (mosty brazilians, you guessed it) that support (or “approval”) from oz and us (although very welcome at this point) is not a necessity. Brazilians have always supported and respected surfers from us, oz, and everywhere else with their own flaws – some, much worse than crying on the podium after being robbed blind. So is that the best excuse you can find to point your finger at the KID?

    By the way, I’m not trolling, you can answer to this anytime on the website and I’ll be happy to read your point of view, again.

  • Jeremy

    Article 140: Judging Criteria
    Surfers must perform to the ASP judging key elements to maximize their scoring
    potential. Judges analyze the following major elements when scoring waves.
    – Innovative and progressive manoeuvres
    – Combination of major manoeuvres
    – Variety of manoeuvres
    – Speed, power and flow

    Don’t take it from me. The ASP rulebook is clear. Medina won.

  • Christopher Connolly

    Wow Sean, if I remember correctly, Ireland was also a colonial possession. Now, with the diaspora spread all over the world, guess what language we are speaking? English.

    It’s sad to see that a person with your background wouldn’t remember the struggle of his forefathers against xenophobia and repression based on language and religion.

    Instead, you choose to propagate the very values that the Irish people struggled against, both in the old world and new.

    Take of the prejudice blinders off and take a good look at yourself in the mirror Sean. Somewhere, there’s a relative rolling in their grave.

  • Dave

    A few years back at Jbay a lot of people thought Andy beat Kelly….likewise in Brazil, Owen beat Adriano…..Ace beat Kelly France, Kelly beat Fanning Bells…etc… The NFL had issues awhile back with refs making bad calls and as a result created the instant replay…it isn’t perfect…but it was a step in the right direction. Here’s a possible solution to the current problem the ASP is experiencing. At the beginning of the year, each surfer is given 2 joker cards (or whatever they want to call them). Surfers can use these cards anytime, any heat throughout the year. After a heat if a surfer thinks they got screwed, they drop one of their cards on the judges table. Once the card is dropped, every scoring wave is watched by 3 individuals off site from the contest. The off site individuals cannot see which surfer is throwing down the card and have no idea who won/lost the heat. After reviewing all the waves that were scored during the heat, with the top 2 scoring waves of each surfer highlighted (without the ASP judges scores attached) the three individuals would determine which surfer they thought won the heat. If all three of the off site individuals come up with the same surfer, he/she wins the heat. 2 cards at the beginning of the year, use them or lose them. Andy might have thrown one down after the jbay comp, Ace maybe in France. Gabriel last week. We can continue to rant and rave, but the ASP needs to come up with a solution to avoid this happening every other week.

  • jon chester

    wow.. people need to chill out over this. Online comments provides a forum for meanness all the way around. It was a very close heat and judging is always subjective to some extent. Gabriel can cry if he wants to and I don’t judge him for that. I do judge him for being disrespectful to his fellow competitor.Congratulations Julian, better luck next time Gabriel and don’t throw your priority away next time.

  • travelin

    A lot of pathetic whinging sore losers here, get over it you cry babies. The final was close and could have gone either way. Claiming should be banned from heats and Medina acted like a spoiled brat instead of accepting defeat gracefully. It’s probably less his fault that those around him such as his stepfather and supporters, who, as so called adults should know better. There is no anti-Brazilian judging going on, look at Florence, Wilson and Medina, they are all as good as each other and will all push to be future world champs. But the spewing of anti ASP/Rip Curl/judging reactions since the final is an embarrassment to the surfing world and part of the problem – too many immature wannabe tough guys crying when things don’t go the way they want it to. Get rid of the testosterone and take losing, even when the judges may get it wrong (like happens in every sport) on the chin and learn from it.

  • marcelo

    for those who are criticizing medina´s behavior please remember Federer and Agassi when the where young.

