Jordy Smith Sings the Blues

| posted on February 22, 2010

Early this year, Jordy Smith and South African musical act Goldfish (you may recognize them from KIA commercial soundtracks) headed into the studio to see what would happen when an international surf star writes lyrics, sings lead vocals, and plays the drums on a track produced and recorded by a rapidly rising musical act.

“I wasn’t really sure what I was going to sing about,” said Jordy. “I had a few lines and ideas, but some more words came to me and I was feeling it I guess. Kind of belting some lines out.”

And just like that “Flying Stealth” by Jordy Smith vs. Goldfish was born.

Click below to listen to the track or download it exclusively here on

Flying Stealth
by Jordy Smith vs. Goldfish


  • javi rivera

    amazing what a little compression and some words can do!!

  • conner

    is the singer really jordy? or is he on the drums, either way it sounds pretty good.

  • WS

    Wow, almost as friggin gay as The Surfers (S, M, K). Lets see, we’re a band – how can we cash in on the surfing craze. Oh cool, we’ll ask to play in our band.

  • Mik

    Rad. So much kooler than that tool with the must-ash.

  • LS

    love this…..visuals are great and a cool song!!!!

  • charles

    Wow. That WS guy sounds like a real noob. Enjoy the song and go ride a wave.

  • NC

    @WS dont you have some meth to smoke bro? that songs pretty gay but your still a donkey and jordy still rips on you. kook.

  • Flamer

    For some RAW South African tunes check:

  • WS

    NC: Yes, Jordy rips on everyone here. The difference is that I don’t have his balls in my mouth like you do.

    1. Take random band nobody has ever heard of
    2. Inject locally popular pro surfer
    3. Watch kids fawn all over it and make money
    4. Repeat in 5 years with pro surfing’s “next big thing”

    Pathetic, soulless, artificial.

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  • Belvedere McAdams

    It’s crazy how relevant this whole endeavor is…I mean, what, six people are familiar with KIA’s car commercials right? That’s not even counting those who are familiar with the soundtrack. And then Jordy Smith…geez…if he attempts to put a melody atop some poorly crafted song, then…woah! We’ve got ourselves a notable story huh? I’m going to steal a line from Jordy here: “This comment is done!” (Throw crap I don’t deserve on the floor.)

  • Cooper Magnusson

    To quote the splendiferous Goldfish Band…”my intellect tells me to reject this.” Normally, I “fly stealth” and keep my opinions to myself, but this is just a little too much. I find it hard to believe that with all that is going on in this world, the brain-trust at Surfer Mag is struggling so much for content, that they look to an obscure South African band (no disrespect to South Africa or the band), Red Bull, and the lyrical/musical “talents” of Jordy Smith to create some sort of momentary interest in the culture of surfing! Hey Red Bull, how about expanding the scope to include world events, like the earthquake in Haiti or the Olympic Games. How much time, effort, and money were devoted to this “project” that could have been donated to the relief efforts in Haiti…try again Red Bull and Surfer Mag…I’m just saying….

  • charles

    Yawn. It’s just a song. Maybe Cooper and Old Belvedere should get off their high horses and go do some work in Haiti

  • Aaron Wright

    Seriously, you guys gotta stop. jordys a great surfer. He dosent need to fall into the whole surfer musican thing just using it as a tool to grab on to whats left of there surfing carrer, exp. Timmy Curran. Donnovan,… Just surf man, stay on your program and bring home some world titles, leave the music shit to the reachers. Stop wasting time, untill u bring home the title you dont have time to play games. You know im right, EVeryone is gonna smoke you next year if your not carefull and then youll be like blah blah im gonna sing a sad song about it and go boost airs so i can put um slow mo and sing my sad song to what could have been.

  • jordysmokespole

    who does this fahg think he is? kelly slater in his baywatch years?

  • sticktosurfing

    jordy should stick to surfing

  • wally

    @WS – Just because your redneck village has never heard of Goldfish it doesn’t mean they aren’t doing big things around the rest of the world. Probably the lack of a banjo that puts you off…
    The JS input on the track is not bad, prefer Goldfish’s other stuff though.

  • DAM

    Chill. It’s only a song. You all need some stoke. Go get some….. Anything in life is only good if you like it. If you don’t, who cares what you think HA!

  • Larry

    I feel gayer for having listened to that.

  • WS

    Hey Wally, enjoy jamming out to “Goldfish” before your next SUP session. LMFAO!

  • schmuck

    marketing, marketing, oh, and marketing nonsense.

  • Deadlyromeo

    I think he had a lot of fun doing the track. Its music vibes and surfing, they r a good mix… dont think it should be taken too seriously….

  • charles

    Jeez when did surfers turn into such cynical, bitter hacks?
    The track is a free give away and a one-off bit of fun between Jordy and Goldfish…
    WOW what an evil sub-plot that is!
    People love to hate from the safety of their computers.
    Go boys, you’re living the dream and the haters can go back to crying in their cubicles now

  • jurrah is where it’s at

  • Julie

    Wow, how can you be so jealous? Come on, it’s just Jordy having some fun. Music, art surfing, it’s all about creativity and having fun.

  • Brad


    GoldFish is an international act, not a band nobody has heard of – you been living in a cave ?

  • Lori

    @Flamer – Checked out your link. Gotta say – Hated it.

  • allegra

    WS: you’re an arsehole and you clearly have no taste or no life, because Goldfish is huge. Take that massive stick up your arse out of it, shove it down your throat and die. It’d make the world a much nicer place.

  • facebook sex

    thank you mr admın very good

  • Jaymysta

    Goldfish do it again!! What a ripper of a Track!! Get back to durban soon!!