Israeli Swell Activity

A brief glimpse into a thriving surf community a few miles from the Lebanese border

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| posted on January 05, 2011
  • EW

    I had no idea anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea got barrels like that, WOW!
    I’ve heard and seen footage of OK Italian waves, makes you wonder about the possibilities.

  • eyal b

    After a long month of prays we got an Amazing winter swell

  • kooki

    don’t get too excited… those barrels are rare! you get those maybe five times a year. the north wind is pootzkers friend so go fishing or save some money for surfing in the Atlantic.

  • BLL


  • Paul

    If only those swells were a regular event I could see the Holy sites and enjoy surfing all in one trip.
    What weather event(s) usually preclude surfable waves ?

  • Ari Schmidt

    I think its really cool that Surfermag has had this posted on their front page for over a week now. The fact that Israel is getting coved at all in awesome. Also, Im happy to say, I got a piece of this swell outside the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv.

  • Jamie

    Now can we see what the Palestinians are left with, too?

  • HBD

    For larger sets, do you think they call them “bombs,” or would that be socially inappropriate?

  • U.v

    haha thers no such thing as socially inappropriate in Israel…thats the great thing about it… can say whatever the hell you want

  • 8tan

    I was at Sokolov beach this morning. The biggest wipeout ever! My first experience with barrels 😉 Anyway it was an amazing morning and I was alone in the water! What a waste of waves!

  • e

    the big sets coming in are called attacks

  • sharon

    i am surfing for almost 20 years in israel and i must say these pictures are very
    very rare we dont really have barrels or good waves . these barrels are good for 2 seconds and than closing on you
    sad but true