  • juan

    i am from uruguay not oz us or brazilian and i love surfing , i whatch all events and i am detecting some sad behabiors from this three countries , i think your pushing this to other levels remember this is surfing againts surfing not a nation against another, controversial discuses decisions and judging can be perffectly discus in peace terms. i also personatly think medina won, but his dad made a huge mistake, he incitated violence to the crowd, if there is still one sirous person in the asp ,i think he respectfully has to talk whith medinas dad about this type of conducts

  • juan

    Is this article for real?? Really?? Congratulations, Mr. Doherty. You turned an unbelievably unfair judgement into a criticism of Medinas behaviour. Don’t blame the kid for being outraged. I don’t believe i’ve ever seen such a bad wave judgement before, and I’ve seen a lot, trust me. Adriano’s floater gate pales in comparison to what happened today. And a year ago, I saw the entire surfing media and so called “journalists” destroying Adriano for that. I had the displeasure of reading a very poor and sad article written at this very site about that. The ASP even felt the need to mke a public statement (!), the first ever.
    And now, this happens. So Medina should bow his head, smile along and thats it? Shouldn’t you and those who want the sport to grow be yearning for a fair and more professional judgement? Cause if that’s the way it goes at the ASP, I will quit on watching pro surfing for good

  • JR

    Bottom line is the kid choked his priority in the final minute! The rest is speculation and opinion, so stick to the facts… if he maintains priority he wins… so he not only lost his composure in the water but followed it with a tantrum in front of the entire surfing world with his comments and disrespectful vanishing act. This article is spot on and points out that facts of what happened. Gabriel needs to grow up fast and learn to take defeat. A defeat that was caused by his own inability to close out Julian in the final minute! Congrats Jules… don’t let anyone spoil your victory… You earned it!

  • Jason Smith

    Why is nobody questioning the real root of all this evil; that we have turned surfing into a professional sport in the first place? Does anything on earth fit more poorly into that ugly shoe? Soccer, football, baseball. Those are sports. Riding waves? Fun. Try to make it anything more than that, this is what you get.

  • Burckauser

    Do you know hwat is this article?
    I’ll teel you:
    Tha’s what you guys are trying to do.
    CLOSE HEAT? Are you kidding me? Hahaha
    Julian got overscored in both waves!
    Forget air reverses and a mix of manouvers.


    Good job ASP and all of you supporting this final result. good luck with the lipstick and the pig.


  • Cesar

    What a joke Sean.
    You don’t believe your words do you?
    So Julian won the final because of the SEMI final performance?

    If you want to win a contest, you have to win the final too!!!


    Surfer Magazine: for ignorant consumers who like big pictures of Surfers.


  • Peters

    what a garbage!! So biased… shit!!

  • Ant

    I’m guessing the same angry mob throwing bricks at Mr Doherty also placed bouquets at his feet for his recent glowing profile of Medina in Surfing World? Is that a cricket I hear chirping?

  • Kelly

    There is no problem with surfing, the problem is pro surfing and all the people watching.
    Too many fans, couch potato’s, internet experts, dumb ass head judges, blind fool pro judges (too scared to write the score they first thought they should write for fear of loosing their place on the panel)
    Don’t know the answer but i’ll still probably miss out on real waves watching Steamer Lane next week!

  • G.K.

    my opinions of RIP CURL pro Portugal 2012

    Good job Julian Wilson
    Go Medima your time has come
    Medina’s podeum attitude was silly
    Medina’s family reactions are like an Arabs
    Portugal peoples are no job(accoding to week day but huge cloud)
    Hilight of contest ware fish smashed C.J. Hobgood in the tube
    Aussie’s are genius of explane
    Brasilians are Arab
    A.S.P is still I.P.S
    Any other contest Frence,Japanese,Balinese or others countris surfers
    are still not calling they name
    Brasilians are fanatic
    Don’t want see they families and coachs on VIP box during heat
    Brasilian and Aussies are completery diffrent but both loves droped in at any spots in Bali
    At present in this year’s champion is a Mr.Heath Joske’s ride at Billabong pro J-Bay and that’s one is all about what’s the surfing is
    After 20-yeas late the final if Palestima and Islael surfer in same situation they will be judge solution by bomb
    In this year in Portugal there is no Paul Fisher and that’s is made them dispute
    Keep surfing
    PS:I would like to see the Mr.Sean D’s wild wig

