Jordy Smith works the Nightshift

Thousands Gather in Cape Town to See the Ski-Assisted Night Session

| posted on January 11, 2011

Crowds descended onto the sand en masse to see Jordy and crew go big in the 1-foot surf. Photo: Johnson

The standard night surf got kicked up a notch on Sunday evening when Red Bull brought floodlights, jet skis, and DJ sets into the mix at Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. Surf fans poured onto the beach to catch a glimpse of Jordy Smith taking flight in the shorebreak, but although the fanfare was intense, the waves were far from it. A crowd that would rival most ASP events watched Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson, Damien Fahrenfort, and others get whipped at sloppy 1-foot closeouts. But jet ski assistance goes a long way, and the crew boosted tweaked airs and supermans well into the night.

Damien Fahrenfort gets inverted thanks to a few hundred CC's of jet ski assistance. Photo: Red Bull

The event became a frenzy of fans and media as the sun went down. Photo: Red Bull

Rudy Palmboom stuck a few airs before darkness fell at Camps Bay. Photo: Red Bull

When the sun went down, Jordy came out and immediately started going for the superman. Photo: Red Bull

Progressive airs were the maneuver du jour during the junky tow-at session. Royden Bryson goes for a Kerrupt under the floodlights. Photo: Red Bull

Jordy Smith spent as much time out of the water as in it during the event. Photo: Red Bull

Blinded by the light, Ricky Basnett squints as he goes for a frontside grab. Photo: Red Bull

To the delight of thousands of spectators, Jordy stuck a lofty superman toward the end of the tow-at session. Photo: Red Bull

  • Bolivia

    im kinda over jodie smith. thats her name right?

  • Jacque Smit

    What a awesome night! Jordy and the boys were ripping!

  • Bob

    One word……………LAME

  • over it

    damien totally landed that air… why would u run such a crap shot like that? surfermag is officially the worst website now, tws and surfing have all upgraded while u stay the same crappy old boring site. oh yeah and jordy is an oaf

  • Bolivia

    im so over dodie smith. that is her name right?

  • charliep

    those superman’s are lame. they are about as cool as johnny boy gomes doing a barrel roll on coke.

  • haole2u2

    the superman looks wack.. he always does tho, even though it looks retarded

  • makuka fukman

    one would never see nathan fletcher doing a superman…..

  • obi’s

    To all the haters, go hate, was awosme to watch and Jordy and guys put on a great show! What guys do for there sponcers is great for the fans and being South African we havnt had a chance to shout for a while. Stoke and shaka’s all round, impressive progressive, great night!

  • Alex

    turn that superman (which, hard as it may be to do, doesn’t look cool) into a christ-air and i’ll be impressed. Night surfing looks hella fun though!

  • 3 Turns to the Beach

    Lame. Back in the day we used to put floodlights up on the pier and throw emptys at the boys while they surfed. Try putting some hacks together while dodging beer bottles. That took some skill.

    Now these guys get jet ski pulls into the wave so they can hump their board in the air. No wonder they all dress like girls.

  • damn all you bitches are mad haters.

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  • charliep

    jordy smith = ricky bobby

  • Mik

    He rips, but if I never see a “superman” again, it will be to soon.

  • ozybob

    I agree, the superman in lame and is boring. It is hereby band from future use, come to think of it air reverses are crap too.

  • Steven


  • ginz

    do you critical little bitches even surf go and play with yourselves if can even find your little weenies