Introducing SALTED Magazine

An All-Girls Magazine From the Editors of SURFER

| posted on August 01, 2012

Sage Erickson and Quincy Davis, two of the many surfers featured in the debut issue of Salted Magazine. Photo: Maassen

The time has come. We’re finally giving female surfers the love they deserve in a brand-new, all-girls magazine, SALTED. The mag, created by the editors of SURFER Magazine, features the best female surfers on the planet, trips to the most idyllic locales, profiles, interviews, history, fashion features, and more. It’s is a much-overdue homage to women’s surfing, all made with the quality, authenticity, and top-notch imagery you’ve come to expect from SURFER.

Hitting newsstands August 14, SALTED is nearly 100 pages of uninterrupted female surf content in an oversized, glossy format. Find it at your local surf shop or bookstore. The digital version will also be available on the Apple Newsstand beginning August 6.

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You can purchase an issue here.

  • Taylor

    IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny vanderbeck

    cool, my little girl will love this,she loves the pond and all that is in it!

  • sth

    how bout an all NUDE girls mag?

  • Sherry

    Finally… been waiting for few year for a female surf mag… since discontinuing surfer girl….. !!!!!

  • Alex Haro

    This is cool. Excited to see it!

  • Mia Gangwes

    OH MY !! Finally happening ! and what an awesome name for the magazine . Now im torn on where to intern at in the future SURFER or SALTED .

  • Modeana

    Salted…..adding a little spice to the Surfer line-up!
    Perfect timing as The Wahine Project moves down the coast from Monterey to Nayarit!

  • Moni

    stoked to see Chikum on those pages πŸ™‚

  • Em C

    Fantastic! Just please don’t forget we’ve already seen enough best pick bikini, after surfing beauty tips articles in other magazines to last a lifetime! Looking forward to 1st edition πŸ™‚

  • Justin

    These woman surfers rock the waves – need this larger profile. Come on down to the southern beaches of Nicaragua and stay at our Guest House.

  • julia

    where can i buy salted online? i come from spain and i don’t know if they sell it here. thanks

  • Cynthia Farnsworth

    Will the digital issues be available through the amazon marketplace as well? I have a kindle instead of an iPad! I love that women’s surfing is getting more attention!!!

  • Sian

    Stoked! I’m 13 years old and live for surfing, always looking for stuff to read up on the girls for inspiration! Thanks heaps

  • Dani C

    Wow, this terrific! So great to see the womens surfing get more exposure πŸ™‚

  • Christine

    Great great idea. I just hope that it depicts women surfers as human beings and not as objects. Looking forward to read it.

  • dylan

    sweet! how can we subscribe?!

  • Surfer Dad

    About time surfer girls got the recognition they deserve from a top editorial team. Good luck.

  • India

    Looking forward to reading these mags. Give me some inspiration and stoke.

  • Michelle

    Where can we subscribe to get these magazines??

  • Keri

    Amazing!! I’m hoping this one sticks! Where can we subscribe?

  • Michael Ensor


    It’s available in the iTunes App Store for iPads only, but it is WORTH IT!

    It’s currently slotted under SURFER magazine as a single issue you can purchase. Check it out and let SURFER know you want more Salted!

  • Natalie

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for another girls mag to come out for a looooong time…Thank you so much!!!

  • R.Lee Oldham

    About Time this happened for the real surfer girls out there. Guess the industry finally realized they were here to stay . Finally their time has come and maybe they will be given the respect due for so long . Ride On Girls !

    “Sik Chix” Shreeddd !!!!….. @ ” Release Your Beast ” !

  • R.Lee Oldham

    Ride On Girls ! “Sik Chix” Shreeddd !!!!……

  • Kate

    Seriously amazing! How do we subscribe???

  • Adam

    Ya, how do we subscribe?

  • Anna

    Has anyone figured out how to subscribe? I have one of the magazines and i LOVE it πŸ™‚ Anyone anyone? please? I wana subscribe!

  • karen

    Excellent! Can’t wait to check it out! …And I really hope it’s not all about bikinis. I’d *love* to read about women’s *surfing* (and see photos of them actually SURFING, not just posing). Everything else out there about women’s surfing is demeaning — like it’s produced out of some male fantasy of beach babes, not out of the reality of women who purely love to surf.

  • jrenee

    Is it for females under 18? Why called a girls mag and not a womens magazine. Just wondering.

  • nathalie


  • Delila

    cool. how to subscribe?

  • JerseyJess

    When will it be available in hard-copy magazine format? Much more interested in having my daughter flip through the “real” pages than scroll through them virtually…thanks.