  • adam may

    what a ridiculous article – are you just staying ‘neutral’ to keep your job or do you actually believe what you’re saying? shocking judging. Both of medina’s waves were CLEARLY better than Julians.. is this about money or surfng! julian gets the highest score of the heat with a crumbly short, average barrel which he didn’t exit cleanly, followed by 3 ‘safety turns’ – all lacking commitment – even the commentators said before the end section of that wave; ‘he needs something big here.’ Julian claimed his way to victory and the judges let the atmosphere get to their heads. poor gabriel. robbed blind.. how Gabriels huge punt linked with 3 good turns was scored lower than julians last wave is beyond comprehension. Stuff like this makes me not want to follow the WCT at all; the best man didn’t win. – bullshit.

  • Don

    gee Sean, wasn’t the Bells final, Kelly vs Mick, a wee bit controversial also..?
    As for the comment regarding JW’s “10 minutes of his semi final” – were the judges and commentators still dwelling on the semi as the final unfolded? It’s not about deserving to win for whatever reason …it’s about ACTUALLY winning

  • travelin

    I can understand an over exuberance as Brazil has never really had a viable title contender, until now. For sure Medina is a future contender and potential great of the sport who may go on to win multiple titles. He is brilliant however it should be remembered John John and Julian and just as talented and won’t let him have it his own way. So now Brazil has a contender it seems the latin public can sense the time has come where Brazil can emerge and a world title is within reach in the next couple of years. However this enthusiasm needs to be tempered with humility instead of aggressive patriotism which has no place in sport especially individual sports. When Slater was busy winning world titles and depriving the Aussies, the Australian surfing public just accepted it and waited for their next champion to emerge in Occy and the Fanning a long time afterwards. Aus have had lean years as far as world titles goes due to Slater and Irons, yet despite their intense competitiveness and dislike of losing they are still able to accept losing and don’t make excuses or point the finger. Brazilian fans should stay well clear of becoming divisive and overly patriotic.

  • Diogo Schmidt

    Dear Mr Sean , that was maybe one of the worst and more parcial articles I put my eaye on for a long shot, super biased, super parcial, anyway , let me stick to the discussion here….

    Let´s put this way, pure and simple.
    On the first exchange JW´s wave could NEVER be a 7.83, that was a manufactured bad barrel with a dirty exit, a 6.5 maximum, no more.
    Once we realize this, we don´t even have to discuss the second JW´s ridiculous 8.43, wich was way over scored, Medina´s 2 waves were simply better than JW´s, both.
    Medina won by a clear mile.
    Now think about Kelly doing what Medina did on his first wave…, a huge air reverse as a first maneuver followed by a clear snap on the face and a well done slash on the face….
    Oh man, If Kelly does a combo like that he gets a 9, no doubts, immediately, “ the guy is 40 years age,11 times world chap, adapted his game to the new generation…bla bla bla”, 9.
    Guy like Parko, Mick and Taj would also score high. ( less than the king probably ).
    But Medina does that in any form of water moving anytime and apparently the judges seems to be judging him differently from the other mortals….
    JW´s double claim was by far the most theatrical one of the year, double claim…, ans people talk about Mr de Souza…
    ASP seems to be runned by amateurs, mafia style, if shit happens no one can talk or will be punished, commentators have clear limits on criticizing the heats/scores/judges, someone please tell me, is that on their contracts ? I think so
    I am a great admirer of JW´s surfing, the Kid has it all, style,power, aerial game,barrel skills, and theres no doubt he will dominate the sport along with few others in years to come…
    Julian did not need a win like this, he´ll win CT events for sure, this one he did not deserve.
    Gabriel should go public and apologize for leaving the stage, JW didn´t know what had just happened and deserves respect as a man and as a competitor. Loose with grace, take it like a man and let his surf talks afterward.
    Gabe´s father should also apologize and behave properly next time.
    Julian by his side should watch the videos and stay quiet at least.
    Yes, I´m Brazilian and more importantly in this discussion, I´m passionate about surfing/pro surfing.
    Let´s put aside nationality/patriotism and just evaluate the whole thing as fans of the sport folks.
    Dio Schmidt

