"I got cocky."

| posted on January 11, 2010
  • whamo


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  • joey3434

    That was extremely weak. What an idiot.

  • ok

    Something like this happened to me. Haven’t surfed in over 4 years, and decided to take out my board to Ehukai sandbar on a small overhead day. I got caught in the rip current between Pipe and Gums. For some reason, my arms turned to jello trying to swim in, and I couldn’t move them. I started to sink, and called a guy over to let me rest on his board for a minute. I then swam inside. If it wasn’t for that dude, I probably would have drowned. LoL! Pretty humiliating. But, I eventually got into shape and started surfing DOH Ocean Beach with no problems.

  • sn

    hahaha wow some people should not surf ob

  • zach

    I believe the fix was in for Dusty over Fanning.

    Not possible? Think again!