  • SURFER Magazine

    The magazine (the real, paper magazine) is on newsstands now (bookstores, surf shops, grocery stores). You can also buy a hard copy of the mag here:

  • desert_solitaire_524

    Can you tell me how I can subscribe to this new magazine Salted? None of the local bookstores here in the southern Arizona desert had it in stock.

  • Marji

    I think I recall back in the late 70’s or early 80’s you tried a woman’s surfing mag and it failed…I sure hope this one succeeds….

    Is Salted going to be just about surfing “Girls”? As a 40+-year old surfing woman, I’d sure love to see some something more than just cute butts (and yes, I know cute butts sell magazines). However, Oprah Magazine has a huge audience….plus the over 40 crowd has more disposable income for such mags….again, I’m just saying… throw me a bone – just a couple pages of some hot older woman surfing in every issue…and, yes, I know few if you can’t find any…jeez

  • susanmonroe

    it is a good thing to promote female surfing – we will be taken more seriously in such a male dominated sport if the ‘girl’ were dropped – the word ‘surfer’ entails not only males but females – all boys – all girls – all women – and last but not least, all men as well. that’s Carissa, Kelly and all of us.

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  • Cathy

    Loved it!
    When can we expect a second issue?

  • Jennifer

    Great stuff! When’s the next one coming?!

  • Barbara

    Loved the August issue!! Waiting anxiously for another?! Would love to subscribe. Please let us know.

  • Kaydi

    Absolutely love the mag! So relatable to female surfers, keep writing! πŸ™‚

  • jackie

    is this a one time mag or like bi yearly or monthly. TELL ME!!

  • megan s

    get it its own Facebook page. I just read the article about the popularity of women’s surfing and how to market it, so start there. Promote it where tons of women social network.

  • Coastwmn

    Cool but where are more issues?

  • Shish Fish

    What happened to Salted???

  • Hope Carlson

    I am so happy to have come across Salted at my local surf shop. I have never been so satisfied reading a magazine. Salted is everything I have ever wanted in light reading. It encompasses the style and vibe of surfing “like a girl.” Yet…I am wondering why I haven’t seen any other issues. Will Salted continue to be published? Do I really need to become “that girl” at the surf shop anxiously asking for the next copy? Will I ever be able to subscribe???

  • Ela

    more issues! PLEASE! I live in Germany but I would subscribe in an instant.

  • randy stockstill

    the mother of my daughter was a surf guide in mexico , my daughters three sisters all love the beach and surfing and one day my daughter Phoebe will be in the line up. thanks for the mag!

  • Kiana

    I NEED this mag!!!!! This is what we all have been waiting for! I found out about this in the latest Surfer magazine and immediatley looked it up! Where can I find it? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Keen Reader!!

    I am so happy to have a mag like this but seriously, when is the next issue coming out! It was sold out so soon πŸ™

  • Margeaux

    Where can we get a subscription? Check out our new women’s wetsuits at Razor Reef Surf Shop Here:

  • Gentry Rogers

    My 10 yr old daughter wants a subscription but the link says soldout! Hook me up, bill me double if you have to, make it happen….

  • Alana Martinero

    Hey Salted when are you coming back?
    Get a look at Surfkini, the premium swimwear range for the active water woman, they stay on when it’s going off!

  • Paige Blair

    Just got my copy at the drug store. SO wish this was a 12-month subscribable… When, O When?

  • randy stockstill

    I hope surfer magazine continues with this …Stonefish Skegs supports womens surfing in all forms! i invented this fin design to enhance the pleasure of surfing and will donate sets of fins to womens soul surfing events and competitions. keep it coming! we need more women in the line up! Randy “stonefish” Stockstill Wave Observation Tower, Newport Beach

  • Name

    Good luck with that.

  • w haven

    Subscription yet?

  • surfer mom

    I want one on my coffee table not on my computer

  • LleaudSurfer

    looking forward to being able to have a hard copy……also, someone on fb seems to be stealing a lot of photo’s of the surfer site and claiming them for his own – be weary photographers!

  • Jen

    I’d like to subscribe

  • Jane

    Just tried to buy it for my girls and it is sold out. That was fast. How can I get a copy and do you have a subscription available?

  • Tasha Sherman

    Would love this to be a regular thing! Are you going to print more?

  • Dana

    Is this digital only? Is there a subscription option? Would love to subscribe but can’t see a way to do so, or even to purchase one! Would love to support an all female surfer mag — but can’t support it if I can’t buy it!