  • Marcus

    Sean, what a biased and racist piece of junk mate. If you have a journo degree you must have missed out on all the subjects related to being impartial when showing your views about something (this happens quite often with surf bums). On a separate matter I would like share my view on a big picture scenario that is unfolding behind the scenes of professional competive (rather than getting bogged down right away on the final result of the Rip Curl itself). I will set the scene with the following facts:
    1) Competitive surfing is about to change big time (perhaps the biggest transformation since the establishment of the IPS in 1972) with the take over of Zoa Sea media.
    2)Just couple of weeks ago in France, ASP officially announced a new partnership with Zosea re Media rights. Refer to Randy Rarick’s interview at Surfline):'[Zosea’s] goal is to take the sport [surfing], privatize it, monetize it and move it forward. Their goal is to take it from a niche sport and move it to…something that will make people sit up and recognize.’
    Regardless of which shape the new ASP/Zosea partnership morphs into, they will need lots of $upport to run their new business model. I would think that ASP/Zosea would need to rely on much deeper pockets to support their vision to make surfing a ‘mass’ sport. Of course this goes way beyond what the traditional surfing brands can afford thus they will need to look outside of the surfing sphere (i.e global brands) to achieve their goal.
    Brief conclusion re the final result in Portugal:
    1) Coincidence or not, Julian Wilson is sponsored by two HUGE global brands (Nike & Red bull) – which are the type of companies that ASP/Zosea wants on their books.
    2) Most impostantly, with the upcoming retirement of the 11th or 12th World Champion Kelly Slater , the ASP/Zosea partnership (and its associates) is desesperatly in need of a new face to represent them to a world outside of the surfing buble. Julian is the type of guy that marketing managers dream about – he’s fresh, a very talented surfer, well spoken, good looking and is always involved in noble causes i.e breast cancer initiatives etc – a perfect match to their new system.
    In my view all of these matters were been taken into consideration (even unconsciously) when the ASP judges assessed the scores of Julian vs Gabriel on that final. Obviously I don’t think Julian won that final.
    I’m interested to know whether others share a similar view.
    Aloha & Peace to all,

  • boooo

    I personally think it could gone either way thats here nore there. Probably cause the place is called supertubos the criteria was weighted towards deeper barrels than airs who know.

    But how could he be sure that he thought won from looking on from behind the wave(like on Julian’t last one). Did he watch a replay and compare the waves to have a clear view on what Julian and his waves looked like to the judges before he got upset?

  • Tom

    Congrats Sean, best post I’ve read in a long time. You’ve said it all. Wise Words and lots of soul and perspective. Aloha…

  • sandro murara

    I have never read so much nonsense in a article. Peter Doherty, you disrespected the surfer, his family and an entire country. This is our way of support our competitors, in all sports. It’s our culture, please, respect.
    At mosts, you just wrote bullshits.

  • Bassman

    The same happened few years ago in Lowers when Taj got robbed. He definitely surfed better waves than Slater, throwing the tail with abandon in the closeout section; but the judges gave the win to the American. Business as usual.

  • Charles Gavin

    hey sean, are you kidding me?
    deep breath and try again.
    do you still think that the judges were right?
    Never, in any kind of conditions, Julian won that heat.
    Both of Gabby´s waves were much better than Julian´s ones.
    Don´t let your patriotism speaks for you.
    and more, everyone, in Gabby´s situation, would react like he did.
    the point is not about being a good loser. it is all about been penalised from judging mistakes or, even worse, from masked fostering.

  • jimmy

    Lay off Sean Doherty, he is just reporting what happened. IMO a great journalist of surfing and youse can all f–ck off with your pathetic moaning. Wawawaawa, Slater should win this year if justice is done as he has won 3 times. Medina had zip, Parkinson has zip, so take bury your heads losers Kelly is the only champ as usual! Muppets

  • s bell

    You represent the USA pal… you represent our opinion.

    I do not agree with you as do the majority.

    Brazil, this is a sad day in surf journalism. This man does not represent our views. His close-mindedness is disgusting and racist.

  • Opssss

    Some points:
    Some said Medina is a bad loser but it should be very difficult to swallow a kind of loose like that. Maybe Medina will learn but I remember last year, when Slater lost round 3 in Rio, he kept surfing even with other heat running. What was that? Even for him sometimes is difficult to react after a loose.
    Other thing, 2 years ago when Adriano won that heat against Owen (without deserving, judges made a mistake) with a floater, I haven´t seen so much complaines about it and I didn´t see anybody writing about “deserving”, “close heat”, “bad loser”, I saw ASP coming in its website and writing a note explaining the victory. Why ASP don´t come now and explain JW´s victory? And then I read brazilians are fanatic?

  • Jon

    Someone made a great point below… Gabriel had no idea what JW did on his waves… he simply took the biased opinion(s) of his family, friends and crowd and acted like the little punk he is, having no clue what actually happened or if he deserved the win or not! At least AI saw Kelly’s wave from the beach in JBay when he lost in a controversial decision and still manned up on stage! Look at Bobby M… True colors always come out in situations like this. Medina is a HORRIBLE representative of the sport and his country! Whether he won the heat or not (in your opinion) I am personally glad he lost after seeing his reaction. This kid has an inflated ego, no class and a cry baby! Grow up and maybe one day you will deserve to hold up a 1st place trophy!

  • juan


  • Magrelo

    How many times does this ball licker have to say JE earned this victory??? If Julian had had the guts to try a few proper punts on that last wave than for sure he would have earned… Instead he claimed… Don’t get me wrong Julian is a great talented kid but he will never be like medina.. Gabz is the new slater clone weather this Australians ball lickers like it or not!!! In 10 years medina will be laughing at this crying podium!!! He knows and WE Know that he would have given 110% on that wave and would have thrown at Least a couple of proper backside 360’s!! Did JW have the chance to win? YEs he did…. Did he deserve to win?? It’s not rocket science, anyone can watch a reply of the final to get the answer… You only realized how fucked this world we live in is when you read an article of someone who thinks he’s a journalist! Congratulations to JW you are one of the most talented surfers of all times!!! I’m sure you will serve as inspiration to many young kids!!! As of medina… He’s Brazilian, he is pretty used of being robbed even though it hurts…

  • Matt O’Brien

    What I found the most “troubling” aspect of Medina’s “loss” was not that he cried, BUT that he showed a TOTAL lack of sportsmanship for not congratulating Julian AND staying on stage to show that sportsmanship when the “winner” was announced. Fact is, Julian didn’t judge/score his own wave, so to treat Julian with total disrespect IS what I find appalling. Regardless of his age, nationality or “how many world titles” the kid “will bring back to Brazil”. As for the racist and ridiculous comments concerning Median, I thought that was waaaaay out of line. Kinda like being pissed at the guy who “won” even though that “winner” didn’t do it to himself. I am sure that Median will NEVER play defense like HE DID in those final minutes of that final (or any heat) EVER AGAiN. Once bitten, twice shy!!

  • Burckauser

    One more thing:
    Are you guys sure about the priority change?
    Don’t know about that call…

  • jimmy

    MAGRELO wrote

    [ Gabz is the new slater clone weather this Australians ball lickers like it or not!!! In 10 years medina will be laughing at this crying podium!!! ]

    Magrelo not only is this racist but I’m sorry mate Medina has only won two CT events. He is certainly not the new Slater, not even close. Once a surfer comes along and wins 6 or 7 titles then he may get comparisons to Slater, but until then your argument is pathetic. And Medina is not that special either, he is talented, but no more talented that Florence or Wilson who are every bit as complete as surfer as Medina. Only i expect Florence will go better in big waves and also be a lot more humble. If Medina is going to win like he loses then I hope he never wins a title.

  • Sean

    Bad thing about this is the fact all the Brazilians running their mouth…gabs is a great surfer but acting like a fuck nut will get him nowhere. All surfers get the push….including gabs…..too bad he’s not more like pupo…gabs is A sore loser and good luck getting he nod now when you need the push.

  • james

    Medina won!!!! Shameee

  • John Maier

    I am a surfer. I am American. I live in Brazil. I personally think Brazilians and Australians are the happiest most fun loving people in the world, so It hurts me to see this culture clash and all these hate comments directed at whole nations. Let’s just stay to the facts. Sean, you probably never regretted a statement more than saying Julian deserved to win the finals because of a 10-minute span in the semi finals. Wow, I can’t believe you could still have a job with any surf media after what Has to be the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen regarding judging a surf contest. To make it clear to you, in Americanese you can understand, that is like saying the St. Louis Cardinals deserve to win this year”s World Series because they beat the Nationals with a spectacular comeback in the ninth inning of a divisional playoff (and we all know how they then got decimated by San Fran in the next stage of the playoffs). I don’t think so. .Medina got robbed, just like Owen got robbed in Brazil and even Kelly got robbed at Bells this year…it happens, but with the use of instant replay it really should not happen. Someone commented that in life, on the beach, Julians waves looked better. That doesn’t make sense. The judges have three different angles to review. They can compare the waves to previous waves in the same heat or others in earlier heats. There is no way five judges can sit down, watch that finals, break down the waves and give it to Julian, NO WAY. So the only conclusion we at home can come up with is that something fishy is going on.

    Julian, stop claiming mediocre waves. You are starting to look like Adriano.

    I really do wish Kelly, Parko and other surfers would comment on this and use their leverage to make some changes in the ASP mafia.

  • Patrick

    Just dropped by to have a look at waht surfermag had to say about this recent happening in the world of professional surfing. I have been away for a couple of days, went on a surf trip to Nicaragua with no internet around and all I could hear was how Gabriel had been robbed on that final. Couldn’t wait to have a look at it with my on eyes.
    I have to be honest here, don´t know what the hell happened to professional surfing in Peniche. It was all going so well this year) with the exception of some reasonable close calls) but that, that was outrageous.
    Not only did Median lose that day. We all lost. Julian lost(wonder how he must be feeling). The world of surfing lost. Sponsors lost ( thinking about Ripcurl here, not Nike). Even who inspired to be a surfer one day lost. Heros can´t be made, they are born naturally. You can´t make Julian a hero, not after that… That was ridiculous.
    Anyway, Gabriel will recover, the kid hates losing. He’ll prove once again he´s way above the rest( even JJ believe me when I say it). I would´ve not only walked off but probably smashed that second place trophy..hahaha, just joking but I think professionalism comes with professionalism and he did what was right.
    Peace to ya’ll and lets not get discriminative here.

  • adam may

    “Medina needs to learn to take losses – fair and unfair?!” – are you kidding? Medina should learn to handle injustice in his career? You have the wrong end of the stick. Medina does not need to learn to take unfair losses, nobody should have to – the ASP needs to learn to eliminate unfair losses and injustice. How dare you turn this situation around to make medina look like the bad guy. What about Julian? The two best moves on that last shitty wave were his claims, and everyone knows it. That was the equivalent of a soccer Hollywood – using emotion to win over the judges, Julian should have known better. That was embarrassing behaviour. Claims should be reserved for tens and waves in the dying seconds where the surfer actually thinks he has won, not fake, guilt ridden claims to try to get a score which isn’t there. Where was Barton lynch when you needed him – he’d have told it how he saw it, instead of worrying about keeping his job and zipping his lips shut like you and the other commentators did that day. And regarding your comment concerning medina being so accustomed to winning that he has forgotten how to lose? What bullshit… He has taken losses well in the past, the ones that were fair… I’d like to see the ASP’s rebuttal on this one… and what about that jordy v parko trestles heat? That was pretty bad too… just as the king himself has said; surfing is just a business – everything is second to profit

  • Josh

    GO Kelly!!!

  • Sean

    This article stinks…Medina won no doubt!! The media must be honest to their readers..and not like NZ sheeps…

  • Jack-O

    “He’s learned to win—he’s got that bit wired—but should also learn to lose. He needs to know that we all want to celebrate his surfing with him, but he has to bring us into the family.” In other words: Medina should take it in the a** and be friendly with surf mags.

  • joel p.

    that’s ugly and pathetic.

  • foy

    I have been reading these comments ever since the contest ended and reckon I may as well put my 2 cents in. I watched the finals live and have watched the replay a few times and there is no doubt in my mind that Julian was over scored and that Medina should have won that final. Any half decent surfer on any beach could have surfed Julian’s last wave the same. There was nothing special there. And if you saw someone throwing down such solid claims for moves like that you’d have to think ‘what a fricking kook!’. What the hell are we meant to think when we see a top surfer claiming crap in competition? I was going for Julian and really wanted him to win but after those claims I’m afraid I’ve lost all respect for him and don’t think I will support him again. They weren’t even claims, more like manipulative, pitiful pleading. Let your surfing do the talking mate!
    Anyway its a shame that this has happened. Just when the tour is this full of amazing talent and you really want to believe the whole circus isn’t rig they go and show you that its not that far removed from WWF. The judges have video replay and yet some of their critical calls have be dumbfounding. They may think they are fooling the layman but I can’t be the only seasoned fan who thinks something is amiss. I still hadn’t got over Jordy losing to Parko whilst displaying the most radical power surfing in competition I think I’ve seen in a while (ala Taylor in Mexico)… such beautiful rail work and commitment. Now this. Well I’m done. I’ll watch for the surfing but I couldn’t care less who wins or loses. Its already been scripted… and obviously Medina isn’t on the short list.
    Oh and it is of the utmost importance to lose with grace but if shit gets blatantly stolen from you, then i say ‘burn the place down’! Bobby Martinez got it right leaving when he did, in the manner that he did. Its all bullshit!

  • ted morrow

    this is all everyone here needs to know:
    you will all forget this in a few years time, it will be of no benefit for your intelligence. this bickering of the heat at portugal will only make you dumber. go learn something meaningful from a book.

    Medina is a poor sportsman after the way he acted on stage. Everyone who surfs on that ct has at some stage or will at some stage lose and feel like they’ve been ripped off. Judging surfing has so many factors involved, there will never be a time where it will be judged perfect. There are definitly clear cut decisions. but with close calls when its so tight like this final was, it comes down to opinions (5 people) and thats what they are there for. its an average of their opinions. Even the best have felt ripped off, but they have NEVER EVER shown disrespect to their opponent by doing what Medina did.

    He was out the back when Julian rode that last wave, he didn’t see it so how could he have been blaming judges instantly and feeling ripped off without seeing a reply first ? again poor sportsmanship, take the losses with the wins…

    Sean Doherty is not a racist. If you are calling him a racist, then you may as well call yourself a racist as you are only doing the same as he and everyone else. GIVING YOUR OPINION.

    MICK AND JOEL TEAHUPOO FINAL – how do you split it ? micks wave was prettier ? joelss legs were more bent than micks therefore style was uglier ? you cant split it. whens its that close as was the portugal final like i said it comes down to peoples opinions wheather and what they liked the look of better. we all like diferent aspects of surfing for different reasons, therefore all our opinions will be different. Thats why this is so split on who won, and heats like this always will be.

    Theres no need to ever be racist or culturally offensive. Everyone remember your age and who you are influencing (children) and grow up.

  • ed smith

    Comments made in this piece demonstrate the white privilege mindset. The author should just come out and let us know that cultures outside of the states are “less than.” The author shows racism and bias. Absolutely disgusting how racist this man is:

    “Medina family was in attendance en masse for the event this week, and added a vibrancy and filial aura on a level the Tour has never seen before. Moms, sisters, stepdads brothers and aunties, they were all there in the area and it was the feelgood story of the week. It was grand”

    Surfermag employs a racist. How dispicable you are!

  • Junior Cotovicz

    The opinion of the surfers that I showed below carries more impact and knowledgment that the opinion of the pseudo-surfers of this forum. So, shut up and read. MEDINA WON!!!
    One more thing: one idiot comparing the arabs with the brazilians. A message for him: FUCK YOU!!! You don´t know the Brazil, the brazilian life, the people.
    TIM BAKER (Australia – author of “Bustin’ Down The Door)
    @bytimbaker: I’m an Australian surf journo and I think Gab was robbed blind!
    @bytimbaker: Can’t explain why but Gab was robbed. Both Gab’s waves clearly better than JW’s.
    @bytimbaker: I thought it was not even close, compare the waves. Both Gab’s shoulda been a point more than Jdub’s .
    MATT WARSHAW (USA – author of “The Encyclopedia of Surfing”)
    @mattwarshaw: I’m the oldest guy in here, and I’ve been watching this shit since it was on Wide World of Sports. That was THE worst call I’ve ever seen.
    @mattwarshaw: I’m stumped. Which Wilson overscore was more blatantly ridiculous? The 7.83 or the 8.43?
    FRED PATACHIA (Hawaii – WCT Surfer)
    @FreddyP808: 7.47 for @gabrielmedinaa that is just wrong. That was the best barrel & wave of the heat. Should have been an 8.5 plus in my opinion.
    @FreddyP808: I just threw up. I feel sick.
    JEREMY FLORES (Reunion Island – WCT Surfer)
    @jeremyflores: Uh oh da result of final was pretty messed up.nothin we havnt seen befor tho unfortunely, get use to it.
    @BrettSimpo: yea I agree on Jules first wave! No way more than a 6.5! They love a heroic finish….:)
    ROSS WILLIAMS (Hawaii – Former ASP Surfer)
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina clearly won. Level of difficulty rewarded to the wrong surfer. Those barrels average. Gabs air combo got scorched.
    @rosswilliamshi: Medina won over @julian_wilson by a couple points. Bazaar judging to put it lightly.
    KALA ALEXANDER (Hawaii – Professional Waterman)
    @kaladacaptain: Was I watching a different contest? I thought Medina won for sure.
    @kaladacaptain: @julian_wilsonyou should give Mexina your trophy…
    @kaladacaptain: I was shocked.
    JOEL CENTEIO (Hawaii – Professional Surfer)
    @joelcenteio: I thought Julian’s first wave was a 6 and his last 7 points max. Gabby’s scores were on point. I thought Gabriel clearly won:)
    @joelcenteio: Way too much controversy on the @aspworldtour
    @surfline: There’s been discussion all day of @julian–wilson’s victory at the #RipCurlPro.
    And a final mesage from our Surf Prophet…

  • Roger SH

    The best thing left from this contest for the Brazilians is that Australians can no longer say a word about their claims!!! Good for Adriano de Souza 🙂

  • bhawk

    While I agree that Medina might have won, but he’s the only pro surfer that I don’t really care for. I’m not sure why but the kid gets on my nerves out of the water. One moment in Fiji he seemed cool but he needs to grow up and realize that Julian didn’t rob him the judges did. Crying about it is pathetic.